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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Aug 12, 10:00 PM
Completed 26/26 · Scored 10
Majo no Takkyuubin
Majo no Takkyuubin
Aug 11, 7:45 AM
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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Aug 9, 3:15 PM
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Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai
Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai
Aug 13, 5:16 PM
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Aug 4, 9:51 PM
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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Jul 21, 8:33 PM
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Valkeiser Aug 13, 11:08 PM
I decided to rewatch SSY after reading Nausica because I thought it was a story that was so well handled that it was enough to overshadowed my favorite. But after a rewatch I still eblieve Shinsekai is the best experience I have ever had in anime, regardless of the very evident flaws it has, the story and wolrdbuilding are still enough to immerse me into an unknown and compelling world that makes me fall in love with it. If any, this rewatch made me realize of a lot of details and foreshadowing I didn't see the first time. So yes, I still consider it the only show I would ever give a perfect ten.

The thing wotj Your Name is that the visuals and OST carry it all the way. The story is very cliché and the finale was forced and dragged out. Still managed to keep me entertained through its duration so I gave it a 6 even though is not even above average. What can I say? I like my chinese cartoons well drawn lol.
Tebaldi Aug 13, 7:55 PM
SirYanako Aug 13, 7:11 PM
I clicked on my email notification about your reply, and it lead me to a page where I can see all of our conversations. Apparently I added you because of your ReLIFE review lol. Yeah Kare Kano is just great. I have one gripe about it though, and that's the changing of the director near the end. I think it's too noticeable. When Anno (that guy from Evangelion) directed it, there's a lot of internal monologues and the show really explores the inner workings of each characters minds. The relationships between characters were also displayed very well. Near the end, however, the show felt kind of average. It turned into a regular romance anime instead of the psychological romantic comedy anime that it was before the director fiasco. Still, it's a great show. I just wish Hideaki Anno was able to direct the entirety of it (and made more seasons).
ThunderBoyo Aug 13, 6:37 AM
Hey man! seems like you've got a pretty similar taste in shows to my own, i flicked you a friend request because I figured you might have some good recommendations and it could be cool to yarn about them. Most of the shows you seem to like are ones I either really like or have been meaning to watch for ages so it would be good to get some further evidence that I need to watch them :)
Taz_ Aug 10, 9:24 PM
Jesse has said that the horseshoe series wasn't about him leaving the MLP community or anything, so I feel like despite not being into MLP, I would still be able to enjoy it regardless. His "Fuck [something]" series is AMAZING. They can be funny at times, and... bitter at others. I actually really liked Geoff and Digi's comments, but I won't deny that I wouldn't have half the fun I had without his editing.

It's not a hyperbole bro, I felt the same. Their romance actually progressed, and it felt incredibly realistic. Yepp, after Kare Kano, I had incredibly high expectations from RomComs—anime or not. I know the rest of the episodes after 18 aren't as great (and perhaps you feel the same way too), but regardless, I still feel it deserves to be on my favorites. It's peaks are just way too fucking high for me to dismiss it.
BatenKaitos Aug 10, 10:34 AM
Yooo you're watching KareKano. Sadly never finished that, only on Volume 6 or 7 of the manga but I look forward to starting it soon.
Taz_ Aug 8, 2:59 PM
I think a lot of people go through that. When I first watched Eva, I was a distressed teen, so I could totally relate to Shinji. Perhaps when I'm 50, I'll be able to relate to Gendo lol.

I wish I had more time to dive into Jess's content since he makes references to his older videos. It's like all his videos are just one long video broken down to digestible pieces. And his editing is just great. Like holy shit, the editing he did for the Pleb v. Weeb episode about Accel World was fucking amazing.

FLCL is one-of-a-kind, and I'm proud to show off how much I love it. The dub and sub are both great, but I usually recommend the dub since it's really important to pay attention what's going on visually. Bruh, Eri is fucking great. I didn't really think about that when I first watched it, but shit, she's fucking great. And don't worry about being attracted to Eri, I won't report you to the Feds or anything ;)

Bro, how was fucking episode 18? The greatest thing ever, right?
Yeah, unfortunately after episode 18, Anno left. The rest of the episodes after are good, but they're aren't nearly as great as the first 18. I still hope you end up enjoying the rest after anyways.
SirYanako Aug 7, 2:36 PM
I don't remember how we became friends here, but it's nice to see you completed and liked His and Her Circumstances. It's one of my favorite romance anime :)
Wasshio Aug 6, 9:43 PM
Thank you very much! And I really like the visual card of this series, and I do like the show very much as well. I do need to finish it since I'm 16 episodes in.
Uranimesucks Aug 5, 12:07 PM
hows his or her circumsance
Valkeiser Aug 4, 10:43 PM
Hey there!

Long time no talk, how have you been? I see you're also enjoying Abyss.
BatenKaitos Jul 29, 7:09 PM
Glad to see you are a fellow Rei fan my Brother
IzaEpsil Jul 25, 3:46 PM
I apologize for the late reply, trying to get everything ready before I head out to Georgia tomorrow. Debating whether to bring my madoka necklace and ring like a nerd aha!

Princess Principal has a lot to offer, so long as it doesn't tread down the wrong path. I can see specks of writing similar to that of Code Geass, I just hope that, if it does reach a successful conclusion, that it doesn't go badly just because it is on Anime Strike. (Planning to buy it on DVD once it finishes)

Made in Abyss, I have to say, touched my heart just through its art and characters. Watching it is giving me a great feeling of nostalgia right now, and despite having heard that it takes a great turn shortly, I'll still watch it to my heart's fullest. Everything about this series is wonderful and could possibly say it might reach my top 10 if Made in Abyss goes as well as it is right now. Alike to what you said, it really gives off the Ghibli feel. This is another one I hope doesn't get shafted due to it being on Anime Strike. The soundtrack, the opening, the characters, the animation. I love everything about this series. When it completes, I plan to buy it on DVD.
IzaEpsil Jul 21, 9:14 PM
Everything's going fine, I've been laid back at home for a while. I'll be looking into work-study for this school year, I suppose haha.

I feel the same way about everything you've said! However, the first episode honest-to-goodness was so much to take in, all in one episode. I thought it was a very good episode,yet it felt all over the place. Other than that, the atmosphere of suspense always hanging in the air was great, and the soundtrack was just eargasmic. The opening is much different from many of the openings I've heard this season, but I still have some more shows to catch up on aha. The story does have potential indeed, I just hope it settles down a bit more and also gives us at least a decent amount of character backgrounds, especially because it's a mafia-like anime.

Can you tell me a bit about Made in Abyss though?
Taz_ Jul 21, 9:06 PM
I swear I didn't mean it that way lool. But yeah, no problems, I getcha.

Yeah, completely understandable. Tbh, I'm starting to think that not only Misato is my favorite girl, but just my favorite character in Eva. It used to be Shinji, but the more I think about it, the more I'm starting to realize that Misato is a lot more relatable. Plus "that scene" with her in EoE was amazing.

I love Endless Jess lol. I wish I had more time to catch up on all his content since they're so damn good, but ahh well. I plan to watch the horseshoe series someday tho.

I'm so glad you loved it! A lot of people don't like how FLCL is weird and confusing, but that's what makes it so brilliant. Experiencing puberty for the first time is supposed to feel weird, and FLCL's tone matched that perfectly. Mamimi is indeed great. She and Eri are my favorites in that show.

How is Kare Kano treating you? I love that show a lot, but just as a warning, due to some issues in production, you do see a quality drop post episode 18. I personally think it's still good after that part, but I can't deny that the first 18 episodes were the best. Even with it's problems, it still is one of the best romances in anime, so I hope you'll enjoy it!