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Dec 7, 2017
One of the worst anime I ever watched. I thought it would catch my eye since some themes I would have enjoyed: ecchi, martial arts, comedy, but sadly it failed.

This blonde character wants to beat up the biggest and strongest student in a martial arts school until he gets his butt kicked. He still is determined to get back up and fight. The one he was fighting seemed a nice guy but can be a hardcore fighter with red eyes.
The story is confusing because I have no idea who is the main characters or am I just to see all of them as one. read more
Nov 10, 2017
One of the most not enjoyable anime I have seen.
I gave 8 episodes a chance and I gave it up. Excitedly was I when I heard the premise and seen the trailer failed to give me hopes on what I was sure to be promised.

This girl named Haruhi, is a main character who wants to search for aliens in a way to keep her not being melancholy. She teams up against the 2nd lead role and others that form a club. I don't want to spoil much but later it leads to the anime true plot that you have to know and see if you read more
Nov 10, 2017
First episode was enjoyable but 2 and 3 were "eh." The show plays the theme of incest and android humanoid, i think.
The voice acting was great to hear because it made me think I was the one making her enjoy the sexual fantasy they create.
Story was average bad but if Hentai, what to expect?

It's not good as the other H you would see and know but this was for like a five minute to ease the mind for me lol

I felt like they could of made a fourth one but with different characters since they did that already with episode 2 and 3

Nov 10, 2017
Garden (Anime) add (All reviews)
This is a Hentai OVA or series or whatever you wanna call it and I enjoyed it very very much :)

Story I get was about this little girl, holding a balloon, brings people to their sexual desires and for the worst. So, a teenage guy has sexual relations with the girl holding the balloon. He only enjoys her sex but gets tired of her and become plain friends. He later finds out about her love for her older man and he regrets it. That's whatever kind of H story you get.
The show revolves around a grandpa getting with his young granddaughter. A friend enjoy being read more
Aug 26, 2017
Worst dark anime I have ever seen

**Some Spoils**

Rem! She is everybody favorite character and wifu. Not me. In fact, she is more annoying than Rei from Evangelion. I like to talk about her a little first before I talk bad about the show. She acts all cute but a threat to not give the main dude a chance to comfort her feelings. Instead she enjoys to pure hate. Screw you, Rem. She is the reason I quit the show.

The story is about (what I've seen) is a guy entering another world that is off his style of living. He encounters some friends then later read more
Aug 22, 2017
If your into cute attractive loli anime then you'll enjoy this short series ^^
Three episodes with three different characters involving a loli anime girl. One is meeting up her teacher at a subway who can't hold her pee. The second is meeting up with a cousin for some "play time." And lastly is another teacher who helped her with something and hook up since then.

Story, like all adult movies, is okay and not needed for concrete structure. It was funny, hot and enjoyable.
The animation seems to be cheap but still with the effort it made me go at it :)

Aug 14, 2017
Are you a fan of Attack on Titan and not the kind of fans that are hard critic to the anime but instead you'd enjoy the show because you are a fan? Then you will love season 2!

This season starts off continuing where season one ended us off to. Throughout it will lead to answers that we've been questioning and then give us more questions for us to want answered lol. If you never read the manga (like me) you will be surprised and be enjoying every second without a doubt.

Everything in this season made me feel as it did in the first season. I read more
Jul 30, 2017
Revy is the most boring and overrated character the people or the fans love her so much. I did not like her and the show entirely.

People and fans, I read, talk how this show is so badass and so great and everything when really it's bullshit medicore anime.
The story I've seen just travels on a war type boat and hating on the Main dude who has no experience in being a thug like person. Story is slow to capture my intrestest.

Characters I did not give shit about them at all. Revy going crazy and killing people nostop just showed me how plain she really is. read more
Jul 25, 2017
***What ever you do, don't read the manga, because the ending is not great as the anime***

It was a good average anime about a older man having to feel the responsibility to take care of his grandfather's illegitimate child. It shows the realism of what a Japanese single father would do to care a child.

I like the characters. I was moved and felt like part of them in a way ^^
This is the kind of anime if you like slice of life and comedy themes :)

I'm suppose to write more but I just felt writing this review because the anime really is a nice touching read more
Jun 3, 2017
Every fool can enjoy this series but it did not catch my interest, so let me tell you why I stopped after 5 episodes.

I heard the same creator of Cowboy bebop produced this series as well. And I thought it be really great. Seeing the toonami trailer got me hyped! Then I finally saw the 1st episode. The episode gave me a catching interesting appeal of a new style in anime. Then 2-3 episodes felt a slow drag to not reaching a main objective. Two more episodes I began to yawn. A huge let down.

A female, hot, criminal goes save a young girl, who was read more