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Jan 5, 2018
Just my unprofessional opinion!

First of all, shame that there is a 2nd season. The first season was fantastic, the 2nd 'meh' at best. The scores I'm giving are really only for the 1st; I'd suggest watching it and then stop.


It's great! The premise is easy enough to understand, albeit a bit ridiculous. Also, they keep adding new rules which might be a bit "convenient' at times, but I find this is off-set by the constant suspense. 2 guys; one evil, one good. But which one is truly evil? They're practically sitting next to each other, yet neither is able to bust or kill the other. read more
Jan 4, 2018
Just my unprofessional opinion!


Yet another parallel world in the fate universe! In the previous war, Ruler was summoned instead of Avenger, which changes things quite a bit. Almost none of the previous characters are involved, give or take a few minor appearances. Instead, there's now 2 factions battling each other, each with 7 masters and 7 servants, for a whopping 28 new characters, not counting support characters.

So the idea is kinda cool I suppose, but also a bit unnecessary. It's not tied to the actual fate routes and can be seen completely separate, but pre-knowledge is definitely helpful. As for the story itself.. It's 2 read more
Jan 3, 2018
So I wouldn't say this season is inherently bad. Unfortunately, it ends in medias res and is connected to Tokyo Ghoul Route A, which is nuts.


The story starts out decent, albeit cliche and with a lot of plotholes. The main character gets involved with ghouls and has to learn to deal with it, which is interesting to see, especially since he's such a pacifist. However, the story and powers are very inconsistent, new characters are introduced literally every episode, and we're meant to remember these 5 second cameos 10 episodes later. Also, Risei, what the fruit. :p

Art & sound was generally fine. I downloaded one read more
Jan 3, 2018
Let me preface this by saying this is just my highly unprofessional opinion.

Let me follow this up by suggesting to not-watch this season, or if possible, don't watch the series in its entirety. The manga might be fine, I dno.

Now for the slightly more in-depth reasons why:


While watching, I felt like I missed entire episodes in-between episodes. Episodes felt jumbled and disconnected. I had no idea what was going on or why. Characters kept spouting cool-sounding but nonsensical one-liners. Motivations were questionable at best. There was no drive or end goal to look forward to. Most episodes were me wondering what was going on, and read more
Dec 16, 2017
I liked the set-up and idea of this anime, and it jumps right into the story as well. Good thing, 'cus it isn't very long.

However, the characters are very weak. They're supposed to be these highly-skilled and/or smart assassins, but really they are not. It's hard to really get into it or have a sense of danger and excitement when the antagonists and protagonists continuously make stupid, obvious mistakes.

Art, sound, etc was "okay" but nothing groundbreaking or memorable.

I did like the first ending. Near the end, there's a few pretty good and unexpected plot twists that I didn't expect for this anime. I also liked read more