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Jul 24, 2022
"Why are they wasting time on a remake?" is what a lot of us thought when this got announced, myself included. But I assure you, this wasn't a complete waste of time because this remake does reveal a bit of Yao Chen that didn't get revealed in the original season one.

This remake also probably served to remind us Xun'er exists in this harem and her terrifying power (Can you imagine if Xun'er meets Yun Yun? Someone get me out of that room). Other than that, it is a very concise summary of Season one. Do note that this by itself won't serve a full ...
May 2, 2022
Juan Siliang (Anime) add
The first episode has an absurd amount of information to absorb and they don't tone it down. This show definitely takes patience to sit through. But each subsequent episode slowly breaks down all the confusing stuff in episode one, so you won't be completely overwhelmed.

The main female lead: Tu Li, is awesome. If this was a game, I definitely main her. She isn't weak, has an ambitious personality, and all around skilled. The male lead feels a bit of a Mary Sue, but this season barely reveals anything about him, so i will reserve my opinion.

I would say the elder dynamic is very ...
Apr 10, 2022
Tong Ling Fei (Anime) add
The first few episodes were hard to get through because they seem so out of place; but, let me assure you, once you get through the earlier episodes, this anime is a true gem. It is even better than a lot of the Japanese counterparts like "My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!". In fact, it's even better than that.

There is not a huge reverse harem where every hot guy is immediately in love with the main protagonist. The reverse harem were present in the beginning of the show, which is why I said it was so difficult to get through ...
Mar 25, 2022
Mixed Feelings
The story is slow-paced, like really slow-paced. It takes a lot of patience to get through the earlier episodes because the early episodes is more like slice of life than the combat show you are expecting.

Even then the earlier episodes are very confusing since you have no idea why they are fighting other than knowing the parents of the protagonists are held hostage for some unknown reason.

If you are able to get past the boring episodes, the rest of the show is actually alright. To summarize it, it would be like an adventure party anime. Some of the lore in the show confuses me and ...
Jan 17, 2022
They weren't kidding when they said the final agreement was gonna be 3 years later because that's how long the producers made us wait since season 1.

No time is wasted in this season, there is action almost every episode and gets you wanting to watch the next episode to find out what conflict lies ahead. Every human emotion is invoked upon you, betrayal, love, powerlessness, sacrifices, surprises, and many more. I won't spoil it, but this season isn't just about the final fight between Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran.

Almost every other "important" character from previous seasons gets a spotlight be it my man ...
Nov 22, 2021
There are no spoilers in this review.

Before you watch Season Three, it is extremely important that you watch Season Two's Special involving Hai Bo Dong and Medsua Queen to understand everything in this season. While I personally got away without watching the history of Hai Bo Dong and Medusa Queen, I regretted deeply in Season Five and hence why I am writing this review to warn you all.

You learned vaguely there was some bad blood between the Hai Bo Dong and Medusa in Season Two and while this Season doesn't pursue any of it, learning their past will completely change your perspective on Medusa ...
Sep 18, 2021
Blue Friend (Manga) add
Blue Friend has a really simple story. Tomboy extrovert befriends anti-social introvert sums up this entire manga. It has the usual shoujo bullying set-up and family problems. One criticism I do have is I don't feel like the family issue was fully resolved and it seemed like it was just forgotten. But it isn't as important as the relationship between the two main characters. The ending was bittersweet, which I love so much because it retains realismr

Art is fine, acceptable level for shoujo. Characters were also fine, no one I truly disliked. Bullies were insignificant enough that I didn't need to invest hate in them. ...
May 24, 2021
This anime is about vengeance with a protagonist with god-like powers. It is scummy and holds nothing back. If you are one of faint-heart, don't even bother watching this. You will only feel angry. There will be violence and lots of sexual scenes. Pretty much humanities worst attributes are all in this anime.

But this is a fresh breath of air from the usual censored content and especially in an age of cancel culture, this show is a huge victory. The protagonist's enemies all get creative and well-deserved vengeance exacted upon them and you will feel just as satisfied as the MC. This is engaging ...
Nov 14, 2020
Douluo Dalu (Anime) add
I went into this show thinking it was a Chinese wushu drama in anime, but what I got was only half of it. The first half of the show did have those wushu elements to them, but the other half turned into literally RWBY

Characters from the first half barely mattered. The actual supporting cast appears in the later half of the show. There is a bit of romance elements to this as well, but it was done so cheesy that it could have been left out.

Main character is a great kid, but after the time skip, he lost all the cutness that I liked ...
Nov 5, 2020
This anime was quite a fresh breathe of air. If you are into gender bender this show is just for you. There is no magic or anything. What we have here are fraternal twins swapping lives and each trying to solve each other's weaknesses. I love the relationship between the brother and sister. Also for once, the sister is the older one, unlike the usually "onii-chan" cliches.

The other thing the show deals is the reality of the entertainment industry. Lots of bribing, scheming, and bullshit are portrayed well in this show. There is also even a romantic subplot for you too root for.

The ...