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Apr 29, 2017
Something I find hilarious is that no one can explain why Eromanga Sensei is a good show. I see people giving this an 8-10 rating and saying it's a good show, but not once I've seen anyone mentioning any legitimate good quality about Eromanga except for: "it's cute", "Sagiri is so cute", "it has cute girls", "incest is wincest". This may be unfair since I shouldn't be trashing on anyone's likings and I believe people have the right to enjoy whatever the hell they like, but I cannot shake the annoyance that some people are just satisfied with anything at this point. Trust me, I read more
Mar 30, 2017
Unlike other anime that have aired during these past seasons, Kuzu no Honkai is a special one. Not because it has a high number of great qualities, but because it will survive the test of time. The test forgotten anime fail to pass. The test which determines whether people will still talk about you years after you have made your debut. It is a special feeling when you see these series' as they grow to become popular. It's like seeing an immature child grow in front of your eyes, waiting for their inevitable breakthrough. This, is exactly the tale Kuzu no Honkai tells. The story read more
Dec 29, 2016
Finding the hidden gem of a year is always the best feeling an anime fan could feel. In my short experience with seasonal anime (following seasonal stuff since around 4 seasons ago as of the creation of this review), completing this series was my reminder of why I follow seasons in the first place. Watching anime weekly provides the opportunity to try out stuff one would have never had given a shot if certain series were completed. I was really having trouble containing my thoughts for this series, which is why this review will serve as the way to express them. An anime who's name read more
Sep 26, 2016
Orange (Anime) add (All reviews)
Minor spoilers for the first episode can be found to better explain what the story is about.

Orange is a good drama/romance story that had a world of potential, but failed at being something truly special.

Do you have regrets? Of course you do. We all have regrets. We all have been in the situation where we wonder if things would have turned out differently. We wonder whether the decisions we took were the wrong ones and we would be happier if it wasn't for the mistakes we did, even if at the time everything seemed alright. This anime is all about fixing your mistakes and the read more
Sep 18, 2016
Will this review ever get noticeable enough to be featured in the top of all the other reviews? No. I like expressing my opinions on all of the shit I watch. Sometimes there are times where an anime comes by and I need to make a full review instead of adding my opinions on the "tags" section. This review is directed for those who found my profile and are interested on reading my full opinions on this series. Minor spoilers ahead. I hope anyone who reads this enjoys my rambling review of the hottest show of Spring and Summer seasons, Re:Zero.

Jul 1, 2016
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)
AUTHOR'S NOTE: So when I first wrote this review, I still had 3 more episodes to watch. The original review didn't include my thoughts on the ending. This review you're about to read is my final opinion on ReLIFE and it was spellchecked. I'm only going to add my thoughts about the ending at the end and I decided not to edit the rest. Enjoy.

Should you watch? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: No. This may sound confusing to some but it's how I feel about this series. I feel like if I get into too much details describing the show then I'll sound like I'm read more
Jun 25, 2016
Kiznaiver is a character driven show. After finishing all 12 episodes and reading most of the reviews on MAL, I feel many misunderstood the premise this series wanted to establish.

Unlike many shows that try too hard to make their plot make sense, be interesting and all that great stuff, Kiznaiver's main and only focus is the relationship between our 8 main characters and the "change" from how they started in episode 1 as complete strangers, to the final episode how strong and affectionate their friendship turns out.

Even though I enjoyed the hell out of this show, I do have to be fair and criticise read more