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Nozdref 10 minutes ago
Ah that completely makes sense, also the background music is great too I like how it similar to the background music I'm familiar with from WoW.

Honestly I liked the Yorknew arc better but I'm kinda disappointed how it's concluded. The Greed Island caught me by surprise, I wasn't expecting a SAO-ish arc in HxH lol. It was good, and kinda makes sense when I take Gin's intentions into account. Perhaps they could've handled introduction of the cards better though. I suppose the arc is Chimera Ant arc?

np dude I was gonna reply you but your comments were disabled, were you depressed or something?
GreisLocane 1 hour ago
My heart is gonna stop! T__T
Rinrinka 3 hours ago
I see, was Hokuto no Ken anime first or manga first long ago?

Oh great, did you enjoy Bleach? Bet the fillers were annoying :)
Lovin 4 hours ago
A Unicorn.

I gotta head out n' give out classes. Be back in 4 hours.
QuantumVoid 7 hours ago
I think hiring an artist would be a better course of action if he intends to continue down the manga route, not to say he's a bad artist or anything, but i think that storytelling and worldbuilding is more Togashi's forte rather than illustrating.

Isn't Miura also working on another series beside Berserk? (can't quite remember the name) and he also put out 3 chapters this year, which considering Berserk's art quality and Miura's age, is quite impressive.

I like it a lot! I also like the Cosmic profile picture!
charnel 7 hours ago
-iva Yesterday, 8:35 PM
Yes, I hope it all goes well.
I've been getting less sleep lately too but because of the weekend, I got some solid sleep of 10 hours :D Yup, you should.
345EdwardElric Yesterday, 8:05 PM
I was about to write a reply to you soon anyways, but yeah I'd definitely be interested in reading the manga, even though manga is the kind of medium I don't go into that often. The 1997 anime was indeed amazing, it really did manage to get me invested & immersed into the story, world, setting & characters. Everything about it was phenomenal but damn....that cliffhanger at such an intense moment really did leave me frustrated & eager to know what actually happened next! The 2016 Berserk which adapts the story material after the point where the 1997 anime ended has an really infamous reputation for its terrible production values which puts me off from watching it, so there us basically no option but to read the manga here.
-iva Yesterday, 8:04 PM
I'm kinda stressed because the amount of exams I have to give this year but I'm doing relatively okay. How about you?
-iva Yesterday, 8:01 PM
Omelettecat Yesterday, 7:23 PM
Doing well thanks! How about you?
Nlog88 Yesterday, 7:15 PM
Oooo He's good. Those are good characters to pick from^^
terminador_2397 Yesterday, 7:07 PM
Oh man you are in for the ride especially when you get to season 3 especially part 2
dianali Yesterday, 3:55 PM
I'm being honest with you, I heard about romcoms, but didn't really know what romcoms meant. like what anime was romcoms and all that... :DDD ahaha
I'm really laughing at myself.
I like interesting romcoms, or unusual ones.
For me characters and story line have alot of power.
If I like a character I want to watch the development of the character. if the story line is good, I want to watch more episodes of the anime and the development the story

I started to watch more animes at my teens, so I think it was at that time that I've watched or tried to watch a lot of romcoms.
Because I really liked romance back then,not that I don't like now, but now I try to watch different genre as well.

What was the first anime that you watched?

Sorry about asking. :3
hollyberrie1999 Yesterday, 2:33 PM
I feel sorry for those who had to wait years for HxH to be completed haha. Hmmm, I'm guessing something like everyone they grew up with died and they're out for revenge :D, or they're both cold tsunderes with a kink for chains lol.