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Dec 20, 2015
"I am here to attend the supermarket sale and have fun....and I'm all out of coupons"

To be honest with you, I've been bored with anime for quite a while now. Sure, I've been watching some anime but it's mostly restricted to anime that have already finished or are over 10 years old.
So, naturally, when I heard about One Punch Man, I brushed it off as more of the same old sh*t that's been airing for the past five years. How wrong I was....
Now, after waiting patiently for over 81 days, I have come to put an end to all the ridiculous criticism that read more
Dec 17, 2015
One of the most talked about, loved or hated, admired or despised animes released in the 1990's which we still continuously analysis and study to this day. There are many layers of utter sh*t that hide this anime’s true nature but if you are willing to accompany me, I am sure we can discover all the tactics and mechanisms the writers used to manipulate and brainwash us into considering this pure sh*t a classic. Without further delay, let's review Neon Genesis Evangelion or as I prefer to call it "The Life of Hideaki Anno: F*ck the world, F*ck myself and F*ck you, you optimistic read more
Nov 27, 2015
After watching 175 episodes (minus the potentially suicidal filler arcs) of Fairy Tail, I have come to the conclusion that a total of 3,500 minutes ( roughly translated to 58 HOURS and 20 MINUTES) has been completely and utterly wasted on this horrible excuse of an anime. And in case you're wondering, I am going easy on this since it's a shonen, hell those 3 points are me being MERCIFUL.

This will be a full in-depth analysis to try to understand what exactly makes this show so bad. I will try not to mention "nakama power boosts" and "unkillable characters" as most people think that's read more