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Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail
Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail
Dec 30, 2019 11:36 AM
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Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
Dec 25, 2019 2:00 AM
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Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?
Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?
Oct 12, 2019 3:27 AM
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Apr 15, 2019 3:39 AM
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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
Sep 26, 2018 12:37 PM
Completed 31/31 · Scored -
Jun 24, 2018 3:56 AM
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Eru Jan 12, 11:08 AM
Even with 3 quartz there's a chance to roll a 5* servant so I won't give up :'^)

Those RP though!
W-when are they planning to rerun reruns of older events then? I want to max Nobu already ;-;
Anniversary will give 10 quartz for every 24 hours you spent, you welcome :'^)
I think I spent more time grinding in FGO than I spent reading SN and Ataraxia together. What a loser.

And with FGO, Fate became more mainstream than ever. Thanks Nasu :'^)
Ehh, I didn't tell you? I rolled every single of his rate-ups in FGO at least and ranted about not rolling him!
Illya folder contains only SN Illya and all images are SFW. Just to make sure :'^)
Nothing to hide here, I think it's more universally unacceptable to unirpnically like characters like Guda :'^)
Announcing that I like Illya might get me more trouble anyway!

Nah I will, my luck has been awful so I need a sacrificial lamb to please RNG gods :c
No, not my phone ;-;


I'm just too lazy to grind okay?? :c
I always was lazy and only bothered getting my favorites to max level, other's journey ends after 4th ascension and their skills are left untouched!

Maybe I will do that during dead weeks, currently a new event is coming though.
Can't believe they actually bothered to make an actual costume for the story sprite. Let's hope DW won't get sued by Am*zon.

Oh no you've been hacked ;-;
I got the same problem a few months back actually. Made me very curious how the hell and why.
FakZak Jan 10, 11:29 AM
Trust me you won't regret this, very binge-worthy ;-;
Eru Jan 9, 5:45 AM
But what about multiple copies??

Both new characters and more quartz than usual :'^)

Did it? I honestly don't remember. I remember spending a lore on Iri's skills because I thought she will be useful ;-;
Oh I was talking about KnK.
And data download will start only if you buy it from tree shop anyway.
So much time wasted on this "game", let it die already so everyone will be free ;-;
It's been quite useful to me, though I prefer summer 2018 one for that extra NP charge if anything goes wrong.
I have all the codes, even bothered to get spacesuit since it literally was the first quest in SW2.

Newer pictures are easy to find and have better quality than older ones. I swear it's hard to find a lot of decent art from 2012-2014.
Amakusa and Tamamo of course. Amakusa folder has around 2GBs and Tamamo has 3~.
I'm too lazy to catch up, most of art is currently on Twitter and Twitter image search is awful so I'd need to check every artist manually :c
Nope there were a plenty, I'm sure of it. Maybe some of them were from before we started talking though, not sure. Tamamo is my wife, how could I use only one picture of hers? :c

I wonder if I'm still going to get a blank saint graph when I get Sanzo after burning 2 copies of her hmm...
Yeah but maybe they will change their policy :c
That will be the sign game is dying though.
They will run out of content to make and will get desperate so Tsukihime event is inevitable!!

I believe there was a compression of new Tsukihime concept art to other Hackeuchi works just can't find it.
Anyway Shiki is a Shirouface confirmed :^)

Oh yeah, he was talking about her breast size being too big in that scene :'^)
Somehow he entered a love triangle with other girls that aren't neither Kaguya or Chika though.

Congrats, you finally reached the true perfection, a 10/10/10 support list ;-;
Now you can look at it and ask yourself, was it worth it :'^)

Ehh, so it seems like I need to stop being lazy and grind for QP after all :c
FakZak Jan 6, 10:05 PM
Do it mf ;-;
Eru Jan 6, 3:09 PM
Shame that CE rate up is nonexistent in FGO. I believe gacha with Kaleido on rate up would bring some money!!

That will be such a spit in face for waifufags though lmao.
You know how crazy those otaku can get!

Maybe something different from a NEET fujo :^)
I can't believe Yang (new NY servant) didn't even get a few lines in her trial quest. Literally nothing. Beni had an event, Musashi, Karna/Arjuna and Hokusai had trial quests with story.
Which proves, they know people will roll regardless of whether or not character has a good background.
Yeah, shame about godawful release schedule of story chapters :'^)

Nope, but I doubt DW will rerun it again. Might add it to RP shop, just like Dantes event. Probably the only good idea they implemented in 2019 :'^)
Wow I feel old ;-;
They will probably add CEs to the RP shop as well so hope you have enough!!
If you are going to spend them on something like that lol.

I actually think it's easy to find art for SN guys, apart from Hassan I think. Even Herc has some art!!
I like collecting stuff so I collect pictures as well, didn't update my folders for a long while though :c
Which one?? I had many Tamamo pics~
Ehh, I'm not that bad of a person :c

Nah I will endure it and be patient gathering those quartz! :c
I have Gil and Sanzo on NP3 :'^)
I meant safety net in a sense that you are guaranteed to get a 5* after a certain number of rolls to avoid wasting 300+ quartz and getting absolutely nothing :c
Other rapist Shiki when btw? Nasu still remembers him, r-right?

Yeah, they shouldn't change the design too much.
Ark now looks like a typical JK :'^)
Maids are cute though!

Well if you gonna watch it, download GJM fansub release since anime has a looot of "signs" and Crunchyroll subs don't have them translated.
Both have feelings for each other, which is stated right from the start but both are virgin tsunderes so it is dragged. At least the girl is already decided and no hearts will be broken :'^)
Anime still didn't adapt it, but manga deals with "muh love" issues of other characters. There's literally an incel incarnate there :'^)

Good job for all this effort but what are you going to do with all this??
Give me some ;-;
FakZak Jan 5, 2:32 PM
Watch Vinland Saga ;-;
Eru Jan 5, 11:38 AM
If I'm gonna waste my time farming this stuff, I'd better give it a try. Debuff removal ones are actually useful!!

Nope, I just wanted it for collection :c
I use MLB Black Grail too!! Good nuke if you use Arts servant!
I have a MLB Kaleido + 2 extra copies, not a whale just a luckshitter :'^)

Amakusa gacha when btw. He used to get rate ups frequently but they dropped the idea after Apo event.
M-maybe Summer?? Carrotman just had a gacha, they can't shove a Apo rerun for the next few months.

Yeah, better gather all frens together!
An Elephant god, I believe she made a plenty a people over there mad lmao.
How would they make it better without losing money??
I'd agree if it wasn't a dead Astolfo, my poor boy ;-;

KnK had soul, it was the best thing that ever happened to this kusoge and the worst thing that happened to KnK honestly.
But you managed to MLB it during the rerun, right? At least Halloween gets reruns, I don't have Yu Valentine CE MLB :c

Who knows!
But look how tables have turned :'^)
How many Cu pictures do you even have in your folder?? Your profile picture is either Gil or Cu lol. I didn't change mine in months, probably should stop being lazy and change it :c
I didn't like Illya back then :c
Illya always gets shafted by adaptations wtf...

If I'm ever gonna save that much :c
Saving turned out to be a good idea during Sitonai gacha, so after NY rate-up ends, I might as well start saving again!
GO really needs to have a better safety net other than dumb blank saint graph system.
Hopefully ;-;
Or we will get the "100 times more potent than marijuana" guy just for shits and giggles. Leo didn't even get a CE while other antagonists did wtf.

Yeah. They tried to recreate manga art style apparently and it's a shounen so it gives generic vibes.
I believe it will get another season because FGO artists I follow on Twitter started spamming art from it :'^)
Nasu also said he liked the manga lmao.
Fag should stop wasting time and finish Tsukihime remake already.

Yeah, that girl has little screentime in manga but they gave a lot of focus for her in the animu.
Still a good adaptation!! If you don't mind romcom you probably will like it.

Sequel is planned for it so it won't end only on one season!!
Eru Jan 3, 11:36 AM
If you like her, sure. Dunno if you ever going to use her though :^)
CCC Part 2 gacha!

Morgan will be Arts and dethrone Tamamo :c
I have MLB IA, one MLB Formalcraft (and extra copies worth of another MLB one...) but only 2 LOZ :c
I like Rin but come on.

Jannu spooked me during first Cleo gacha, she was kiinda useful though!
Don't forget Vlad and you know who :'^)

I'm just lazy and I will need to look up stuff here and there anyway, can't hook text from mobile, not comfy.
Zeus is going to be Issei demi servant :^)
If Jinako is worthy of being in FGO why not him? Moreover Muramasa appears in chapter!
Nah, I'm indifferent towards her but it seemed like an ultimate troll. Before all the Servants who got ingame sprites shown in chapter got released at least a month after.
Sitonai got released much later but Caenis is the big bad's Servant, not a side character :'^)
Nah, won't happen. I'm short on RP since my luck has been pretty bad lately!

Wait, they gave her out for free?? I didn't farm the event at all so I have no idea. Fuck mission events ;-;
I'd rather have Liz back, at least Halloween themed events are more fun :c

I still feel nostalgic about Deen Fate because it was my first exposure to the franchise, I found latex Sakura weird as shit even as a former secondary :^)
KnK is superior to other Nasuverse animu in many ways, sorry not sorry it's the ultimate truth!!
I re-watched the movies tons of times and Void still refuses to come ;-;
Id also have a NP5 Fujinon if dumb rate up worked. Why didn't they put her in NY gacha anyway??
I'm too lazy to marathon it as well, meh.
Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2. Their new milk cow!
Hollow Ataraxia aka a soon to be labeled Haruhi ripoff never ever ;-;
Eru Jan 2, 3:22 AM
They rerun summer Nobu for Gudaguda gacha so Okita miiight get a rerun in two years if you are scared of blank saint graph!
It's true that I stay up late but I'm not going to roll gacha at 3AM :c
And I didn't even get Jane on that gacha.

I dislike Scat and I'm still triggered they made a potentially new character a Scat face :c
My only Quick 5* Servant is Melt lmao. If Muramasa is going to be Quick I'm gonna die.
But you still made it even without the old wizard! I heavily luckshitted all my support casters so not getting Skadi feels wrong to me :v

My last spook was Tamamo during Arjuna Alter gacha, even though they increased the rate up percents!

Summer is going to be even more dead because we won't see the next LB until Winter, LB5 will be hopefully wrapped up in Spring.
I had exams so didn't bother loginning much during winter but I'd find some time to get Quetz ;-;

I unironically bothered to learn Japanese but too lazy to read anything in it lmao.
Maybe it's unironically some DBZ tier fusion between them?? Alas didn't read the story but looked up the released/teased Servants and the global butthurt :^)
What is even that Lolivinci/Holmes/Mashu fight in first chapter. They really did it to flex with Caenis sprite?
I have 30 million :'^)

>wasting your luck by rolling Lily from FP gacha
Remember people who felt special by getting her through pre-registration? :^)
I didn't play Unlimited Codes much because I suck at fighting games so I couldn't notice :c
At least something good of this!

Finally we are going to get some good OST for Fate anime :'^)
Apocrypha and LE were forgettable, didn't watch Babylonia so can't say anything about it!
I mean just looking at those numbers of views for AOT OST on YT says something!!
Let's hope the adaptation will be good as well uhh.
Eru Jan 1, 7:56 AM
Desire sensor, I'd freak out after getting the 3rd one and stopped rolling lmao.
I rarely use Ishtar as well, prefer DaVinci farming for doors and my standart story clear team doesn't have a place for her
I have all of Shirou's harem though (Issei as a CE), Muramasa will come to me the day he is released!

She will get a rate-up in a year don't worry!!
I didn't get her uhhh. Got Circe as a consolation prize, thanks for that. My mind froze when I saw silver Caster card turning gold though :c
Will get 30 quartz login bonus in 5 days, will try my luck on her second rotation. Might clear the LB as well why not, I have a lpt of time now and I heard fights are ultra easy.
It's not like FGO had an exciting gameplay in the first place :^)

They are trying to lazily extend the duration of this kusoge to milk some money.
But really why no Christmas rerun? I skipped the event and waited for the rerun to get Quetz ;-;
Odysseus looks like a true edgelord my God. And our actual Christmas gacha was Achilles rerun. Did you roll for him?
Camelot LB will have 3 parts, screencap this!

Wow so Seiba got so desperate she started selling shady stuff to not die from hunger :c
But what about the pride of a king??
3D Excalibur is so ugly, why would they do that?
Are they saving Alter animation update for HF movie? Seems like it. Because I think more people use Alter over Lily :'^)
Eru Jan 1, 2:48 AM
I wonder how Richard will sound when he is fooling around. Because I really thought he has much younger voice uhh.
They can also shill Seiba even more through him!
He will at some point! With the amount of rate ups he's getting it won't be a problem to NP5 him if I save up enough :^)

HF3 for sure!! Dark Sakura though.
Oh congrats, you finally got another support Caster ;-;
I will roll for Shiki first because I like Shiki even if she's pretty bad in gameplay. Emperor would be much more useful, especially when I have all the Servants that make him work optimally :c
Hope I luckshit both, my last 5* was 3rd Gil. Didn't get NP2 Sitonai, Space Ishtar, Skadi or Arthur /Ozzy even though I rolled for them.
Didn't bother with new LB as well because December was busy for me :c

Yikes. Do seiyuus in Japan earn that much money to buy random expensive stuff or am I that poor? ;-;
What's up with Saberwank anyway?? Another animation update?
Eru Jan 1, 12:38 AM
I thought Richard has a way younger voice wtf???
They went all out with a Gilwank in anime adaptations lmao.

Also Happy New Year!!
No Muramasa this time either :c
Will roll for Void and Qin though. No desire to spend quartz for the new foreigner.
FakZak Dec 30, 2019 5:12 PM
FakZak Dec 26, 2019 2:32 PM
Ayo wtf wrong with you no I don't ;-;
FakZak Dec 25, 2019 6:41 AM
Listen ok it's not what it looks like I can explain ;-;