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Fruits Basket (2019)
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Soge_king999 Jul 24, 2013 12:02 PM

Would you like to join?

vxsaadvx Apr 20, 2013 9:31 AM
You're right, I just had a quick loot at your list. We do share a lot of anime shows = )
I'm sorry about the extra late reply, it took me a whole month xD

That's embarrassing but I really forgot about replying.
vxsaadvx Mar 19, 2013 3:44 PM
Hey there! thanks for the friend request ^^
Olveparty Jan 9, 2013 3:54 AM
Yeah, I found you and I added you : )

But yeah the timezones are unconvinient, cause atleast from your replies at MAL, they are mostly around midnight to around 3AM for me, and I am very much asleep around that time : ) The only times I can really stay up way past midnight is in the weekends.

No problem, it has been a pleasure talking to you : )

Also you should definitely check out Chihayafuru! very easy to like that show!
Olveparty Jan 7, 2013 5:06 AM
Well, you could choose an avatar on your profile ingame, and I choose the pink neko-chan thingy, which apparently was an indicator to being gay or something, anyhow he didn't want to be associated with gay people so. Not that I care, just thought it was interesting!

Yeah, me2 I guessing around 12-13th of january it will really start to take off, since that's when most of the animes I'm waiting for are starting to air.

Chihayafuru is one of my favourite animes, and the second season is going to air in 2013 so I'm really psyched for that, and also alot of other new animes that I'm curious to see how they will turn out.

Yeah, what is your name on skype? Well, my name is Torgeir Haugen (which also is my irl name). And I'm on there with a couple of friends of mine daily, but considering our timezones I probably won't be on as much when you are on though : ( but anyhow it's an much easier way to communicate than MAL!!
Olveparty Jan 6, 2013 10:35 AM
Yeah, and a fun fact is that there are more norwegian descendants in the US than there are actual people in Norway overall : ) (7million in the US to the 5million in Norway)

Yeah, I hate to go back on this subject, but I have little story:

A year ago, I used to talk alot on skype with this guy from Texas. We used to play in the same clan, when I still were really into strategy games! And one day he asked me if it was okey for him to add me on facebook. I said "Sure, why not?" so I gave him my facebook page and he added me on there, and I continiued talking to him there. Suddenly one day he just stopped responding to my messages and he didn't pick up when I called him on skype. So I asked him why he refused to respond and apparently he thought I was gay or something along those lines and that was his only reason for cutting out all communication with me, which I found really baffling, since that kinda stuff is really well accepted over here. And thus ends my little story and sorry for bringing it up again, but it was to prove the point that people are very different and very divided on certain subjects.

Yeah, I think I watched one of her vidoes once, something about how guys think or behave or something, and it was fairly accurate!

My next question is: are you excited about some of the new animes that are starting to air now? I know I've been excited for alot of them, half my PTW list is animes that are airing in 2013 and I can't wait for them to begin (Especially Chihayafuru 2)!!!

Olveparty Jan 5, 2013 9:40 AM
Yeah, and I live a city called Trondheim, and it is the 3rd largest city in Norway and the population here is around 180.000 : ) "Norway is the second least densely populated country in Europe."

Yeah, we have one radio channel aswell, that plays alot of 80's and 90's music, but I listen to CD's or Ipod mostly when I'm driving!

Well, I don't want to go into a political debate about anything, since every country is different, but it's fun to see others perspective on things and see how other countries feel about certain things and how they deal with things and if you want to know more about Gay marriage and Abortion in Norway you can look it up on wikipedia!

but enough about that! Let's talk about something less tiresome!

Do you watch alot of youtube? or any specific youtoubers that you follow? I follow pretty much every pokemon battler out there and also alot of minecraft channels and alot of AMV channels (Mostly because I make amvs myself)!
Olveparty Jan 4, 2013 2:25 PM
Yeah, we are a small country you know, barely 5 million people living here, so we probably manage to give out approximately 10 movies every year!

Wish I could go back aswell, I miss those times, now everytime I turn on the radio I just wanna jump out of car in full speed : ) All the games now, is all about making money and not about the games itself, and TV shows are getting more and more repetetive.

I watched the british version of The Inbetweeners btw, which I loved! But I'm sticking to anime for the most part, I don't care much for those real-life shows.

And Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist could be my recommendation to you, especially if you like Micheal Cera !!!!! And that American Horror Story: Asylum, never heard of it, maybe that's an example that we don't get everything over here.

And another thing I want to ask you is how you feel about Abortion and same-sex marriage, cause I see alot of discussion about it in America and in every series I watch from america there is atleast one episode revolving around those two, which is one of the reasons I don't like american series, cause I don't believe in the same morals as most americans do: I'm not religious (80% of norwegians aren't), I'm for same-sex marriage (which is completely allowed in Norway) and I've never really thought about abortion since it isn't something I've had to experience yet (But abortion is also 100% allowed in the entire country). Just thought it would be cool to hear your opinion on those, but if you feel uneasy answering, just let it be : )
Olveparty Jan 4, 2013 7:17 AM
Alcohol advertising has been banned in Norway since 1975, and the reasons to why is obvious! And this goes for the entire country, even though our entire country has less population than New York alone soo : )

Yeah, I absolutely love all those old games, makes me happy that I was born in the 90's!

Well, I think you misunderstood me a little so I'll try to explain: In Norway we make like 10 movies a year, compared that to the US and it's basically nothing. So on norwegian television 90% of the movies and shows that are aired is american shows and movies. And it's usually the most popular movies and shows that are aired here for example How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, Two and a half men etc. and the same goes for movies, so I thought that if I have seen only getting a few of the most popular movies and series, you being american I assumed that you had probably watched the movies that I would be able to recommend : ) (If that made any sense). I don't watch that much TV, just because I don't like american shows that much, the only shows I have enjoyed through the years is Boston Legal and The Inbetweeners! But I can recommend you some more of my favorite movies in case you haven't watched them: The Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, City of God, Saving Private Ryan and V for Vendetta!

Micheal Cera is so good at being that awkward side-character which is why I like him in Juno, Superbad and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist!

Yeah, I liked Time Warp, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch me, Dammit Janet and Sweet Transvestite : )

See, we even agree on agreeing : )
Olveparty Jan 2, 2013 12:33 PM
Yeah, I've never experience something like thanksgiving, never understood it : )

And yeah, the standard is probably around 14-15 years old, ofc there are even more extreme cases, but 14-15 is pretty standard! I can't really blame them, since I started around that age myself. As for the side effects and stuff like that, I never really think about it, but I know several people including family members that are alocoholics and that is not pretty at all! And in Norway it's not allowed to advertise or air anything related to Alcohol or tobacco in any media! Though there are still alot of anti-smoking campaigns and stuff like that.

OMG, I love Soul Calibur and Spyro, used to play those as a kid all the time, as well as Crash Bandicoot and Zelda: Ocarina of time, which I still have on my N64 and PlayStation, and I occasionally bring them out of the closet and play a little! And i also have all the pokemon games up to gen 3 on my SP and the rest I have downloaded to my computer and play on emulators, also I play alot of Pokemon Online!

I think the only one of those I have watched is Juno (just because I love Micheal Cera)! Also I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show a couple of times, love the music in that, never really got the rest of the movie/musical, but the overall experience was pretty satisfying. Well, first I'd recommend you to finish Into the Wild, very good movie! And I know some good Norwegian movies, the only problem is that they are in Norwegian and I doubt they have been translated : ( Otherwise you have probably watched most american made movies, that I could recommend! And I would not recommend learning norwegian just to watch some movies, cause it's pretty hard language to learn!

And yeah I enjoy talking to you too, always fun to talk to people from different countries, with different opinions and view on things, even though I feel we agree on most things, but I guess having things in common also makes for good conversation : )
Olveparty Jan 2, 2013 10:35 AM

There is no such thing as Thanksgiving over here, so I guess we make up for it around christmas times : )

Yeah, same here, except I'm not 18! I'm turning 20 soon, so It's very different from when you were a kid and couldn't even sleep the day before christmas eve : ) because now I pretty much know what'll I get, even though there is always someone who thinks just giving money is boring and gives you something unexpected. My father always gives me money, but alot of it is to fix my car and pay certain bills! And ofc I always get alot snus, which is chewing tobacco that is banned in every country except Norway and Sweden : ) But I've been doing that stuff for almost 5 years now, so It's an easy gift to just throw in with the money to make the gift a little bit more interesting!

I've already written you half a book so I'll try to sum up my New years eve in a few words : )

Dinner with my family - Got drunk - Watched fireworks - drank some more - went to a random party with some people we met on the street - went home to my brothers house - passed out ! lol

Well, most people over here start drinking at around 14-15 years old (Which I think is a little early). So if you grew up here, you would probably been doing it for 3-4 years already. For my part atleast it's more for the social aspect of drinking, meeting alot of new people, hanging out with old friends and yeah stuff like that! But the younger ones drink because that is what the "cool" kids do (you know the drill)!

btw, I don't think I've ever asked you if you play videogames or anything? (I play alot of video games like: WoT, LoL, Dota, WoW, Diablo, Pokemon, Minecraft etc.)

(this is the last line, I swear!!!!!) I thought of it, when I read that you watched a movie on new years, so what are your favorite movies? (Mine is The Prestige, Lucky Number Slevin, American Psycho, The Fountain, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Requiem for a Dream, Clockwork Orange and Into the Wild).
Olveparty Dec 31, 2012 7:50 AM
No problem! I guess everyone is pretty busy during the holidays : ) I've been to alot of those boring family dinners most days of christmas, so I haven't really had time to come on here to often either !

Hmmmm, I got mostly clothes and money! Well, I'm not really interested in all that much stuff anyway, so peopøe don't really know what to give, and it's always safe to give money and clothes since everyone needs that I guess.

So what are you doing for new years? First i*'m having dinner with my family and then I'm going out drinking with my brother and some friends.

GODT NYTTÅR (Happy new year)!!! See you in 2013 : )
Olveparty Dec 24, 2012 12:23 PM
Hehe, I just came from unwrapping presents : ) And we eat traditional norwegian food, so today we ate something called "Pinnekjøtt" which basically is dried, salted and smoked lambribs with potatstew and now I'm on my up for desert!

I thought Americans unwrapped presents and stuff on the 25th ? Maybe thats just me, lol!

Well, we always have a busy schedule after christmas eve, there are Christmas parties and visiting relatives and going out drinking with your friends etc etc.

I guess you are atleast 8 hours behind me, so I should say enjoy your christmas eve (mine is over now :) Hope you get some nice presents !!
Olveparty Dec 23, 2012 3:14 PM
Well, over here I think people are a bit divided! Some people don't care at all about anime, some people love it and others think it is strange! Also I think alot of girls may find it a bit nerdy to watch anime, but that is probably because they are very unfamiliar with it and their first experience was probably watching some shut-in sitting in a room full of loli pillows watching anime : ) And also because cartoons are mostly made for children in western countries so, they compare it to american cartoons.

So I guess since it is christmas I should ask you what you are going to do for christmas ?
Well, we celebrate christmas today (24th), and I'll be staying at home with family today, eating traditional food and probably watching some anime : ) Merry christmas !
Olveparty Dec 22, 2012 9:54 AM
Yeah, I would probably try and watch more dubs, if there were more in Norwegian (even though norwegian sounds stupid dubbed most of the time lol)! But even though I don't think I'll ever convert fully to dubs : )

Well, I guess I like more girly shows than my brothers, I like really calm slice of lifes or very very sweet romances! But our taste in anime is similar enough that we are at the point that we can watch some anime togheter, which we both would enjoy. And it is nice to share your interests and opinions with people you know : )

Also I'm a little curious about what people think of anime in the US? Like for example what would people think of someone who watches anime? Are they considered weird or out of place? Or is it just like any other normal hobby?