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Sep 20, 2021
D.N. Angel is underrated.

Its plot and characters may seem simple, but its execution is definitely noteworthy. The main and side characters are charming and believable, the story's magic system is compelling, and I adore the characters' overall relationships. Daisuke and Dark are a great pair, and while the former may seem like a typical protagonist he's a nice guy and I want him to succeed. His interactions with the cast have good chemistry, particularly with Dark and Hiwatari and the "romantic" bits are reasonable for the characters' age group.

That being said, D.N. isn't perfect. Its story strays a bit from the manga so some read more
Sep 20, 2021
It's cute and simple--and I like it.

Cider no You ni Kotoba ga Wakiagaru is a cute love story about two insecure people who like using their phones as a medium of their hobbies. The main couple is charming and looks good in a chemistry and character design standpoint, and I just like how their relationship bloomed. The side characters are also fun, with their own personal backstories and stakes. Another strength of the film is its overall aesthetic. The colors pop and the designs stand out in a fun way. I also like the way the design also gives out clues to the audience about read more
Jul 12, 2021
For a special advertised as the "conclusion to the series", it technically didn't conclude anything--at least in the way that I expected.

The first thing that stood out to me in a negative way was how it was presented. Although it was advertised as a 1 hour special, the first half was a recap and the second was original content. So essentially, I was only watching 25 minutes of original content--which amounts to a typical anime episode. Why didn't they do what Made in Abyss did with its final episode--ie actually make an hour's worth of original content to have as much time as needed read more
May 15, 2021
SK∞ (Anime) add (All reviews)
SK∞ gives skateboarding the "Beyblade" treatment and I love it!

It's fun, it's hilarious, it's exciting, the plot takes skateboarding to its logical extreme in such a way that makes perfect sense. While the synopsis doesn't seem groundbreaking, its execution is worth talking about. The show clearly has a vivid imagination to the different kinds of people who skateboard and the types of place to skateboard. In this case, they give skateboarding the underground vibe where people all shapes and sizes compete and have fun in an abandoned mineshaft while usually keeping their anonymity. Each episode introduces high-stakes skateboarding competitions that could really hurt someone if read more
May 13, 2021
"Mairimashita! Iruma-kun" is very funny and enjoyable. Its synopsis seems generic at first, but this show pulls it off in the best way possible. The demon world is well made, it pokes fun at several shounen tropes in creative ways, and best of all it's hilarious. Its comedic moments land with great precision and impact. Of course, all this is possible due to how well written the characters are. The main cast is likeable with a good chemistry. Each of them has fun personalities which could be perceived as archetypal, but they pull off thanks to great voice acting and writing.

The production is also pretty read more
May 13, 2021
WARNING: Minor Spoilers

The concept of Osamake is not bad; the execution is much worse.

First of, the story. The idea of a revenge romcom where the MC attempts to get back at a certain someone with the help of his childhood friend only for that childhood friend to manipulate him to keep him for herself isn't a bad one. While it could be seen as generic to the genre, solid writing and execution in animation, sound, and voice acting could make Osamake very entertaining. Masamune-kun's Revenge is an example of a ridiculous premise being entertaining with proper execution.

Unfortunately, this isn't the case for this show. read more
Apr 20, 2021
This is hands-down my favorite anime from Winter 2021.

Surreal is the best word I can use to describe Wonder Egg Priority. Story beats go between the dream world and reality almost seamlessly. Character motivations would be foreshadowed before its reveal later on, and most of the time I have to rewatch episodes in order to piece together what I just watched. This show rarely uses expositions or explanations, rather it puts you immediately in the girls' shoes and let you figure out what's going on based on the implications.

Another thing I love about Wonder Egg Priority is its nuance. Centering on the everyday struggles read more
Apr 12, 2021
First impression-wise, this show wasn't so bad but not great either. After finishing however, I take back what I said. This show is a waste of time.

The story was generic and emotionally meaningless. It's one thing to be cliché--even clichés can be entertaining, but it's another thing to mess up those clichés and using a bare-bones plot. Whether it be its plot, characters, or its made-up sport, the anime fails to give me any reason to be emotionally invested. Until now, I do not see what makes Skate Leading so special as a sport. Why would figure skaters with already okay careers decide to shift read more
Mar 30, 2021
I-CHU is mediocre. It is not the worst, but it's definitely below average. Although it gave me a positive first impression, it steadily declined with each episode. For a story about students training to become idols, none of those students were likeable or memorable in any way. They often stick to archetypes and the way the show handles their screen time made it even harder to know them better outside of their "idol gimmick". The show couldn't even express their struggles in a way that makes me remotely care about them. The only idol group who I remember the most fondly was ReBeserk. Maybe it's read more
Mar 26, 2021
Season two isn't a perfect adaptation. The pacing was quite rushed, there wasn't as much action or drama than I thought for a story like this, and I think the show could've taken advantage of the "original anime" angle a little bit more. That being said, it's still an enjoyable season.

The characters were still likeable, the story beats more or less made sense. There were original moments that weren't in the manga that were fun and exciting. I loved how the show was able to give a sense of atmosphere and was still somehow entertaining despite not having much action. I admit that I was read more