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-InfiniteLoop- Apr 7, 4:04 AM
Hey look two replies in one day, I'm sure that scores me some points.
I regret nothing. If I'm going to hell anyways I might as well go all out and go there as a legend.

I know right, Hikki is like my soulmate. Smh can't believe you guys didn't recommend it to me before. After kaguya-sama and Oregairu I think I've found a new genre I like. I like romcom anime, prefer those with more comedy though. Even slice of life becomes fun if it has some good comedy mixed in.
PM or reply here telling me some good streaming sites then. Ones that put watermarks on the video are instantly out for me. The others usually have shit servers (9anime) or terrible quality. I heard Masterani was good but that got closed a while ago, I used some TwistedMoe website.

LOGH is too old
Jesus Christ Cofee stop putting dirty thoughts in my head. I bet your cookies must be having 'vanilla' cream in them as well. I'll hard pass on them this time.

Lmao and get the thread locked again? Me joining the no fap contest is a bad omen. I joined it another time after that and the MALpocalypse happened making the contest get delayed and killing the accounts of half the participants including my own.
I'd tell him but he's too busy trying to integrate into society like a normal human being. He should know by now that there's no place for deviants like him in modern society.
-InfiniteLoop- Apr 7, 12:40 AM
Bit of a late reply but I am the king of procrastination after all.
Yeah being a weeb isn't bad, as long as we're happy who cares?
Push me deeper Cofee!! (Wait that sounds wrong)

Haha it does sound elitist but that's not why. My reason is that I'm so used to downloading anime now that I hate streaming. Problem is the torrents of older anime are all fucking dead. Anyways thanks to this conversation I went out of my way to find a decent streaming site and I watched this. I watched both seasons and I loved it. Guess I should watch more anime on my PTW.
I haven't seen Inferno Cop and LOGH nor do I intend to.

Heh I love that side of you.
Hey at least I was honest. Can I still get some cookies?

Yeah I guess I've had what normal people call a social life recently. It won't last forever though, bet everything will go poof once my job starts. That logic is infallible. Dammit Cofee that statement made me really feel guilt free about fapping. You really are gonna drag me to the depths of hell.
Also lmao TNS roasted you
jablonskas Mar 25, 10:52 AM
Yeah but same goes to you as well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
jablonskas Mar 24, 6:21 AM
Damn. I'll be back to ask in another half a year then
jablonskas Mar 24, 2:58 AM
Oh, so you're saying you would trust me on any other platform? :3
jablonskas Mar 23, 11:11 AM
Nope, not yet. But I'm still your favorite person on those other websites, we just don't know each other's names yet.
I have my reasons. If I were hiding something, I wouldn't just tell it in comments now would it? But I would definitely tell it on other platforms, for example discord! And what makes me a strange guy exactly??
jablonskas Mar 23, 3:13 AM
So I'm your favorite person everywhere else? <3
It was inevitable! And it wasn't only your comments, so nothing personnel. The important part is to never delete the comments from your heart (Also I would never delete comments from other platforms, for example discord)
jablonskas Mar 22, 10:01 AM
You mean you would even forget me, your favorite person on this website? </3
Plus we could have avoided this situation in the first place if we just stayed in touch through other platforms, for example discord!
jablonskas Mar 21, 9:02 AM
Why? Cause you want to be my first comment? :>
And you should stop being so secretive and stay in touch through discord or something cause I m-miss you
-InfiniteLoop- Mar 19, 8:12 PM
Oh don't worry it's not inescapable, it's only until we're buried 10 feet under.
Heh figures you'd recommend one with traps. If I fall down the rabbit hole you better take responsibility. Thanks for the website, I'll use it when I'm an old hag.

Well that's good to hear, one day maybe I'll watch it. To be honest since the past one or two years I've only been watching seasonal anime, I have to go out of my way and force myself to watch any older anime.
But you like speaking with me <3
Baking huh, interesting. Remind me to dress you up in an apron if we ever meet.

I'm doing good, it's the last few months before graduation so enjoying with friends. We had our college fest and there was an amazing concert. Class is also planning to have a meetup around the first week of April. I'm also working on a major project (I'm the team leader and I've fucking done everything so far) and also got some prerequisite online training I should do before I join the job I was selected for. I'm really behind in the training, too busy fapping to traps. That last part was a joke btw haha definitely not true

jablonskas Mar 19, 10:01 AM
<Something funny about you being a tsundere trap>
-InfiniteLoop- Mar 15, 3:02 PM
I was hoping for you to say something like you got a new hobby or something. At least one of us would have escaped this curse. Turns out you just went one layer deeper into weeboville. Recommend me a good VN to fap to. As for novels, I should try reading more English ones but I keep forgetting about them midway through or get bored easily.

I haven't watched any Jojo. It looks kind of ridiculous to me and the faces kind of turn me off. Does it have a good plot and characters or is it just ridiculous shit happening?
Did you achieve nirvana during your journey?
-InfiniteLoop- Mar 6, 7:40 AM
Sad, cofee is turning into an adult. What you busy doing nowadays then? I assume your trip abroad is done by now.
Oh yeah I forgot that your manga power levels are way above mine. Not surprised you've read them already.
Also explain this
-InfiniteLoop- Mar 3, 6:45 PM
Just accept it you weeb

What anime you currently watching? Love is War and The Promised Neverland are both awesome. I rarely watch romance anime but this one is so damn funny. The other one is a thriller that keeps you on the edge the whole time.
-InfiniteLoop- Mar 1, 9:35 PM