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Mar 29, 2019
What can I say, I love Idolish7 and especially the group known as Trigger.
That's the only reason I needed to watch this and boy it's amazing.

I wasn't sure if this was after the first season of Idolish7 ended or not.
It turns out it is both. We get some stories about Trigger and their first meeting, as well as getting a good look at how things are for the groups now.

The story didn't disappoint me, but then again, neither has anything associated with Idolish7 ever done. It lives up to my expectations and it's similar to the anime we know. This could as well be read more
Mar 24, 2019
Well once again I'm here only seconds after finishing this season.

As always, I spot the anime and it takes me a long time just to start up on it, in this case, I had already watched the first episode of the first season in dubbed.
That wasn't impressive enough for me.

After a couple of years, I came back and watched the series in their native language.

This season of Hakkenden took me on another emotional ride.
To start off with, I love how Shino and Sousuke's trust in each other were put to the test and the result did not fail to surprise me. We read more
Mar 8, 2019
Like many other reviews for IDOLiSH7, they often state that this anime is very different from your regular Idol anime.
I thought I'd check it out myself just to make sure that it really is different from the Idol anime genre we know of.

All I can say is: Yes, that's true.

The anime shows us how difficult it really is, starting out small and trying to overcome the odds. There's no miracle, you only get through this if you're tough, and that can be very difficult to handle if you're a group of seven young and beautiful men.

These guys all have their own unique personalities and read more
Mar 4, 2019
Once again I'm left with a bunch of thoughts and unsolved mysteries.
I have stumbled upon Makai Ouji twice before deciding to watch it.
What can I say, third time is the charm.

This is one of the first anime I've watched where magic plays a big role.
I've never been much into that sort of stuff but Makai, that's a different tale.

I always go for the Shounen-Ai and things alike. Makai Ouji Was no disappointment.

The story was a bit repetitive despite there being only 12 episodes.
But personally, I don't mind that it's repetitive as long as I get to uncover more and more read more
Feb 24, 2019
I'm not a big fan of inhuman creatures, mostly because they usually play a role where they lack sympathy for other creatures.
Parasyte gave me a different point of view, and a good one at that.

I often glance over images of anime series, in case I have checked them out before.
This anime is no different at that, and oddly enough I always tried to look away when images popped up from this anime.
Mostly because I thought most of the images were gross looking.

But suddenly I got curious when I again, stumbled upon the Parasyte anime and then decided to try watching the first read more
Dec 21, 2018

I have never felt so anxious waiting for an episode, ever. After episode 22, I knew it was all about to end and it was getting more and more sad by the minute. Watching a character evolving the way Eiji and Ash did, and watching their relationship grow in a world with such savage environments, I grew to love those two, so much. Every moment they had together made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I admit, I didn't watch the anime from the first episode, but from after episode 7 had just been aired. I saw a thumbnail on youtube with the scene of read more
Oct 29, 2018
First time reviewing a manga so bear with me.
In all honesty I never once thought I'd be able to read manga and let alone a manga with these tags.

I started watching the anime that is currently airing and it's by far one of the best anime series I have ever watched.

I wanted to see what happened after the episode I was currently at while reviewing this manga so I started reading it from where the episode ended since I didn't want to wait a week without knowing what was gonna happen.

I got so caught up in it that I read it through to read more
Oct 19, 2018
I just finished the last episode.
Wow. Just wow.

I never expected an anime like Free! to be one of my all time favourite anime I've watched ever, but it did.
The first two seasons were great and season three did not fail to impress me, even more than the two first seasons.

I've enjoyed the story more than I could say and there were always so much drama and that was great, the anime is very dramatic and of course season three had to have it as well.

The expressions of each unique character also had their own unique expressions and they were all so beautiful.

The voice read more
Sep 11, 2018
It's been a while since I finished the anime, meaning all Junjou and Sekaiichi seasons.
So I'm gonna write a review of Sekaiichi as I feel like giving a shoutout to a specific thing from the anime that I'll be mentioning in a bit.

Let me quickly add to this that it was amazing to watch Junjou and Sekaiichi crossover moments, it was awesome and a great idea.

Anyway let's get into it!

The story:
The story itself is great and super cute in so many ways, and there's a lot of drama and like JJR, the characters in this anime always tend to overthink everything that happens, which read more
Sep 4, 2018
I just re-watched the anime and that got me starting on this review.
First of all, the anime is super cute, it's nothing inappropriate.

The story itself was sweet and the first couple of episodes takes us to one couple and the rest of the episodes takes us to the main couple.
I must say the couples are sweet and they all fit together well.
There were a few touching scenes and it would've been even greater if there would've been a bit more drama but yeah.

The art was alright, although I must say I never liked how small one of the main character's eyes were.
But the way the read more