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May 24, 2021
This anime is about vengeance with a protagonist with god-like powers. It is scummy and holds nothing back. If you are one of faint-heart, don't even bother watching this. You will only feel angry. There will be violence and lots of sexual scenes. Pretty much humanities worst attributes are all in this anime.

But this is a fresh breath of air from the usual censored content and especially in an age of cancel culture, this show is a huge victory. The protagonist's enemies all get creative and well-deserved vengeance exacted upon them and you will feel just as satisfied as the MC. This is engaging read more
Nov 14, 2020
I went into this show thinking it was a Chinese wushu drama in anime, but what I got was only half of it. The first half of the show did have those wushu elements to them, but the other half turned into literally RWBY

Characters from the first half barely mattered. The actual supporting cast appears in the later half of the show. There is a bit of romance elements to this as well, but it was done so cheesy that it could have been left out.

Main character is a great kid, but after the time skip, he lost all the cutness that I liked read more
Nov 5, 2020
This anime was quite a fresh breathe of air. If you are into gender bender this show is just for you. There is no magic or anything. What we have here are fraternal twins swapping lives and each trying to solve each other's weaknesses. I love the relationship between the brother and sister. Also for once, the sister is the older one, unlike the usually "onii-chan" cliches.

The other thing the show deals is the reality of the entertainment industry. Lots of bribing, scheming, and bullshit are portrayed well in this show. There is also even a romantic subplot for you too root for.

The read more
Nov 1, 2020
The first three chapter follows through with everyone's lives after they escape from the island. This is mainly about Ryo and Ango and how they (well mainly Ango) try to reconcile with the rest of the group. The last chapter is about Chimaki, a character so useless you wouldn't even care about and frankly nothing to review about.

I would say overall they received a very realistic closure and the author also opened a doorway for a possible new series focus on just Ryo and Ango. They were my favorite characters. In my opinion Ango suffered too much and I think Ryo could have received a read more
Jul 18, 2020
Yosuga no Sora explores the very touchy subject of incest. It is a taboo subject that turns many people away, let alone watch an anime about it. But if you have the patience and open mind to give this a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised with what the show has to offer. If anything, I think the only flaw with this show was the excessive lewd scenes and the incest stuff doesn’t get addressed until the very end.

Anyways the story is about a fraternal twin Haru (the guy) and Sora (the girl) returning to the village they grew up in and readjusting country life as read more
Jul 1, 2020
Looking for a dark fantasy adventure with a lot of action with vengeance and betrayal the theme? This is pretty it, Ubel Blatt is what I like to call "baby Berserk", it has all the gore, nudity, and violence that you would want in a dark fantasy. The action is good, the story concept is simple and the execution is alright.

Right from the beginning the manga is more about local interactions and conflicts rather than global. They did this well by hyping each antagonist per arc. The background stories are easy to understand as well as the main character's conflict with each of them. read more
Nov 17, 2019
Wow, Cat Street took me by a surprise. When I went through the first volume, the story flowed naturally but felt like it was going to end up as some generic shoujo. I was of course mistaken as Cat Street is much more than your average shoujo.

Cat Street has a strong theme on getting back up on your feet after traumatic experiences and making real and I mean REAL friends you can relate to, laugh with, and tell you straight up the things you don't want to hear.

The romance development is probably the most impressive writing I have seen in a shoujo in a while. read more
Oct 25, 2019
Silent Mobius is what I would categorize as a josei cyberpunk police anime that mixes everything with a bit of success and failure.

The characters more or less carried the show for me. What I especially liked were the strong focus on the young women's lives such as their love life and family bonds. The show has individual episode(s) that go very deep into their past and conflict and tries to connect that to the main storyline. This is a nice touch as to the usual action-capture the bad guys police anime and shows the human side of the characters

However some characters like Nami don't read more
Apr 22, 2019
Natsu no Zenjitsu is quite the realistic romantic drama, definitely not for the faint hearted or one who can't deal with realism. This manga starts of a bit slow with the first chapter, but once you get through it you want to find out more and more how their relationship unfolds and what tragedy foreshadows these two.

I really love how realistic the relationship is in this manga and how the author sets up the two characters so smoothly. This manga contains a lot of sex scenes, but I'd imagine the reader picking this up is mature enough to appreciate the scenes without judgment.

The characters read more
Feb 22, 2019
Man I can't believe my teacher gave me an F on my history exam for saying Joan D'Arc stopped an alien invasion during the Hundred Years' War between France and England.

No but seriously I gotta say, I am pretty impressed with myself that I completed this entire show in one sitting.

Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi is the retelling of story of Joan D'Arc from the perspective of Montmorency. If you are a fan of harem romances with occasional action and like the usual shenanigans that come with these romantic comedies, you'll probably enjoy this show for the most part. Action was read more