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Valkeiser Jun 26, 10:10 PM
Can't say I won't enjoy anime anymore, but it certainly sets a high bar. The things this show accomplished are extraordinary in many aspects, but also took a large amount of episodes to do it. These are my final thoughts about it. There's so much more I would like to say, but words fall short to fully express it.
ExperimentAddict Jun 25, 8:29 AM
It's really unfair your review don't appear in the top just because you didn't finish, I mean, in this specific case. Eromanga is the same mud from 1 to 12, so 4 episodes would be more than enough to denounce the negative points of the show. Sadly, there's people really spending time on defending the series when they could just admit that was made just to satisfy some perverts fetishes using a saturated formula. Anyway, thanks for taking the initiative and speaking the truth at once. And unless you have a morbid curiosity, which is my case, don't check the remaining episodes. Seriously, they're the same garbage you saw at first.
esodia Jun 25, 5:35 AM
He just pretended to be intelligent and ignored blatant contradictions to his own points, it was beautiful to read.
I stopped watching when light novel MC #1739 was happily rummaging through his 13 year old sister's underwear, one of the absolute most disturbing things i've seen from anime in some time.
Veronin Jun 24, 11:02 PM
Thanks. You can count yourself lucky for having not seen the series!
LIQfilms Jun 24, 2:44 PM
Oh fuck! You cracked it!
Also, thanks for reading :D
esodia Jun 24, 5:13 AM
The back and forth about eromanga with Apdo1 was one of the funniest things i've read in a while, thank you.
He was a shining beacon of light for the closet hentai watchers and perverts, glad to see you call garbage out when you see it, kudos.
AngelofFrost Jun 21, 5:36 AM
I was planning to watch Eromanga sensei but after reading your review, I am having second thoughts (-_-;)・・・
Valkeiser Jun 20, 12:15 PM
I don't find the narrative of LoGH slow or tedious at any time, but viewers that aren't that much into heavy explanatory dialogues will be discouraged. The worldbuilding is amazing but is done indirectly through the conversation of the characters and their thoughts, but I find that very appealing so I have no problem with that. Also, you don't need to be an experienced viewer to watch it, as it's not symbolically heavy, and most people watch it little by little, no need to marathon it as I do. I would say give the prequel movies a shot to see if you're in the mood for something like that.

Oh, going for NGE? Honestly I hated the show most of the time, but that's because I can't stand most of Gainax's works. Even so I gave it a high score because the show is actually good, just not of my liking. TTGL is easier to watch and the Gainax show I enjoyed the most. Doesn't takes itself too seriously and is focused on creating a good atmosphere for all the hype. And SEL is a great experience! Onion can sell it to you better, but the overall the enjoyment and depth is very satisfying.

Not looking forward to the new adaptation to be honest. I fear they will focus on making it technology/science-wise more real or more action-orientated, and that will ruin what makes the show great. Will wait til the new adaptation is finished and read some reviews before committing to that remake.

PS: The only reason I made a blog for LoGH is because might be the only show I refuse to score and can't explain why in the limited tag space. Otherwise I would just write my thoughts there as I do with every other show, I have no plans to start blogging (yet).
Valkeiser Jun 19, 4:41 PM
So Hibike S2 was as good/better than the first one? might need to check it out some time (along with the OVA). But right now even tho I said I would take LoGH slowly I did a 20 episode marathon yesterday and plan to finish the whole thing this week. I'm writing my thoughts as I go on my profile, and have changed a lot for good since the first time I edited them.

PS: a friend did a small writeup on KyoAni shows with sequels (in spanish) here if you're interested.

Sniree Jun 19, 11:09 AM
I'm somebody who came to leave a comment about your review on eromanga sensei;
First of all, I totally agree with you about the fact how people overrate eromanga sensei a lot (me included) and I think it was really nice of you to point that out.
Now I havent really read through your review (just glimpsed past the whole review) throughly but i get the main idea of what you're saying.
Yes I agree with you how there isnt really a lot of plot in this anime, generic characters, but isn't that basically what a slice of life is about? I mean, it's a slice of LIFE.
I have seen many people how they react heavily on the characters and say things such as "oh it's another jesus-kun" or "all male protagonists look the same", but I dont think it's a much of a deal by now since we've witnessed so many of them
(also, just to point out that all asian have black hair and other asian traits so it's to be expected that the main character out of a slice of life to have them as well, thus leading to all the generic characters- but that's not my point here).
Fanservice of 10 year olds are.... ye a bit annoying indeed (i prefer lolis outside of elementary school) but it's anime. It's not rare to find anime with fanservice, and what's wrong with pantyshots from a 10 year old (or straight out naked); again, it's anime. Don't be triggered by that.

I just pointed out some stuff you said in the review and what I mean to say is, don't be so triggered by some stuffs and give an anime a straight 1. You should know better. Despite all your hate, there are some good stuffs as well and since you didn't mention music or art i'll assume they're one of the positive things. Try giving it a proper judgement

Please note that I'm not trying to pick a fight or anything, just leaving a small feedback. This is my just my opinion
meboosta Jun 18, 5:10 PM
Let me begin by saying that I think Avatar: TLA is the greatest show in the history of Western animation. Granted most of the Western cartoons I've seen were kids' shows I watched growing up, which focused more on teaching kids or giving them life lessons than telling a straight-up great story, which Avatar definitely does. Funny enough, I didn't watch Avatar until college (years and years after the series aired), and I absolutely loved it. I still haven't finished Korra, but to me it didn't match Airbender in terms of how lovable the characters were (many characters in Korra come across as either dense, obnoxious, or both).

As for Hyouka, I haven't read the novels or the manga, but I was assuming that the manga just adapts the novel's stories but with the added bonus of artwork. That being said, I did find out something which could potentially be in the manga, so I don't want to spoil that for you. If you happen to check out the manga and find out it tells the same story as the anime (and continues beyond the anime, which I know the novels do), then I will just say that I DEFINITELY recommend you keep reading if you love Mayaka (and in particular the Valentines chocolate episode).

Interestingly enough, three or four of my college friends were BIG fans of Steph Curry about 2-3 years before he came into the spotlight, and they had posters of him in their apartments and had already bought shirts/jerseys when I hadn't even heard of the guy. My first experience with Curry was watching him duel J.J. Redick in an epic 3-point shootout in a seven-game series against the Clippers during the 2014 Playoffs. It was really incredible to watch live—even without being a fan of either team, the tension and hype were so real.

Wow, glad to hear Barea is so loved back home! He is a heck of a hard worker and doesn’t slack on defense despite being at a major height disadvantage. Even if he can’t lock down guys like Kawhi, I can always respect players who put forth their best effort on D, even if they’re not defensive superstars (kinda like Dirk, the man isn’t quick on defense—even less so now, sadly—but he always gives his best and isn’t lazy). This is the reason I can’t stand watching Harden. And yes, I am indeed from the greater Dallas area!

I agree that bandwagon fans can get pretty annoying. The irony is that after finally becoming interested in American/gridiron football this past year, I have now become part of one of the most hated fanbases in all of sports—that of the Dallas Cowboys. As a new NFL fan eager to learn about the sport and the league, it never ceases to amaze me just how dumb some people (who claim to have been fans for decades) can be, including plenty of Cowboys fans. The odd thing about the Cowboys fanbase (and probably one of the main reasons they’re so hated), is that despite having so many fans who resemble bandwagoners (aka being very ignorant of the team’s history and often even the sport itself), many of those ignorant fans CONTINUE to cheer for the Cowboys even when they have subpar records. So basically the fanbase is full of people who act like bandwagoners but don’t actually jump off the wagon and continue to obnoxiously root for the team when they’re not doing well. Perks of being a fan, I guess. /s

And no worries, bud! Don’t feel bad about not replying in a particular timeframe haha, you’re all good.
Karma-Senpai Jun 18, 6:50 AM
I definitely agree with you there. Although there's lots of hate for OreImo I found it enjoyable up until the ending since their relationship between each other just seemed more natural as it shows how their relationship progressed to that point. In Eromanga their relationship just seems to be too forced and there seems to be zero reason why they are in love with each other. I guess after a year of not seeing his sister, the brother had no other choice than to fall madly in love with his 12 year old sister? You were right in your review when you said that it tries so much to be like Oreimo by utilizing the successful elements of the show but fails so hard.

Kurisutinaaaaa is best girl I'll fight anyone who says otherwise. That being said, I'm excited for Steins;Gate Zero but also scared they might mess up and ruin the perfect ending from S1.
HighEntia Jun 17, 8:33 AM
Yoo. Now that you started S2 of Hibike, how are you feeling it?

Also, how much are you enjoying masterbation master Kurosawa?
meboosta Jun 15, 10:58 AM
Hey again! Yup, I'm with you, haven't seen a whole lot (never watched Pokemon/Digimon/Yu-Gi-Oh hardcore as a kid, probably no more than 10-20 eps of each, and I never touched DBZ/Naruto/One Piece, and I'm not sure I ever will tbh--they're ridiculously long and my PTW list is already over 300 entries long without those series T.T).

I started in 2013 with Attack on Titan (and FOUR YEARS LATER Season 2 is about to finish, god bless), and have watched maybe about ~45 series since then (adding OVAs, specials, and counting seasons separately the way MAL does has given me a total of ~120 entries on my MAL).
AGREED ON MAYAKA. Chitanda is an angel, but that's about it. She's more or less perfect, but is rather unrealistic in that regard. She's never shown to have any real flaws (every adjective you could think of to describe her is positive). Mayaka actually displays a full range of emotions from happiness to sadness, and her relationship with Fukube explored in the Valentines Day episode is 10/10. Btw, have you read (or are you planning to read) the Hyouka manga? I wanted to check before I potentially spoil something from beyond the anime.

NBA-wise, I am a die-hard Mavericks fan. I didn't truly start following the NBA until the 2011 playoffs, right after the Mavericks upset the defending champion Lakers. One of my good friends, a longtime Mavs fan, thought that our team was about to choke in the Portland series (after losing 2 straight after winning the first 2), but after the Mavs won he said there was no chance they'd beat the Lakers. After the Mavs swept the Lakers I followed every game against OKC, and finally watched every game of the Finals (my first time voluntarily watching full NBA games). Due to a school club nationals competition taking me to Chicago during Games 5 and 6, I got to experience the pleasure of watching the last game of the Finals at a high-end grill and sports bar where ALL the Chicagoans (having been knocked out in the ECF by Miami) were rooting for Dallas. I suppose that might tempt people to call me a borderline-bandwagon too, having jumped on right before Dallas won it all, but in my defense:
1) it's not like I KNEW they would win the ring when I started watching during the WCF (the Heat were still considered ridiculously stacked, and the Mavs had zero All-Stars besides Dirk)
2) I've stuck with the Mavs ever since, even though Mark Cuban just HAD to break up the championship squad right after the win (I don't blame Cuban for everything though; far from it, he's a faithful and committed owner, but unfortunately no superstars have wanted to come to Dallas to play with Dirk, which I think is a little sad considering how great a teammate the Big German is). And considering the Mavs' performances since 2011, I think it's safe to say I'm part of the Mavericks faithful now.

**Neat that you're from Puerto Rico! I don't wish to stereotype or be presumptuous, but would you happen to be a fan of J.J. Barea? I think the vast majority of Mavs fans love J.J. to death for what he's done for our squad (he absolutely slaughtered the Lakers in 2011).

As for GSW I actually don't have any hate for them although I recognize that they're ridiculously stacked (I don't think any of the haters would be complaining if that happened to their team though, which is why I never take them seriously). As players and people outside of the game, I love KD and Steph, they're both friendly, humble dudes (people hating on Steph probably didn't even know who he was in 2013, or that he'd been in the league since 2009), and ridiculously skilled at the game. I don't like Draymond's on-court attitude, but the dude is CRAZY skilled and I respect his competitiveness (after all, the Mavs had the equally trashy--if not more so--DeShawn Stevenson during their 2011 run).

Whew, sorry for the essay! I'll try to keep it shorter in future comments (in terms of my writing, being too wordy is definitely my biggest flaw).
Karma-Senpai Jun 15, 6:27 AM
You weren't kidding in that Eromanga review. I watched till episode 7 (hoping?) that it would get better since I did somewhat enjoy Oreimo. Nope. No idea why I even stuck around to episode 7. They use the dumbest cliches and both the plot and characters are garbage. Parents just happened to die and two kids not even 15 year olds living together in a house lol. Just wanted to vent as 2 hours of my life has gone to waste.

Also Kurisu is best girl, I approve.