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Days: 34.7
Mean Score: 6.31
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Mar 9, 9:36 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 9
B: The Beginning
B: The Beginning
Mar 6, 11:34 AM
Dropped 1/12 · Scored -
Houseki no Kuni
Houseki no Kuni
Mar 3, 6:39 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored -
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Days: 1.6
Mean Score: 6.83
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Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Mar 2, 1:40 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Feb 25, 7:46 PM
Reading 24/? · Scored 9
Tatoe Todokanu Ito da toshitemo
Tatoe Todokanu Ito da toshitemo
Feb 21, 12:13 PM
Reading 2/? · Scored 6


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IzaEpsil Mar 14, 7:53 PM
Hey! How are you? :)

I've been slightly doing better as the days go on. Sometimes conformity with oneself is quite enough after listening to myself for a while. I think I'll hang in there, I might watch some anime to keep myself going haha! Currently looking into an internship for finance, so that might help. It's kind of difficult, but since I'm human, I think I can find a solution after some time. I recently took my Graduation Writing Requirements test, as I failed it the first time around. If I didn't pass, I'd have to take a whole class for it. Took it a second time at the beginning of class, passed it! Now I don't have to worry about writing sentences focusing heavily on grammar! (Though, regardless, I think grammar as a whole is very important, haha!)

Ahh, SATs huh? I didn't do the best, 1200 at most with math being my highest as usual haha! That's good, did you take the SATs because the college or educational institute asked for those scores? Or did you do them out of curiosity? Or both?

I see, building high standards is only inevitable when one becomes time constricted and only wants to watch things that abide to such tastes, haha! Yeah, I try not doing that to myself so I can learn to enjoy anything I can, despite having been so time constricted. I like watching and enjoying, but I do love it when I come across a piece that piques my, how do you say, elitist taste? Not necessarily an elitist myself, as you can see from my strange favorites list people always ask me about, but I have a love for sci-fi as you can see! Made in Abyss, Suzumiya Haruhi Series, Steins;Gate, and maybe even FMA:B. I do look deep into the topics you listed above, as I would like to review now and then on a series I think needs attention. However, it really gets me when I watch a series out of nowhere and come to love it very much. I think those are the best. But, I'm really glad you loved Made in Abyss!

I'm glad to see you loved Made in Abyss! The way it built its world from animation to characters was absolutely astonishing. I felt like I was next to the characters the whole time throughout their journey. It always made a tinge within my heart to see interactions between the two main characters, Reg and Riko. Of course, the character cast as a whole is phenomenal. I shouldn't repeat my whole opinion as I made you read my review, but I can't help it xD. I love it too much to hold back!

I see! I hope to see your blog very soon! I'm sure it'll be a great blog :)
cakethecat Mar 14, 1:44 AM
No problem! I think it was through a review or someone elses friend list - I don't have many people on my own friejd list and I was looking for people who had seen some of my favourite anime so I could find some recommendations. We had a high affinity and I loved your profile so I thought "why not?" :)
RebelPanda Mar 3, 9:06 PM
Thank you so much! I'm glad my reasons for loving it came across so well. I hope you like it too!
IzaEpsil Feb 26, 9:11 AM
ChristopherKClaw Feb 18, 5:26 AM
Hey! I know this is a super late reply, but I just wanted to let you know that it's comments like yours that keep me excited to get back to writing about anime one day. Right now I'm caught up in a bit of a wringer, what with it being my first year teaching and (poorly) coaching soccer on top of that, but it's motivating to know that eventually, when I catch a break, there may be people there to read the impulsive writing I spew out.

If you post blog links here, I'll definitely read them. I write stuff like that because it's what I'd personally rather be reading rather than just persuasive reviews. Insight into someone's specific thoughts and reactions is much more interesting than overarching yes/no opinions.
IzaEpsil Feb 1, 6:52 PM
Hey man! Back on the first week of January, I hit a huge depression, and everything was spiraling down inwards for me. I felt lost for a while, and emotionally, I was very lost on who I was, and what I was doing for a while. I questioned who my friends were, and if I really have someone I could consider a friend (One I can physically hug, I see some people I meet online as friends, like you). I came back though after some silence, but I quickly realized that watching anime seasonally is not helpful with my schedule, and it also has a complete feel from watching once an anime completes.

I've been going fine in school, passing my classes (Barely passing my human resource management and law class, lmao). But I have an A+ in finance and B+ in my accounting class, which is funny, as I didn't think those would be my best classes. (They have a lot more content than the HRM I'm currently taking, professor doesn't teach!)

How about you? How is everything? It certainly has been a while.
Valkeiser Jan 22, 12:32 PM
Yes, seasonals aren't exactly great and most of the time there's only a few shows which one can consider fine or even worth a watch. At least that has been the case for me these past few seasons and that's the reason I returned to completed shows. But so far can't sya the season is trash, just average as it usually is. Aside from Yuru Camp which I've been inconsistently liking and disliking, the rest is ok and I'm having a fine time with them. Yes, stuff like Citrus ain't exactly great but would be lying if I said I don't enjoy that yuri melodrama lol... By the way, Franxx had a somehow good second episode, not sure how they'll use the whole sexual symbolism they're throwing but I have some hopes they won't mess up.

I know where you're coming from, that's exactly the fear I had when I heard about the adaptation. Is a work that's better enjoyed in manga form or in short episodes. Going full length was very risky, and since you don't know which chapters are being adapted it makes it more difficult to sit through all its duration. I'm still liking it tho, watching my favorite scenes adapted is always is always nice.

Glad to hear you're liking it. I don't think it goes as messy and random as FLCL tho. The story is very straight forward and telss a lot with its imagery, specially in the first scenes of the very first episodes (I'l link you a very good analysis I found when you finish it). Also the last episodes deliver the message of the story in a way it made an impact on me, so looking forward to your reaction when you get there... As of FMA:B maybe I've just outgrown the shonen genre as a whole. Shows like Brotherhood, Hunter X Hunter and even Jojo are just a pain for me to watch. Only one I can actually watch without getting triggered is Dragon Ball Super and mostly because of the nostalgia.
Valkeiser Jan 16, 2:07 PM
Yep, totally a show with a high rewatch value. Even though I recently rewatched it and fell in love with the show again, I plan to do another one but in a slower paced. Both times I watched it in a span of two days, and I want my third to take my time to appreciate every episode. Anyway, I'm rambling again. Just rewatch it when you are in the mood for it and enjoy it. You will be amazed of how many little details are missed the first time and the so called "big revelation" was foreshadowed the whole time that it should've been very obvious.

This is season seems to have a lot of Slice of Life shows but honestly I'm not feeling most of them. And yeah, looks like your plans of only completed shows went down the drain. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. You can watch seasonals and maybe one or two episodes of a completed show of your choice, that's what I'm doing with Sakura right now. Speaking of, Sakura has been a pleasant and fluffy watch so far. Is your typical magic girl show, no doubt, but is well done and very enjoyable.

As for the seasonals, here are my general thoughts:

  • Takai-san: I'm still unsure about the adaptation. It still has the same charm as the manga but there's some nitpicks that annoy me. One is the VA of Takagi and her voice, but that's because is not how I imagine she would sound like.
  • A place further than the Universe: Only two episodes in. So fire is ok but definitely has potential to be something I can enjoy.
  • Yuru Camp: The whole camping setting is nice and relaxing, but the school and club parts trigger me. So far is the worst of the season (from what I'm watching ofc).
  • After the Rain: The romance with that much of age gap is uncommon. I liked the first episode and looking forward to how it will develop.
  • Citrus: I read some chapters of the manga a while ago so no surprises here. Might continue the manga after the season ends.
  • Darling in the Franxx: Not sure what to expect. Nothing outstanding but knowing how Trigger is I hope it goes a little over the top in the next episodes.
  • Mitsuboshi Colors: Only watched one episode but I liked the comedy. Hope it stays that way.

How's Kyousou and FMA:B by the way? The former you know I love it but Brotherhood has been a struggle for me. It's been like 2 years since I started and constantly going On-Hold because the chibi comedy and MC triggers me way too much.
Valkeiser Jan 8, 9:27 PM
You're right, maybe it was this one then!

Yeah, I wouldn't know where to look either, but someone that loved the genre so I took the opportunity to ask for some suggestions... Oh, was KareKano that good? Will try it then. I've been postponing it because I don't like Gainax nor Anno that much, but mostly because of the mecha thing. Can't promise I'll watch it soon but I will let you know when I do and share you my thoughts.

Anyway, how ahve you been? Did you start your "season" yet? What are you gonna watch?
Valkeiser Jan 8, 8:42 PM
Yeah, I remember that, was it this one by any chance?... Never searched for a Shinsekai doujin to be honest, and since I experienced the cancer taht is the manga adaptation I don't think I'll even try searching for one at all...

Yeah, I added it because I saw that you recently finished it and was curious. I'm not a big yuri/shoujo ai fan but I've been interested in it lately and I've asked for some manga recs. If you're interested the ones I added to my list were:

- Girl Friends
- Whispered Words
- Aoi Hana (due to a very recent rec, gonna try the anime first)
- Bloom Into You
- Octave

Not sure if they're worth or not, but they're at the top of their respective genres and I got them from a girl that is a huge fan of yuri/shojo ai so I will at least give them a try, specially if they're already finished... And glad you liked the one you picked, as in basically everything in the romance genre is hard to find something good or that isn't melodramatic or dull comedy with no progression. Will try Prism then, looks like is short enough to finish it in one night.
Valkeiser Jan 6, 7:14 PM
Best yuri in the medium, am I right? =)
ninjaguy2511 Jan 6, 5:08 PM
I feel like your eromanga sensei review was pretty biased, unresearched and just following the trend of anime fans that one anime per seasonal list has to be a scapegoat for hate and you must curse it along with everyone else even if you do not know much about it. This is just criticism and some advice though.
Good things about eromanga sensei besides its cute? Great voice acting, the animation was great, catchy opening thing people really liked, and comedy certain people like along with how a large part of the anime community enjoys slice of life and that same audience loved this slice of life. As a person who decided to research the manga\light novel to make your review, would it not also be a good idea to get through the whole series instead of 4\12 episodes? If you cannot finish he series I am not sure why you bothered going tot he manga, extra research etc. One thing you got wrong is that the girls are actually 12 and the fanservice in this anime[slice of lives are full of them] is less then normal which I like since I enjoy the cuteness\comedy of a show not fanservice as much especially with girls in middle school. You have to take in the fact that the MC is near their age so this is also geared towards him since if this series girls were replaced with milfs I would of absolutely loved it but it would be weird since its a 15 kid with idk 30 and up woman instead of a 12 year old with a 14\15 year old. Also this is a slice of life not sure why you are comparing realism in this anime for because its anime I sure do not want any tsunderes'\yanderes in real life lol. There is also you being a hypocrite saying we should not bash this anime yet you go on to bash it for the sake of pure hate not review. Also this series was not a forced meme, people who got triggered over it and the amount of hate resulted it being a meme. The " I love dicks" to me was an attempt of being funny and shock value since that normally does not happen in anime and while it gave me a small chuckle I always liked the line because it triggered a ton of people. In a sense this anime became popular through it being chosen as a hate scapegoat. I am sure that without the sheer amount of hate because its cool to hate this series now, eromanga sensei would of just been a series people would of forgot about. I thought the anime was good enough for a 7 but I ended up giving this series an 8 for the sole purpose of helping the rating out since many 1\10 are from blind hate of people not picking up the show,not watching it but putting it on their list just to give it a 1.
BatenKaitos Jan 6, 9:45 AM
Aye bro, felicidades x 3. I've been doing chill but a little pissed since it's hard for me to find a place where I can download anime. Falling behind on the few seasonals i really want to watch. But hopefully Liberty fixes their stuff this month.
How's it going on your end man?
Osguinaro Jan 1, 7:01 PM
Thank you!!!
Osguinaro Dec 31, 2017 6:36 PM