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Feb 18, 2008
Just like with the last season of Shakugan no Shana, J.C. Staff is having fun making parodies of our melonpan-loving Flame Haze. This first four-minute episode has some hit-or-miss references, but it is overall a fun break from the action and drama happening in the main story.

Art and Sound are given high points, as I've always enjoyed the quality of work J.C. Staff produces. Character gets a 10, because you get to see a side of your favorite characters you've never expected of them (but yet always wanted). It's like good fanfiction come to life.

Story is a lower score since it's a read more
Nov 22, 2007
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
Clannad, Kyoto Animation's latest anime release, exhibits the meticulous and revered production quality of all the studio's previous releases. Based on a visual novel by Key, Clannad takes the viewer into a seemingly simple story of life at school, but the series soon develops mysteries and tales of wonder.

Each girl in Clannad (main and supporting cast) has her own personality quirk, one of which is bound to attract a fan. That kind of variety works to attract many viewers. But Clannad is not necessarily a "harem" by its general definition. While Tomoya's daily life is indeed surrounded by beautiful girls, he read more