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Oct 4, 2017
[Thar be spoilers ahead, but they be dumb anyway.]

When I first watched Psycho Pass I thought it was a decent sci-fi show and didn’t think much of it afterwards, much like I didn’t think much of Sword Art Online or Valvrave The Liberator when I saw those around the same time. Now hold up, those are some pretty abysmal titles right there, and Psycho Pass is a fairly well received anime. Why create such a comparison? Could it be that this show is just as embarrassingly bad as those famous trainwrecks?

That’s probably it.

What we have here is a cop show set in a dystopian society read more
Aug 30, 2017
Unsurprisingly, when you try to squeeze your ripoffs of Rebuild of Evangelion, Cannan, and Call of Duty into a half hour long “story”, it winds up being a hot mess. Technically the short is actually forty minutes long, but it ought to be noted that the last ten minutes consist of padded out credit sequences that mostly show the names of every sorry sod that gave money to this project.

The story isn’t difficult to follow at all, as some say, it just winds up being an overly complex vehicle for nothing thematically valuable. A group called the Flowers (most likely run by Gen Urobuchi) forces read more
Jan 24, 2017
Vampire Hunter D is hired by a girl who wants vengeance for being bitten by a vampire, then he goes and kills the vampire.

I honestly thought that the plot of this particular film was just a little bit shallow and maybe too straightforward to be very interesting. I know with that riveting synopsis many would think otherwise, but this is just my subjective opinion on the matter so there’s no need to get uptight about anything. Jokes aside, there are genuine attempts for the script to dive into specific topics, like D’s desire to be human, but they’re scrapped seconds after their introduction. Since any read more
Jan 24, 2017
I don’t hold Happiness in high regards to begin with, but it seems that it’s got some more boring content for me to talk about. If I didn’t think that making a character trans as their sole quality of shallow identification was stupid enough, we have an extra OVA dedicated to wacky gender-bender hijinks to make sure I actually get angry.

All qualities of the show still stand, aside from the plot that isn’t present at all in this special episode. The story that they come up with is easy pointlessness, because it’s an extra episode and nobody producing it cares. The guy character who read more
Jan 24, 2017
Since no criticisms of this show are going to be very interesting or entertaining, let’s start with some storytime. I first saw Happiness back when I was still finding out the whole identity of the anime medium, and that intrigue carried the show for me. I immediately saw it as weak, but a few more shows would enlighten me as to just how weak it was. Soon I recognized it as the worst show I’d completed, and many years later it remains at the bottom of the barrel.

Happiness is about an teenager with supernatural powers named Haruhi (not that one) who goes to a magic read more
Jan 24, 2017
Blast Of Tempest was created in the crux of Bones’ downfall as a competent studio, so even though the show starts out as a polished Ufotable shounen with better pacing, it only takes a few hours for the polish to disappear and the entire show to collapse in its own confusion. It is common knowledge in the anime community that Bones lost steam after the reboot of Fullmetal Alchemist and has since been unable to reach the consistency of their previous quality when animating television shows. Blast Of Tempest, initially a big project for the studio and an anticipated show for seasonal viewers, left audiences read more
Jan 23, 2017
Darkside Blues was the first big project by J.C. Staff, a relatively stable anime studio nowadays. Despite their current success, it is evident that this is not the film that started it, as their production studio in 1994 was unable to do Hideyuki Kikuchi’s world any reasonable sort of artistic justice. Ontop of that, a very confused screenplay doesn’t save much of its remains, resulting in a peculiar mess of a movie.

The setting of the film is a walled-off section of Tokyo, the only patch of land on earth that hasn’t been bought out by the big bad business with headquarters in space. A resistance read more
Jan 23, 2017
Since the producers of Myself;Yourself know that the established reception of the source game will carry their product for the season, no real care is taken into the other factors that make up a well-composed anime. Even Kyoto Animation sunk money into animation and revamped scores with their Key adaptations, though bringing those up as superior works of art is a bad sign right off the bat. Regardless, if the producers of the show don’t care how they handle their own show, how do they expect us to receive it?

The main drive of the anime centers around a protagonist teenage boy who returns to a read more