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Today, 12:39 AM
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Carnival Phantasm
Carnival Phantasm
Aug 16, 3:25 PM
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Mobile Police Patlabor Reboot
Mobile Police Patlabor Reboot
Aug 6, 2:19 PM
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Koko wa Green Wood
Koko wa Green Wood
Oct 11, 2013 9:04 AM
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Lordwen 7 hours ago
It's relieving to know you're that much inattentive!!

Deleted your message just in case nobody reads it and gets upset, happened to me once xD
Lordwen Today, 1:42 AM
Hmm, I'm fairly interested in watching the first few episodes of Yawara, I will do so soon. You liking it?

A few acquaintances of mine have told me that it gets quite repetitive, and that it always seems to come to the same thing (her and judo). How much would you agree with that statement based on your experience with the show? :)
Seiya Yesterday, 10:02 PM
So, how has your summer been? Since the beginning of this month, I've had several relatives visit me, and I haven't watched any Anime in a while.
Lordwen Aug 20, 10:39 AM
Everything's going just fine and kicking, like always.

How about you? Everything's in its right spot? (obligatory heavy-handed pun right there)
codephat Aug 17, 5:51 PM
YayaChibi Aug 13, 8:42 AM
lol..I was going to buy 1 and 2 for GBA but my brother the following day purchased it on virtual console. I just wish the censorship for the localization was tamed down(Like red star being changed to orange star, Catherine's name being changed to Nell, Nell's skirt got longer, and now she has sleeves, etc.)
YayaChibi Aug 12, 4:36 PM
I see advanced wars in your fourm signature. It is rare to find anyone who has heard of the games.
TiaDee Aug 12, 2:44 PM
Well then good luck to you!^^
(I've got two more months until I my college starts, though I just started my holiday this month so what goes around comes around, I guess)
TiaDee Aug 12, 11:41 AM
Dang it, I wanted to see the hentai convo, but the mods deleted the topic.
Well it's crappy that you had to find out the hard way, but if you're now content with your choice I guess it was all for the best (anyhow, better to figure out that stuff in college, instead of much later when you start your job).
Now that's something I could never study (and probably fail epically if I were), economics, psychology and politics are just beyond me. Well then, how do you fare your new college so far? Anything you like/dislike about it? Something you're looking forward to?
(I feel like I'm interviewing you, haha)
TiaDee Aug 12, 10:10 AM
Coolspot said:
Im having the same issue with wild life forestry the stuff was neat but I just couldn't memorize it all or get more than a D in any course.

I think we were going a bit off-topic there so I think it's better if I answer you here (if you don't mind).
It's not that it was tedious for me to memorise them (if it were I'd have transferred a long time ago) it's just that I didn't enjoy it that much and I quickly found out that my pacient relations skills were kind of shitty. That's why I'm at a engineering college now since my socialising skills don't matter that much in this field (and I just like computers more~).
Cool, you study forestry?
jammy_toast Aug 12, 7:31 AM
well, everyone has their place in this world and while "shit-posters" can be pretty funny, i figure it'll be more helpful to answer questions as well as i can ^^ thank you for noticing haha ~
bakashimizu Aug 4, 9:29 PM
Cool. I used to do a lot of hiking back in the day. Do you do day hikes? Overnighters or longer? Do you prefer forested areas? Plains? Desert? What movies have you seen lately? I haven't seen any myself, recently, but my daughters did force to marathon watch the series Stranger Things. I really enjoyed it. It's like Goonies meets Stephen King but set in the late 70's. It was neat how they tried to accurately portray the sets with vintage 70's wares, outfits, furniture, etc. It was fun trying to pick out all of the things that were actually from the early 80's.
bakashimizu Aug 2, 10:06 PM
Same stuff. Different day. How's the studies. Any cool anime or manga lately? My submission for discussion is Durarara. VERY cool supernatural vs. modern overtones.
Astros Jul 31, 2:29 PM
Should ask them to hang out afterward. Huh, wonder what changed in him. From "anymore" I assume he use to hang out with you and others.
Astros Jul 30, 7:09 AM
I'm one of those that it doesn't matter. But since you asked, catching up on reading. Look forward to it?