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Apr 20, 2018
So the problem with Madoka's 3rd movie is that it's a sequel to the 1st and 2nd movies. Two good movies that stem from a great series, with a good ending. Expectations are high, albeit hesitant, as Rebellion attempts to re-open a strong but concluded franchise.

Let's start with the good!

The art and animation took a step-up while sticking to the source, merging 3d animation with eerie 2d models to bring home the message of lucid madness.

Similarly, the soundtrack is still good! It's the kind you love to listen to again and again after the fact. ^^

There are some issues with the characters and the story, read more
Apr 14, 2018
Yay more numbers that don't add up!

My review for the 2nd movie is pretty much the same as the first, so I'll just write it here for the both of them.

There's nothing wrong with either movie as they both retell the events of the anime with slightly better sound and animation.

However, it barely adds new things, if any. In fact, in the first movie, several nice character moments, and even Mami's entire background is cut. And although the second movie is longer than its series equivalent, I didn't find many meaningful additions other than a few panning shots, one of which was excruciatingly long.

Again, there read more
Apr 11, 2018
So if I took the average of my individual scores, it'd be a 10/10, but I'm giving it a spiteful 9 as the ending left me wanting. More on that later!

First of all, a warning: this is not a typical magical girl show! I was tricked by pretty posters and stereotypical first few episodes, but oh boy did it change (for the better) after that! The artstyle is somewhat different, but kinda cute and it adds to the story, emotion, and contrast. Finally, the style takes another hoop when witches are introduced for a very surreal and stifling feeling, which is both intended and appropriate!

What read more
Apr 10, 2018
Grr wanted to rate it 9.5 but it's not possible. :D

Very very solid with only a few minor gripes that I can quickly cover.

There's some elements of the story that seem rushed, are poorly explained, or don't make a lot of sense. Sometimes there's time skips too which can be confusing. I had to do a little bit of research to connect all the dots. But when I did, it was fair enough. There's a good amount of room for interpretation.

And that's about it! Now on to the positives!

- Fantastic character designs! There's a large cast of supporting characters and antagonists that are just so read more
Mar 26, 2018
It's finally done! This is a big one!

So as a dragon ball fan, I did enjoy getting to watch another series every Sunday. Some episodes were really good, and despite a few issues here and there, I did have a lot of fun watching it. The cool-factor is definitely there. That's why I gave it an "8" for enjoyment, but the other scores are a bit lower.

A few reasons why:

- The art started a bit poor on the first few episodes, but it did get better and better the longer it lasted, and there were a few beautifully animated episodes here and there. That said, read more
Mar 8, 2018
Time for a somewhat controversial opinion, perhaps.

So this show is only 12 episodes long, which makes it a rather easy one to watch in-between longer shows. Therefore, despite the complaints I have, I'd still recommend trying at least the first few episodes to see whether or not it's for you. For me it wasn't, but then again, I only discovered that near the end, so there's some merit to be had.

To start things off! The show is set in the far-away future where a disaster has obliterated the land, and only very few organisms have survived/evolved. There's no more humans, and only a few types read more
Feb 28, 2018
If I were to describe the show in one word, I'd have to say "average". Also "cliche". Which isn't necessarily bad - it's just that, average and cliche.

The story is simple enough. Allegedly there's a naive king listening to whispers from his tyrannical minister, terrorizing the city. A group of assassins stands against this oppression by tactically eliminating high-ranking officers one by one, to overthrow the government.

I really like the idea behind this story, and more so due to the government hiring "counter assassins", each a very unique character with their own story. Sometimes, it's hard to tell who really is the bad guy and read more
Feb 3, 2018
So I initially wanted to rate this anime a 9 overall, but when I looked deeper into it, it was hard not to give 10's!


We start straight away with a very interesting and unique premise. A town surrounding a mysterious abyss that needs exploring. The people have to live in a limited-space area, and everyone present is in some way contributing to the expeditions. This alone brings out some interesting new perspectives - of course, the characters act like it's the most normal thing, not knowing any better.

After the initial setting, which takes a few pleasant episodes to set the scene, things really get going. read more
Feb 1, 2018

It's a calmer story than UBW I think, but there are some nice changes. I like the extra time given to Illya and Rider, and the fact Kirei and Caster get to stick around a bit longer. Overall I still prefer UBW and Heaven's Feel routes, but that's not to say this is bad in any way. Your usual, average anime story I'd say.


It's quite a bit older than UBW and even Zero, and by another studio, so it lacks behind a bit. There's some funny bits and pieces in animation, but the art is usually fine. Just fine, no more, no less.


The soundtrack has read more
Feb 1, 2018
What a pleasant surprise!

Upon watching the first episode, the first thing to stand out is the interesting choice of art style and the wackyness of it all. But as it turned out, this was a good thing - nay, an amazing thing!


Absolutely fantastic, I'm so glad I continued watching. It starts out simple and cliche, easy to follow, but it's still interesting. At the same time, there's plenty of questions to be asked. The story progresses super fast, but not TOO fast, and it leads up to something spectacular. Amazing character development, fantastic plot twists that make sense, very few plot holes if any, and read more