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KanonDE Apr 18, 9:33 AM
Nice last completed anime :)
Harkov Jul 13, 2018 2:58 PM
Gonna put this in another post since my previous one was already a bit long...

That's awesome that you got caught up with Hugtto, pretty much everyone that has been watching it is totally smitten with how good it actually became over time. It's practically one of my favorite Precure series too, to the point where I actually might agree that it surpasses Heartcatch, I think Hugtto has the advantage of not being beholden to the formula and willing to try out new things, not to mention the forward momentum of the show and the incredible cast really puts it up high. The fact that it's been blessed with talented staff is also icing on the cake too, Tanaka and Watanabe putting out straight up classic episodes while Zako and Sato are managing it super well.

I also agree that the fact that Hugtto honing in on the main cast's development and personal conflicts is what makes it shine, Heartcatch was actually a lot more episodic I felt to definitely make a considerable mark on the development of the main cast and also the side cast. It's where I actually agree with people that the MOTW formula it has kinda constrains it because it really tries to stick by the rules. Meanwhile there's been a considerable effort on Hugtto's part to really give focus on each individual's personal development.

My favorite character is Emiru, her infectious, but incredibly dorky sense of sheer optimism and passion I find incredibly endearing and genuine, to the point where I find it rather inspiring and relatable. She's also just the funniest one in the cast and her dynamic with Lulu is such a simple setup but incredible with how well done it is.

I feel for ya, man, it can be really hard to convince people that anime for kids are some of the most worthwhile shows in the medium, I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who genuinely love kids shows and see them for what they are and also how great they can really be. But I also understand that people who do take kids shows seriously are a rather niche base to begin with. It also doesn't help that this stuff isn't very widely available, at least in this age of simulcasting and streaming.

A bit bizarre that one of your friends will only watch it dubbed...since the big problem is that there's not much of a selection to begin with, and the ones that are available aren't bad, but not the best it could really offer. Not to mention they cut out episodes and change a lot to fit the demographic here! Is there any reason why your friend would only watch it that way? Is it something to do with availability?

But hey, you can always talk to me about kids shows! Pretty much a big fan of them after discovering Heartcatch Precure and Aikatsu years ago, which truly changed my appreciation of anime into something more. I also think I know a few worthwhile communities? But my friend probably does more than me though.

Also I kind of realized that MAL is a pretty awkward way to talk on here after all this time, do you have any other way to contact you? It's cool if we just talk here if that's your thing though.
Harkov Jul 13, 2018 2:30 PM
Definitely man, and the downtime isn't even done yet! It really makes me wonder if a lot of people are leaving en masse to other sites, because the fact that it's taking this absurdly long is honestly inexcusable.

Oh that's a bit of a shame, I think winter to spring were a pretty damn strong start to the year, even if the current summer season is pretty dry. But hey, that's pretty cool that our top 3 is actually pretty close! I actually wanted to watch Uma Musume, but I kinda fell off by the first episode since I wanted to focus on other things. It really surprised me that people actually loved it in the end, considering Kei Oikawa had a much more involved role in Hinamatsuri, considering all his friends and collaborators were on that project. But in the end it really helped that Uma Musume was actually very ahead in production, somehow managing two projects in the same season without any real dip in quality, it's super impressive.

I have a lot of thoughts on FLCL Progressive, but I'll probably wait until I rewatch it in November when the subbed version comes out so I can get a more well rounded impression. The dub for Progressive was really...questionable, from the voice direction and the sound mixing, it all felt really off and it didn't really help that seeing some of the Japanese PVs for them seem a lot better. Other than that, the circumstances and problems that plagued the project is just super depressing and kind of taints my view of the project a lot.

Oh man, Yawara! I always kinda wanted to check it out but the episode count grossly scares me, it practically prevents me from watching other stuff like Touch because the time investment seems so long. Really love the OP though, is it mostly just an episodic show?

Off the top of my head, Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo and Ashita no Nadja. I also recently got Slow Start and Sketchbook, looking forward to watching those soon as well.

Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo was actually a pretty big surprise, mostly because I can't believe it never had much of a following. It feels like a show that would've had a niche, but pretty devoted fanbase when it was airing since it's such a colorful and goofy show with an equally dorky, fun cast as well. It almost reminds me of Jewelpet in that sense, but a lot less manic and absurd in that regard. It also surprisingly looks pretty nice too, the overall aesthetic is super pleasant and vibrant with its vivid, pastel color palette and stylized and soft character designs which really adds to the light hearted and charming tone of the show.

I actually want to watch more of it, but I have too much stuff on the backlog unfortunately. But I appreciate you vouching for it though, it's definitely something that people should watch more if they like kids shows.

Also another thing to note, it seems like it was a Korean co-production too! Which is all the more surprising considering I thought this was a wholly Japanese one.

Ashita no Nadja was pretty much as good as you said when I checked it out! Probably one of the things that stook out to me was definitely the setting, as the 20th century England setting is so lush and intriguing with how the show starts out with it. It really feels like it could've been a WMT show, which is apt since I remember hearing that was one of its main influences. Even Nadja herself doesn't seem too out of place as a WMT MC as well, a really endearingly sweet and compelling MC. Also, surprisingly pretty funny to boot, Igarashi's sense of humor back in the day was super good and it even works here!

Real glad you checked out Dennou Coil, it's pretty much one of my top favorites bar none, the sheer ambition and execution of its world building and characters, and topping that off with an honestly extravagant production really endeared it to me. It's a shame that it's practically almost and even still obscure to this day!

In other news, I actually watched Liz and the Blue Bird! I actually hope to rewatch it in the fall, but it was pretty much incredible, no doubt one of the top anime of the year for me and practically my favorite Yamada movie, bar none. I can spit out some more details if you want, but the circumstances I was in to watch it wasn't too ideal...but I'd happily tell if you want!

Harkov Jun 24, 2018 7:01 PM
Hey man! I've been meaning to message you again way back but I sure didn't expect the MAL downtime to be this severe (which it probably isn't...considering what I've heard), but I'm happy it's kind of back now since I thought I'd never get back since other sites like this are a huge pain for me.

Have you been watching through the Spring 2018 season? I've actually been enjoying a ton of shows, some of which that completely surpassed my expectations and some that completely fulfilled my expectations, and it's been a great time. Hinamatsuri is my personal favorite of the season and one of my favorites of the year hands down, a lot of which to do with it being an almost pitch perfect adaptation with a great, low-key director and an army of realist animators (some that are my absolute favorites) pretty much elevated it so strongly. Hisone to Maso-tan and Comic Girls are my other runner ups too, but they're pretty much also one of my favorites of the year as well. I have some others but I wanna know what your picks and thoughts were!

There's also FLCL Progressive, which I have a lot to say about, which is mostly ambivalence so far considering the nature of the show and the state of the production itself. Have you been watching that too?

Hugtto Precure is pretty much my AOTY, one of the strongest Precure series to debut in a long time and the amount of talent and ambition saddled onto it is insane, not to mention how strong the cast and the structure of the show is.

I've also watched a ton of backlog stuff too, and I've even tried out some stuff that you recommended, which have all been pretty damn enjoyable.

So what've you been up to man? Watch anything cool these past few months? Would love to hear from you again!
Harkov Apr 7, 2018 2:03 PM
Super sorry again about this late reply, been caught up with a ton of projects for school, haven't really had too much time to get caught up with my backlog...

Have you heard about what happened to Isao Takahata? It's still really bumming me out that it even happened. Only Yesterday was one of the first Ghibli movies I've ever really watched on my own and that's how I found about him, and it still remains as one of my favorite anime movies ever. I've read so much about the guy and he was really inspiring in how he viewed animation, which kind of influenced my own take on how I viewed animation as well. I always thought he was the best one at Ghibli, as much as I adore Miyazaki's works.

Sketchbook sounds really good, I actually heard from some people I know that it is way underrated but I never paid too much mind. Hearing more about it and it definitely seems like the type of show I'd totally dig, even more surprised that it would even stack up to something like Origination. Regarding Kamichu, I feel it's something that really ramps up as it goes along, there's some really great episodes in the back half, which I think the strength of the series is in its willingness to play with the fantastical mythology that really takes focus with its SoL premise.

By the way, have you heard about Windy Tales? Seems like something up your alley, since it's a pretty unique take on iyashikei.

I'll definitely try to get to Nadja soon, though it'll have to depend whether or not I'll probably finish Sharp in time, it does seem really appealing to start though. And the Alice in Wonderland episode of Ouran is pretty much my favorite too, it's an amazing episode all around and I think everyone agrees it's pretty much the best episode in the entire show, probably because Igarashi himself storyboarded and directed it.

Speaking of Igarashi though, do you plan on seeing his other divisive stuff like Star Driver, Bungou Stray Dogs, and possibly Captain Earth? I'd be really interested in what you would think about Stray Dogs, I've heard that it's actually one of his better shows in awhile but I haven't felt entirely convinced yet and it seems like you'd like it.

Now that the LOGH remake is airing, what do you think of it? I haven't really had the chance to see it yet since I'm watching it with a friend, but from what I've looks okay? The reception to the first episode seems a bit mixed too, so I'm not entirely sure what to expect from it. I actually wonder how Yang is handled in the new one for the most part, it's important!

I think for the most part, the main duo in Amanchu are pretty good, but the rest never felt like they really lived up in comparison. I feel like Ai and Makoto never feel fleshed out enough and I find their dynamic between them and other characters to be a bit tiresome. But never to the point that I thought they were bad though, just felt they needed more of a focus in the show.

I actually do agree that some show do take a while to warm up for me as well, usually with SoL or so since those types of shows can take awhile to really become something great. Which I think has something to do with the passage of time and familiarity with the characters that can really help a SoL, that's why I think most SoL shows with second seasons or so can be really good, since they build upon the foundation of its premise and development of its characters.

Now that the first week of the new season has ramped up, what have you seen so far and what have you thought? How did Uma Musume and Gurazeni end up for you?

Gegege no Kitarou, Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Captain Tsubasa, Tada Never Falls in Love, Comic Girls, Hinamatsuri, and Megalo Box are all the ones I've seen so far.

Out of the bunch, the last 4 really caught my eye. Tada-kun was pretty much one of my lowkey anticipated shows of the season since it was helmed by a Ikuhara protege and the first episode delivered really well, I adore the boisterous character dynamics so far and it's legitimately funny so far with some creative direction and nice character acting. The fact that it's pretty much exactly like Nozaki really cracks me up though, even the OP is directed by the same guy of all things!

Hinamatsuri is something I'm a big of since it's one of my favorite comedy manga, and I'd say the first episode exhibits its strengths pretty well. The moments of nuanced, but fun and weight character acting really contemplates the rather lowkey absurdity of its premise, and it's a joy to see characters I love voiced and animated.

Comic Girls was a really pleasant surprise in how well directed and snappy and lively it was, the overall storyboarding was seriously impressive and almost downright inspired at some points in keeping up a great rhythm to its comedy visually. The cast is just a ton of fun so far too, the MC is just endearing to me in how self conscious and kind of odd she is.

Megalo Box is overall pretty promising in its debut and I'm impressed at the sheer ambition it inhibits, especially in its setting, overall visual style, character designs, and even in its direction. The murky, grimy and often blurred look to it emulates the cel-look as they wanted and can be a bit gaudy more than anything, but it really contemplates the fierce, angry tone it has. The fact that it seems to be taking its own spin on Ashita no Joe's themes is something that is a bit questionable considering the context of its setting, but it's really promising nonetheless.

Oh yeah, I'm in the process of finishing up some stuff from last season as well, finally finished Sora yori mo Tooi Basho and loved it, while Violet Evergarden I'm sadly kind of ambivalent on.

Speaking of Hisone to Maso-tan, it got acquired by Netflix which is such a damn shame, I'm reeling from the fact that it happened.
Harkov Mar 31, 2018 2:41 PM
I'll definitely put Slow Start high up on my backlog then for sure, I've been looking for more slice of life shows to dive my teeth in after finishing Aria, even though I've already seen a good chunk of them. Slow Start seems like it might satisfy that want! I really do adore the character animation that I've seen clips of, really elevates shows like that to a considerable degree. On that note, have you seen Kamichu or Sketchbook? I've not seen the latter yet but it definitely looks up my alley, even has shares quite a bit of staff with Aria, including Junichi Sato.

It seems that way for some people for Mahoutsukai which is why I'd be willing to give it a chance, since the strengths it does have do seem considerably strong and has their highs. At least from what I know, the two leads dynamic and chemistry just seem really great and endearing, something that actually never happens much in Precure anymore since it has all been relegated to big groups or so.

I should really get to Nadja soon then! I'm pretty much convinced since the things you've said about it have pretty much intrigued me, and it was already something I had a lingering interest in too. I can't really say no to shoujo stuff set in early 20th century europe anyway, that's pretty much stuff I love in one package. Do you think it's one of the best Igarashi shows that you've seen? I just noticed you finished Ouran just real recently, so I'm wondering about your thoughts on that too. I remember watching Ouran and liking it just fine, though I felt a bit wanting and didn't think it lived too much to its earlier episodes, especially Igarashi's episodes which are really damn good.

Yang is amazing and pretty much everyone loves him, so I'm never too surprised to see him become someone's favorite. He's such a frank and generally hearty person, but a principled and incredibly bold leader, which really does make him out to be one of the most normal folks in comparison and why I think he's so endearing and admirable. Most of the Empire folks are just really great too, especially Reinhard and Reuenthal, who really comes into his own in the back half of the series so well.

Oh yeah, what do you think about the upcoming LOGH remake? I'm a bit reserved on what it'll actually be like but I'm hoping it'll turn out fine considering I want to see a new intepretation of the material. The old one is highly ambitious and it's unlikely the new anime could ever reach up to those heights, but I'm hoping otherwise that it could rise above and be something good...

Amanchu is pretty nice, and possibly Sato's best looking show in ages, especially for an Kozue Amano adaptation. The way it captures the fleeting mundanity of everyday life with such panache and elegance is really nice, especially considering the setting is considerably way more grounded than Aria. Though I have to admit, I only merely liked it since the characters didn't really stick with me like the cast of Aria, which is why I'm hoping the sequel will hopefully change my mind about that.

I think I feel the same way about FLCL 2 and FLCL 3, it could be an interesting project despite all odds and the fact that its existence is questionable. Especially for the fact that a lot of talented people are attached to it, and it might rise up above all of that but I can never exactly be too sure. It's pretty much like what you said, the original was straight up a passion project and it seems like a hard bargain to see it in a good light. The best thing that could happen is that it could end up like Diebuster? (Though that'd have to be a miracle!)

I actually don't think I'll be continuing MHA S3 this and my friend were watching it together and we kind of just felt burnt out from it after the second half of S2. If anything we're anticipating the movie more since that might really be great since it's an original, but anything else we kind of passed up on. If the third season itself is really good then I'll check up on it myself, who knows.

Steins;Gate 0 is a weird thing for me since I wasn't really expecting a S;G sequel and the fact that practically none of the original staff from the original returned, which is honestly a huge shame since I felt they were a major factor in the original's success. I can tell it's going to be big anyway because it's Steins;Gate but I'm very wary otherwise, it didn't help that the newest PV didn't really look too good.

Other than that, I'm definitely looking forward to more of the originals/manga adaptations this time around, Hisone to Maso-tan is extremely up my alley and I'm really hoping it'll turn out good because the premise and staff involved sound incredible and way too good to be true. Hinamatsuri is one of my favorite comedy manga and its got a pretty perfect staff that I can trust. Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai might just be the surprise hit and it looks like a warm and pleasant romance series that I can count on from a really talented director. Cutie Honey Universe and Megalo Box might be good reimaginings of old material as well since it's always interesting to see this stuff.

There's also Wotakoi, FMP IV, Lupin III Part V, Uma Musume, Gegege no Kitarou, and Kiratto Pri☆Chan that I'll probably try out and see if they end up any good. All in all, actually seems like quite the promising season just like winter!

As for summer and fall though...I'm not exactly sure since I always wait to see what else gets announced for those seasons, but I'm very excited for Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight in the summer and Gridman in the fall. Revue Starlight straight up has Ikuhara's proteges making a fantasy/musical magical girl show with dancing and sword duels, which pretty much sounds like Utena and you wouldn't be wrong whatsoever thinking that. Gridman is me just hoping that Amemiya and the Trigger gang kinda get their shit together and make something great that isn't Inferno Cop or Ninja Slayer because I love them but they really need to step up from shows that aren't ironic gag series...

What are you interested in from the spring season? And possibly for the summer or fall as well?

Harkov Mar 24, 2018 9:24 PM
Sorry for this extremely late reply, been real busy with college and what not! And it's all cool dude, that stuff can just happen sometimes considering how kinda finicky MAL commenting can be.

I just saw Yorimoi episode 12 and I can definitely agree it's probably one of the top shows of the year, the utter raw melancholy and tension of the whole episode is seriously affecting and heavy, but in a way that just feels so resonant...just some really powerful stuff. Really hoping it'll stick the landing but the rest of the show has been so good that I wouldn't mind either way.

Oh, I see, I probably worded that wrong...I was asking more along the lines of, do you think it's worth watching at this point? Then again, if you say I should give it a shot then I'll probably will when it finishes. I really like a lot of the clips of fun and bouncy character animation that I've been seeing, really kinda reminds me of Sansha Sanyou at times.

Kirakira's design work is pretty damn superb for sure, though I do wish it got the same directing talent that Hugtto is getting so far...some episodes can really be less than stellar, which makes me happy the transformation sequences turned out as well as it did! Also cool that you've been enjoying all the Precure you've been watching, I actually hope to hear from you about Mahoutsukai since I feel that it might really not be as bad as people sad it was.

Sorry to hear that, that does sound pretty rough if it kept you from watching the show, though I'm glad to hear you still like it and that you're really near the end though. I really look forward to what you have to say about the series as a whole when you get around to finishing it!

I actually think the 4th or 3rd half of LOGH is where I stopped unfortunately, which is a damn shame cause it was nearly right at the end and I left it alone for so long that I just kinda forgot a lot of stuff in the mean time. However I still remember a lot of crucial events and still really like a lot of the characters, the focus on the characters inner ideals and their political machinations is LOGH's greatest strengths. Who's your favorite characters so far? It's always interesting to hear about since the cast is so damn large.

I feel that Nadesico can take a bit to get going because of its zany and incredibly meta nature at first, but I feel that it also comes together really well near the middle and towards the end compared to the first half.

Yeah, I feel the same way with Yurucamp, really makes me wanna try my hand at camping someday even if I live in California where the conditions are less than stellar for that kind of thing ;_;. Season 3 of Yama no Susume should be really promising, a lot of good news about that one and it should be shaping up very well.

On that note, I recently and finally finished Aria the Origination! It's been way too long since I started this series but I was stunned about how good the final half of the show was and how everything tied up in the end. I'm still thinking about a lot of the show but pretty much watching this for years really made an affecting impact, really gonna miss this show...there definitely won't be another SoL/Iyashikei like it.

I suppose I should get onto Tamayura soon, but I actually decided to focus on Princess Tutu instead! Not too sure what to expect but I love the setting and the dreamlike, fairy tale atmosphere that really pervades the whole thing.

Probably a random question, but have you seen Hidamari Sketch? It's probably one of the most notable SoL series I haven't seen yet, was wondering if it's any good?

Oh yeah, have you seen the new FLCL 2/3 trailers? Feels like a huge divisive thing as of right now, which I can understand because the prospect of FLCL sequels is practically kind of unneeded and misguided in trying to capture, or even worse, even try to better than the original.
Harkov Mar 15, 2018 3:23 PM
Oh, hey dude! I was actually going to message you like a few days ago since it's been awhile since we last talked so this is somehow a weird coincidence for me.

I've been enjoying Winter 2018 quite a lot, at least more than last year since there's been a swath of titles that have really been consistent. Yorimoi is pretty much one of my favorites too, along with Pop Team Epic. Yorimoi's cast is such a incredibly endearing bunch and the sheer optimism and earnest execution of its premise really puts it over the top, Ishizuka's bombastic and rather mushy sensibilites and direction really fit the show so well. Never been so happy to see her do something fitting for her style. And Pop Team Epic is such an absurdist, experimental show that really gets its own trashy and surreal sense of humor super well, and the vast swath of talented creators attached to it really make the variety of the show distinctive and unique in the way it plays around with its own format and craft.

I also like Yuru Camp and KoiAme as well, I've also been watching Violet Evergarden and Darling in the Franxx but I've been a bit iffy on those, but never to the point where it felt wasteful watching them since they're both pretty ambitious and always interesting in their own way. On that note, how did Slow Start go? Did it get better as it went along?

Hugtto is definitely one of the greater shows I've been enjoying since it has started out really well, I feel having Junichi Sato on board along with Akifumi Zako (Actually a really good director too, his episodes are tops) is definitely shaping it up to be something great, episode 4 is seriously one of the strongest episodes we've had in awhile in recent Precure stuff. The main cast is shaping up to be really good too, Hana is easily the best because of her energetic personaltiy but Homare and Saaya could easily become just as good.

Amazed that you're watching all the recent Precure series though, that's just a feat, I know you said Hugtto is the strongest but what else do you think about the rest so far?

I'm pretty much enjoying this season more than I thought I would too! Next season seems pretty promising as well but I'm not entirely sure if I'll be watching anything yet...but it could always change.

Besides that, getting caught up with my backlog has taken a priority! I finally finished Ojamajo Doremi awhile ago and now I'm just on Sharp, to which at this point my goal is to completely finish the Doremi series this year. I'm also trying to finish off Utena just in time for Ikuhara's new series and possibly rewatch Penguindrum. I also started on Heidi, which is Isao Takahata's first major show and it's really delightful and impressive in its scope and sense of naturalism. There's also Aim for the Ace, but since it seems like a group is finally releasing it on BD I feel like I should just wait for that instead, it looks absolutely stunning and way better than the old DVDrip.

What have you been up to? I saw that you're also pretty close to finishing LOGH, enjoying that so far? It's definitely something I really need to get back to. Also rad that you started on Nadesico too, and even finished Yama no Susume, how was that?
Harkov Jan 12, 2018 9:10 PM
Violet Evergarden's first episode out! Did you finally get to see it? Seems like everyone did, considering how big of a splash it just made at practically any anime community, which was something I sorta expected from something that had such a broad appeal!

Yeah, I think I might give Ashita no Nadja a shot after I finish up either CCS or Doremi, which speaking of, I'm actually close to finishing now so I'll let you know what I think of it after I'm done. I think I might actually start up Sharp because watching it again made me forget how much fun I had with it in the first place, though it's either that or start up Nadja, which either way I'm pretty excited about!

On that note, hearing what you and other people have to say about Clear Card actually sounds pretty assuring that I'll probably even pick it up after I finish OG CCS. And well, after I watch the movies too, the first one I suspiciously haven't got around to yet even though I hear it takes place in the mid-end of the series...

Kino 2017 is all around bad, maybe you shouldn't take my word for it since I only watched a few select episodes and based my judgement on it, but I think it's a reboot that really showcases how questionable the actual source material is and how important a good staff and an talented director like Ryuutarou Nakamura made the original show what it was. From what I felt, Kino 2017 felt all around very blaring and tone deaf, not to mention a bit tasteless in how it treated certain subjects and events. It also doesn't have a patch on the original's low-key, ethereal earthy aesthetic and its meditative and solemn direction, which was beneficial and straight from Nakamura himself who valued mood over all else.

I'll probably watch the show itself at some point to see how I feel too, but for once I almost feel the dissappointment is deserved because nobody can really replace Ryuutarou least the CCS sequel pretty much got the original director and some key staff back.

Honestly, you wouldn't be wrong of accusing me not giving the early 2000s anime period enough credit, because I honestly do have a large bias against it, haha. I wouldn't go so far as to say the period is worthless, but I do think it's a very rough time for the industry and staff because the transition to digital was less than graceful. You can see this in the transition to coloring, photography, post processing and effects, and even CGI where all sorts of people were experimenting and the results can look either just surprisingly good or a complete disaster.
I do think the biggest problem is what you said, in that a lot of shows during that period weren't future proofed in mind despite the fact that it was a rough transition for everyone involved. Shows like Haibane Renmei, Texnholyze, Aria, to name a few examples, while looking pretty stand out amongst its peers, still kind of suffers from this rough early SD digital look. I do think a good encode is important as well, and it can really help for some anime, stuff like Doremi or Princess Tutu come to mind!

There's definitely a bunch of great shows that came from that period, I totally agree, since some of those very shows are my favorites. But I can't deny that the period in general for me is generally unappealing and questionable and the fact that I wish some of my favorite shows from that era could've looked better than they were, but maybe you're right in that it doesn't get enough credit? There's tons of shows made during that era that pretty much nobody really talks about or even acknowledges, there's bound to be some hidden gems.

I suppose it would just be unfair in general to ever compare the Tamayura cast to Aria's, which is something I'll have to keep in mind when I get around to it. Either way, that sounds real promising and I don't think a Sato original show can be a total failure in that regard.

As for New Game, I was surprisingly not into the first season for it despite enjoying it for its quirky and fluffy take on game development, probably because I didn't think the cast didn't really gel with me and thought the dynamics were a bit all over. I remember watching New Game S2 though and thinking they way the character dynamics were handled were much better, probably because of the rather more somber tone and focus on the more personal conflicts of the cast, which was rather surprising to see. I actually haven't finished it yet but I liked a lot of what I saw, which I should probably get back to at some point.

I actually watched Ryuuou no Oshigoto as well, and came out of it thinking the first episode was alright. I actually heard from some JP readers that the series itself is honestly better than it looks, with the way it handles matches and its characters involved in the sport of Shogi and the fact it is genuinely hot blooded. I'm not sure how the anime will handle it but it does make me more curious to follow it considering what I've heard.

My top 5 stand alone anime films are:

Whisper of the Heart (Love this film to death, my absolute favorite Ghibli film that really captures lackadaisical and wondrous youth in a sincere and low-key way)
Ghost in the Shell (GOAT movie in my heart, introduced me to Oshii and looks incredible)
Lu Over the Wall
Porco Rosso
Mind Game

As for series related films:

Mobile Police Patlabor 2: The Movie (Not sure if this counts...)
Kizumonogatari (3 is my favorite but as a whole it's just a great film period)
Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back (If you haven't seen a Crayon Shin-chan movie, I totally recommend this as a first, an incredibly fun and fantastic film that explores the nature of nostalgia)
Kara no Kyoukai: Paradox Spiral (The best KnK film and possibly the one really worth watching)
Girls und Panzer der Film (The closest anime will get to bombastic action movie that is on blast 100%, way too much fun)

There's some other stuff I really love that I haven't mentioned too, like When Marnie Was There, Spirited Away, Tamako Love Story, Koe no Katchi, Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise, One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (Probably my favorite Hosoda film), You Are Umasou and even Satoshi Kon stuff.

I actually remember really liking End of Evangelion but I want to rewatch it again, and well rewatching it is hard since I also want to rewatch the series first, which I have been having a real itch for.

It seems that for Owari, people love the Sodachi stuff so much that Shinobu Mail almost gets forgotten or doesn't register to people, lol. I suppose it's something I really have to get around to myself then, Shinobu is one of my favorite Monogatari characters too so it can't be too bad. And yeah, it's a shame that Maaya Sakamoto doesn't really do character songs, which I hear is because it sort of devalues her image as a real singer since she does tons of albums and thinks character songs kinda tread on that? Either way Shinobu's openings all still seem to be great so I can't complain too much.

Kemono Friends really is quite the show and it's a shame Kadokawa pretty much got the final word on the sequel despite the pretty massive outrage and backlash they received over it. The fact that Tatsuki is pretty much removed from the project and that it will potentially go to a completely different staff and studio that will definitely change the entire look and even tone is really something to behold...

That's actually a pretty good mind set but not finishing stuff really makes feel limited in my choices since I have a huge backlog as it is and not getting around to it makes me feel TERRIBLE.

World Masterpiece Theater is worth getting into, not just because of Akage no Anne, which is really wonderful from what I've seen and straight up the best out of the bunch, but the fact that there's tons of shows out of the block that are definitely worth watching. Stuff like Marco, 3000 Leagues in Search for Mother, Heidi, Moomin, Princess Sarah, etc are all classics in their own right and I think it's quite a shame the small community who adores them really seem to just watch Anne.

Ouran High School Host Club is possibly Igarashi's best show out of post-Toei, so you should get around to it if you have the interest. It really gets the best out of Igarashi due to its love letter to shoujo conventions and cliches that is practically the bread and butter of his shows. Meanwhile stuff like Soul Eater and Star Driver can be really mixed, and Captain Earth is probably the worst. I hear Bungo Stray Dogs isn't really bad though and is considered a return for Igarashi, but I'm kinda reluctant to watch it because the first episode and its premise didn't really give a good impression, which is probably a bit petty to judge.

As for Milky Holmes, you should really give the 2nd season another shot because it's practically one of my favorite anime comedies ever, I think the 2nd season becoming more absurd and over the top with no restraint is what makes it honestly, I felt the main cast just becoming more aggressively ignorant is a much needed farce and some of the series best comedy is in that season. Especially since I think the first season can be a little jarring in how a bit overly serious and dramatic it was at times that really conflicts with its absurdist gag comedy and eccentric characters.

You should've really saved the movie as the best for last because it's practically a celebration of Milky Holmes in general and really gets its tone and comedy from S2 in general! Still though, I'm glad people loved the Milky Holmes movie stand alone, because the series itself is just so underrated in my eyes that it brightens my day to see anyone praising any of it.

Yeah, kid shows really do get butchered over here because localizers pretty much free lee-way to change and rewrite what's needed to appeal over here, which makes sense because the audience are pretty much kids, but I'm not sure if that really makes it any better if the final product is so radically different from the source. I think it really sucks that Precure gets localized over here for the first time in years besides the first series, and all we got out of it was a complete rewrite that's nothing in line with the originals. It really harkens back to the dark days of magical girl stuff really getting the shaft like you said, where standards haven't really changed and kid shows like that are kinda getting butchered as badly as CCS and Sailor Moon.

There's definitely not much of a market for an audience beyond kids unfortunately, we do have streaming services like CR now who are willing to translate even the more newish kids anime but even then it's not everything, since they don't even have major stuff like Precure, Aikatsu, or even something like Jewelpet. And as for old stuff though...we're pretty much out of luck on that end except for really popular stuff, but even then that's a pretty limited pool out of dozens of shows. Which is why we have to rely on fansubs and fansubbers for those type of shows are actually rare nowadays, there's a few dedicated groups still left but they're usually rather slow, it's tough being a fan of kids shows.

I actually have heard of Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo! But I can't say I actually know much beyond the snazzy, fun opening and the fact that some pretty talented staff worked on it. But I never actually looked into the show itself, so I'm surprised to hear that it's better than it looks? Is it more of a comedy or a straight forward magical girl show? Either way it sounds pretty fun and I'll take your word for it since it seems like nobody talks about it all that much.
Harkov Jan 10, 2018 1:11 PM
I'm not too worried about the source material for Hibike either, seeing as how S2 was rather radically different in ways...though yes, I think the most worrying thing is the fact that Ishihara is doing the sequel film. He's one of my least favorite directors out of the studio too, and the reason why Euphonium was rather good in the first place was the fact that Yamada was practically the real series director for it to begin with! I'm super cautious of a sole Ishihara take on a Euphonium sequel, it doesn't bode well to me.

On that note, Violet Evergarden is today! or tomorrow? You excited?

I'm glad to hear Clear Card is actually getting pretty good reception, that isn't what I was expecting though it's good to hear! Because yeah, expecting the same show or even the same level as quality as the OG show may have been a bit much, but I do think it is rather hard to divorce one's self from comparing it anyway. Either way, Clear Card definitely is pretty much its own thing and it should be treated as such, so it's good to know that people are rather enjoying it. Big shame about the part of it not having great reaction faces like the original, that was practically one of my favorite things about the original.

I mean, on the bright side, it won't ever be as bad as the Kino's Journey reboot, which is just alarmingly awful in a lot of ways.

Haha, I know, I know! My buddy has been reminding me since the dawn of time to actually just finish up Origination already, it's just the pace I go with Aria isn't exactly the fastest! I mean, it took me probably a whole year just to finish Natural because I took it at such a chill pace. I do think it's wonderful so far and pretty much looks like the best Aria season despite the transfer to 16:9, I think it's been a great change with how much more it can cover now in its layouts with regards to showing more of Neo-Venezia's beauty. Kind of a shame Aria was produced during the dredge of the early 2000s in general actually, considering how nice Origination can really look at times.

What you say of Tamayura actually quite appeals to me a lot honestly, I actually think Junichi Sato handling a more down to earth iyashikei set in a more contemporary setting sounds really cool. Though I think the biggest thing I was wondering about Tamayura is if the cast in general was good, since I do think besides establishing an atmosphere and world, I definitely also think you need a cast to build an emotional core and foundation for it. And I'm guessing it really doesn't stack up to Aria in that regard, huh? Though like you said, it sounds like it's completely unfair to do so to begin with!

I've been watching most of the slice of life premieres as well, and honestly it's just been a great season for slice of life in general so it's practically a great one in that regard. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san I watched as well, and I actually had mixed expectations since I read the manga, but surprisingly enough it turned out better than I thought and the anime really gives it a more relaxed and warm vibe that suits it rather well.

I watched Mitsuboshi Colors too, which I read the manga for as well, and I felt that turned out pretty fine too! I actually think the comedic timing in some parts is just really solid and legitimately funny, which gives it a different flavor than I expected.

As for Slow Start, I didn't particularly hate it or even go as far as to say it's just plainly derivative as other people have said (I think other SoL are more deserving of such scorn). But I thought it was well-executed for what it was, and honestly establishes its cast rather well in just the first episode. I just thought the cast didn't really gel with me and that's a super important part of slice of life for me, though it may have been too soon to judge considering these shows rely on building up its characters! If it does actually get better than I imagined later on, I'd probably pick it back up.

Though you really need to get to Sansha Sanyou if you like slice of life, I genuinely think it's one of the best recent slice of life shows we've had in forever. It had a distinctive and charming cast that had a great dynamic that bounced super well off each other, really bouncy and lively character animation that was actually consistent throughout its whole run, genuinely good voice acting from the main cast that was practically a bunch of newbies and the fact that I thought it was genuinely really funny too with a great emotional core at the center. It was just a slice of life that knew exactly what it was and knew what it was doing and I loved it for that, easily one of my favorite shows of 2016, if not my favorite! I actually hope that news is somewhat true, the fact that it didn't get a continuation is just criminal. Though that reminds me, did you ever get to watching New Game?

I think Citrus is alright if you enjoy the more theatrical melodrama undercurrent that really runs through it with a rather basic yuri love story, if that interests you then sure, you might get a kick out of it, though if I were you I'd probably wait until it finishes to watch it.

Did you watch any more premieres? I think some of the bigger ones might be in the next few days though.

If you're gonna watch all of his major works, then I suggest Mind Game as one of the first things you watch, it's practically one of the first major things he ever did and honestly still his best. I think it shines through in its manic and sincere direction, wild and experimental animation, and sheer honesty that exudes from the themes it says. I also feel that in every Yuasa work, there is just a little bit of Mind Game sprinkled somewhere, so I think it's rather important and beneficial with such context!

Though I'm curious, what would your top 5-10 favorite films? If we're talking about anime specifically, I always think it's interesting to see what people come up with.

I see you've already watched a bit of Devilman: Crybaby, how do you like it so far? And are you actually watching the Netflix rips too?

I'm enjoying Owarimonogatari a whole lot and I think the first half really stacks up to the best of SS, which is practically my favorite season behind Bake. I actually hear the second half of Owarimonogatari, what do you think of it? I'm a bit anxious to start the second half because of such claims, since I thought the first half ended so well that I'm surprised there was still a back half!

Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai! is really great and practically on its track to be one of my favorite things by Oshii, I think the satirical, absurd spin on the dynamics of a Japanese family unit is really interesting, not to mention its absurdly well animated with its character animation.

I'm not sure if I would say Kemono Friends is one of the best shows of 2017 though I can definitely see why, beneath the rough exterior and the awkwardness of it all at points, there is a kind of beauty and optimism that really shines through. And the fact that I just also really adore Serval, she's just the best.

I'm actually enjoying what I'm watching of Anohana, it's particularly still not my thing as a whole, but I think it's been fairly interesting from what I've seen and I can understand why it got so popular as it did. Though I hear it actually gets pretty extreme as it goes on so I also have this morbid curiosity to find out...

Yeah, I know how you feel, my on-hold list was actually way bigger than it was before I culled it like a year ago. Even then, it still has a bunch of stuff on there that I pulled on-hold and haven't really gone back to...Hyouge Mono, Hidamari Sketch x 365, Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy, etc. I'm the same as well though, I generally just like watching shows I'm in the mood for, otherwise it can really just ruin my perception of them otherwise.

Kids shows that are well made are probably some of the best anime I've watched, or well I'm usually super fond of them even if my favorites or ratings don't say so. I generally love the sincerity and honesty that come with a lot of it too, and they are definitely more delicate in handling rather sensitive topics, I mean just look at most of the World Masterpiece Theater line-up as a whole! If not even Doremi and so on. Though I also just love the fact that they're just a whole lot more fun and expressive in a lot of cases, Jewelpet, Precure, and practically any Moriwaki show (You ever seen Milky Holmes?) are pretty much tops.

But yeah, I actually wish we got more good kids shows too, and hell, better support for them since only fansubs are the ones keeping them alive. It can be so hard trying to support them even through mere piracy ;_;.

Kiriya Aoi is my favorite Aikatsu too, she truly is one of the best and definitely one of my favorite characters ever as well.
Harkov Jan 8, 2018 1:00 PM
Liz and the Blue Bird is definitely the most exciting thing next to Violet Evergarden for Kyoani this year, the fact that it's basically a Euphonium spin-off from Yamada herself is all the more surprising but still exciting. I actually hope the actual Euphonium sequel movie turns out fine though, still not really sure about Ishihara helming it himself, though I'm skeptical of a Euphonium sequel to begin with? Just not really sure where they can take the direction with it after S2.

Speaking of which though, I hope we get the Euphonium S2 recap movie subbed over here, I heard it's genuinely a different work where most scenes are new or restructured, making it its own entity from S2 and entirely different from just a recap. You ever heard of it? Hearing it's apparently a more cohesive experience seems like it could be worth a watch.

I'm always hesistant to read CLAMP manga, mostly because there's a whole lot of it and I'm only really familiar with CCS. I hear some of it can be great but some of it can also be pretty mediocre, from what I know xxxHolic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles might be the better bunch of them, though I hear Magic Knight Rayearth is actually pretty good too.

I hear most people weren't too happy about the new CCS OVA and it seemed understandable from what I've seen people talk about it, the fact that it seemed to adapt the manga's ending is pretty much caused a negative impact, since yeah, adapting something that the original anime did way better isn't a sure fire way to convince someone of a new adaptation. Though now that the sequel anime is actually airing, what do you think of it now? From what I've gleamed it seems much, much better than the OVA that got released a year ago.

Junichi Sato on a new Precure should sound like a joke, but somehow it really isn't and it's quite bizarre considering he hasn't worked at Toei for such a long time, even considering he hasn't even worked on a magical girl series in forever! It's really exciting, and I have pretty high hopes for the new Precure as a result.

I actually need to watch more of his stuff too, I've only really seen Aria (though I haven't even finished Origination yet...) and the first season of Sailor Moon and most of Doremi S1 and I suppose a few episodes of Goldfish Warning, I'm also currently watching Yume no Crayon Oukoku too, but seems far off from being finished. He's definitely a good director, but I haven't seen his other notable stuff, like Princess Tutu or Kaleido Star, even stuff like Magic User's Club! or Strange Dawn seem real interesting.

Speaking of which, how does Tamayura even stack up to Aria anyway? Perhaps that might be an unfair comparison considering they may be considerably different but I never see it get talked much in comparison to Aria at all. And considering it's practically an original iyashikei project from Sato is all the more surprising that people don't talk about it much, so it just makes me wonder...

Pop Team Epic is bizarre, but I'm really curious to see where they take the series after that creatively maddening episode. The whole episode is basically the same episode played twice but with different VAs (who actually aren't the real VAs for the show) and that's probably why it confused so many people. I don't think they'll pull off the same shtick again but who knows!

The Junji Ito anime is just disappointing really, it particularly feels slavish and flat in its direction and doesn't really build up an atmosphere all that well as a result. The aesthetic of the show can be appealing with its musky and grimy color palette and kind of grotesque character designs but they don't really do much with it, it's a real shame and feels like it could've been in the hands of a much, much better team.

As for other airing stuff that didn't really capture me but nonetheless interesting, Slow Start had surprisingly well-animated and fun first episode with some pretty charming character animation and some strong storyboarding, but ultimately lost me because the premise and cast didn't really gel with me and frankly made me wish we just had a new Sansha Sanyou season instead. Citrus felt really over the top and almost extreme, which is cool if you find that stuff interesting, but kind of lost me despite having some weirdly inventive direction.

What about you, watch any other airing stuff? Did you get to catch Mitsuboshi Colors? What about the other stuff you were sorta less excited to try?

I'm a big fan of Yuasa myself, and have seen mostly everything he did to date, I can see why some people can be fans of him but probably not big ones though. A lot of his work can really be uneven to people, except maybe Tatami Galaxy which feels like a definitive work for him in general. Otherwise though, I'm surprised you haven't seen The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl yet, if you enjoyed Tatami Galaxy you'd get a good kick out of it, really brings the best aspects of Tatami and molds it into something arguably greater, and it's also just a whole lot of fun. It's not my favorite new Yuasa film of the bunch though since that goes to Lu over the Wall, which is practically one of my favorite anime films overall the more I think about it.

As for Devilman: Crybaby, I don't think you need much experience with the series to watch the new adaptation because it's arguably more of Yuasa's thing but I definitely do recommend going through the manga because it's a worthwhile experience and it's just a wholly iconic and massively influential work. Though if I were you, I'd probably wait a while until hopefully someone puts out better rips than the Netflix ones because they really are just unequivocally and noticably bad.

I need to get around some Cutie Honey myself too since I'm pretty excited for the new adaptation, it seems more in line with Re: Cutie Honey and that seems like a good place to start out...though I wish Cutey Honey Flash would get subbed already even if that seems like a dream at this point.

Death Note 2017 is legitimately a good film that kind of becomes better the more I think about it, the way it sort of plays with the conventions of its source material while also playing into the way it willfully bases itself into the excess of a bombastic Hollywood movie is fascinating and just plain fun. It's one of the better live action anime adaptations I've ever seen and I think there's just more lurking beyond the surface than people give it credit for. It's also just way funnier than the original Death Note.

I'm enjoying a lot of things but I can be pretty haphazard and inconsistent with what I watch, lol. I think the most notable thing I've finished as of late is Devilman: Crybaby, but I mostly have mixed feelings about that. Besides that I've been catching up on Owarimonogatari and finished the first half of the show, Gamba no Bouken whenever new episodes come out, trying to finish off Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai! and Kemono Friends, started Anohana and seeing where that goes and been watching more Aikatsu recently after putting it off forever.

There's some other stuff on my list that I kind of neglected though, particularly Utena and Turn A Gundam and Doremi, it can be pretty hard to watch all these old 50+ episode shows ;_;.

Cool that you started Pokemon Sun and Moon though, I've been meaning to get back to that forever, especially considering people talk about how good some of the later episodes are. And hope you're enjoying the first season of Aikatsu too! It's pretty much my favorite one and arguably the best, since what I've watched of S2 so far isn't really so great but it's salvagable. This might seem pretty redundant, but you a fan of kid shows in general? We seem to share a pretty common sentiment!
Harkov Jan 6, 2018 1:30 PM
Oh, I'd definitely think you'd get more out of it than any other Precure if character driven stuff is your thing, but Mahoutsukai probably shouldn't be a bad watch really, the two main characters and the setting seem to make up for it for most people anyway. On that note, you never considered Smile Precure? I'd say that's one of the more comedic and sillier series that usually attracts people, it's actually one of my favorites out of the bunch because of the group dynamic and comedy that is rather unmatched out of all of that I've personally seen, and I usually recommend it.

That's what I usually hear about Ashita no Nadja and is probably one of the reasons why I honestly always considered watching it, the fact that there's 3 Mamoru Hosoda episodes is like a rarity considering his output during the time! I'd definitely would love to know how you feel about it after completion, I've been thinking about giving it a whirl.

I've seen both as well, Your Name admittedly left me a bit cold even though I ultimately had fun with it. I suppose the more ostentatious and blaring tone of the movie didn't really gel with me, but I can definitely see why it did for many others, because it really is a fantastical and evocative movie that does have a rather sincere core to it all, which is why it's also so different from Shinkai's output in general! Don't know if I would personally rewatch it anytime soon, but I've been meaning to since I only got to watch it in a cramped movie theater premiere...which makes me wonder if I would get a different opinion on it.

As for A Silent Voice, it's by far one of my favorite anime movies this year, the subject matter and strong emotional core and Naoko Yamada's stunning but sensitive direction really resonanted with me despite a few big problems. It's definitely a hard movie to sit through, but I was surprised at how much more attentive and tender it was more than the manga, which was far more histrionic and bit far reaching.

Speaking of which, you excited for Liz and the Blue Bird? It seems Yamada's Euphonium spin-off movie is pretty much gathering the A Silent Voice staff again and going for an entirely different look and tone than regular Eupho, seems really promising.

That sounds reassuring about Made in Abyss, considering the premise and general tone of the series it sounds fitting for what it is. I know what you mean though, stuff like that is always going to rile people up but it probably didn't help that the people who were vocal were really vocal, to the point where it kind of got a bit silly but honestly made me a bit cautious. Guess it goes to show that one shouldn't take things at face value and evaluate them yourself...

I'm actually pretty surprised about some of the things in the CCS manga, I didn't know most of the cards in the anime were practically original, which is an impressive feat for an adaptation. I actually did know about Meiling being an anime original character, which is an honest to god shame since she's a great character and it seems they never really acknowledged her much outside of the anime. I'm not too surprised about the tone changes either, especially regarding relationships, seems like Clamp's take was far more universal and open so to speak, which is really interesting to see. The manga being more flowery and ethereal sounds intriguing too, you make some really interesting points about how they approach a sense of space, never really thought of hat before.

I think I'll give the CCS manga a look-see some time, have you ever read any of other Clamp's works in that regard? Also, what do you think about the upcoming CCS sequel anyway? Have you read any of the sequel manga for it?

I usually give seasonal watching a shot every season but lately these days I haven't really been keeping up that well due to lack of interest. This winter season actually seems decently promising though, there's quite a lot of promising stuff I'm also rather excited for. If anything, it seems like a great season for SoL shows, and god if that isn't music to my ears.

Violet Evergarden (Practically been waiting for this one forever ever since it actually won the grand prize in their Kyoani Animation Awards, which actually never happens, the fact that they're putting their all into it is stunning)
Darling in the Franxx (Nishigori coming back from his Idolmaster slumber is really exciting to me, especially since it's an original show to boot. The rumors of it being a production disaster is a bit worrying though.)
Mitsuboshi Colors (Actually quite adore the manga and I think the anime looks quite good)
Fate/Extra Last Encore (SHAFT actually adapting a Fate thing sounds dangerous but also intriguing)
Hakumei to Mikochi
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
Hugtto! Precure (This one seems mighty promising, Junichi Sato of Doremi/Sailor Moon/Princess Tutu fame is actually coming back to Toei to finally take helm of a Precure, could really be something special)
Pop Team Epic

As for shows I've seen so far, Sora yori mo Tooi Basho set off a promising start and I really hope they keep up that kind of brash sentimentality and optimism well as well as its lively direction. Yuru Camp's first episode was actually quite good and it captured the serenity and lone beauty of the outdoors surprisingly well in comparison to the manga, might be worth watching. Ito Junji: Collection was rather disappointing and felt super rough around the edges, didn't really capture the absurdist and creepy feel of the manga all that well.

There's also Devilman: Crybaby, which I'm nowhere near done with yet but mostly been having mixed feelings, it's not exactly bad though. I noticed you didn't have it on your list, not much of a Yuasa fan?

Sorry if this took too long to get back, been busy with a few things and also binging on Devilman! On a side note, I just saw Death Note (2017) and it was genuinely a pretty great movie, nowhere near as bad as people made it out to be when all the hot takes were flying about.
Harkov Jan 3, 2018 11:09 PM
Oh, you aren't? I shouldn't be too surprised that you already saw Heartcatch though, it seems like anyone who's interested in magical girl stuff has already seen it, or at least heard of it. I'm actually a big Precure fan myself and have already watched a good chunk of it, I think Heartcatch is wonderful but it's actually not my favorite of the bunch though I can see why it is to a lot of people, the movie is definitely the highlight of that series though...really makes me wonder where Matsumoto when after Kekkai Sensen ;_;.

I personally haven't seen Mahoutsukai because of its mediocre and faulty reception, I heard regular Precure fans kind of lament the direction it went through in the later half, and the fact that the villains were pretty lame. I remember watching the first few episodes and liking it though, the dynamic between the two protagonists and the witch school setting was a lot of fun, not sure what I'd think of it if I went back, though what you described does sound pretty interesting.

As for Kira Kira Precure A La Mode, it's probably by far one of the best Precures in a long time and one of my favorites along with Smile, people who are more into character driven magical girl anime would probably like it a lot, since it really delves into the cast far more than the rest with their own character arcs and little side stories. It differentiates itself far enough in that it explores new avenues while still keeping in line with the usual Precure MOTW format pretty damn well. Also the show just looks great, far more colorful and vibrant with its sketchy, softly shaded backgrounds as well as the more stylized and bouncy character designs.

I think all the Kizu films are great too but I definitely like the third part for being more over the top and just purely emotionally visceral, I think it's the most raw out of the 3. Though taking it as a whole, it's definitely an amazing film series either way. Speaking of anime films, have you watched more of the bigger ones? Like Your Name or A Silent Voice?

It seems like I'll have to buckle down and watch Made in Abyss and Houseki no Kuni eventually, I remember liking Made in Abyss' first episode a lot but wasn't quite sold on it for I feared it wouldn't really live up to it. Also the fact that people really were adamant about how sorta of tasteless and filled with shock value the manga supposedly is...probably shouldn't take those type of comments at face value but it did make me wonder for a bit if it's true for the anime?

Aw, not an avid manga reader? For a second I thought you were, since it seemed like you finished YKK...or well apparently not from what you said. I actually haven't read YKK yet myself, been meaning to though. And yeah, I heard the CCS manga is still quite good, though I don't know much beyond some differences from the anime, is it any quite different?

I think I heard about that about Saki before, where the art kind of degraded as soon as it went weekly and I remember seeing examples and was kind of amazed at how much of a world of difference they are. Sounds a bit of a shame, since I would love to actually see what happens after the anime, but maybe it's best to wait it out. And yeah, Manabu Ono's work on Saki is just weirdly miles above anything else he worked on, which is probably not saying much, haha. I actually think Mamoru Kanbe is great and it's quite a shame people may only remember him for Elfen Lied when he worked on a lot of cool stuff, including CCS and Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san! (Which will probably never be subbed :( )

By the way, the new season is starting, anything you're particularly looking forward to? Or perhaps dreading?

Harkov Jan 1, 2018 5:18 PM
Same here, Sora no Woto's finale is something that still gets to me to this day, especially the part when Kanata plays Amazing Grace in between the two raging forces, which is probably one of my favorite scenes ever. Episode 13 is really great as an OVA too, really liked how it explored more of its world, especially of the outside one.

That's good to know! One of the things about Nadja that interested me was the MC herself after all, she just seemed like the type of character I would really like. And yeah, waiting for the better rips seems like the more better thing to do, but sensibly it seems like they're going to take a real long time to do so, especially since the later seasons are regarded as the best ones. I should at least get around to finishing the final round of episodes at least, seems like you share the same sentiment as everyone else in that it's solid but provides a good foundation, which for me is one really good foundation since I'm excited to see where they take the characters in the later seasons.

CCS is possibly my favorite magical girl series too, even though it actually wasn't the first magical girl anime I watched atall, it's still far and away one of my favorite anime ever, the incredibly charming cast and fantastical atmosphere that gives a sense of warmth and sincerity really clicked with me far and showed me that there's more to this genre than I thought. Sakura is also just an amazing character, definitely one of my favorites. Speaking of more magical girl stuff, I saw you start out Mahoutsukai Precure!, are you a Precure fan? Or haven't seen many?

GLT is definitely great and I can actually see it being remembered very fondly down the road, it's probably one of the better SoL shows that have come out in recent years for sure. And I think I heard similar complaints about Net-juu as well, I can definitely see why people would be rather put off by it but I actually enjoyed what I saw of those aspects, it just seemed to do good at being sweet and sentimental romantic comedy.

...Funny enough, I'm pretty much in the same boat as I didn't actually watch too many airing shows this year. Some of the more notable things I enjoyed this year were just Yuasa's movies and Kizu III which is probably my favorite out of the 3 hands down. It's either that or I haven't been able to catch up on the stuff that interested me, like 18if or Konosuba S2 or New Game S2 or even Eccentric Family S2 along with possibly more others. There's also Made in Abyss but I'm not totally sure if I should watch it, is it worth all the acclaim?

On that note, I'm currently trying to catch up on Kemono Friends and enjoying a lot more than I expected! The eccentric but optimistic tone really helps it shine, as well as the amateur production. Also finally catching up on Owarimonogatari and really liking it so far too, feels just as good as SS was so far and really loving its exploration of Araragi's past.

You should really pick up the manga back for Houseki no Kuni then, some people probably will disagree at where it's going at in its more recent developments but it's still really intriguing in its character focus.

Thanks yo, I hope I'm not too much of a bother or a chatterbox then! It's always cool to meet new people on here. And yeah, Saki is pretty great, I actually finished off the last season a few weeks ago and felt rather sad that's all of the anime for now, truly feels like a hole opened in my heart. I want to rewatch the first season someday because I think it's much better than I remembered it, and also eventually want to read the manga though I wonder how confusing the mahjong games are in manga form...

Oh, and happy new year by the way!
Harkov Dec 30, 2017 4:57 PM
I should really get to rewatching Sora no Woto again, I rewatched it last year and ended up loving it even more, the first episode is pretty much one of my favorite episodes ever, sets up the show so incredibly well...wish I did it again this year ;_;.

That sounds really promising of Nadja, I heard Hosoda's episodes are amongst some of the best of the show and possibly even his Toei work, some of the usual screencaps of I've seen of his episodes definitely look stunning. Though that sounds a bit unfortunate that it apparently has a dip in quality, I think I've heard something to that end before since I think Nadja has a bit more lows than Igarashi's other work. At least the characters seem really pleasant, Nadja always seemed like a good MC.

Seems like me and you both really need to get around finishing off Doremi, though I've mostly been waiting for the subgroup to finish off their better DVD rips, but it seems like it'll be forever until they do. What'd you think of the first season anyway? I'm really near the finish and I hear the finale is quite good.

Yeah, I really only watched a few things this season too, Girls Last Tour was definitely my favorite out of the bunch and really got better as it went along, the finale in particular is fantastic and felt so definitive that it's without a doubt one of my favorite shows of the year period. Net-juu I should try to get around too, I liked what I saw of the few episodes, as well as Just Because which had a really good premiere but I just sorta fell out of it due to the increasing production problems it had though I heard it pulled through anyway. Did you like anything else this year? I thought 2017 was a bit barebones for me even though there were some good stuff spread out.

As for Houseki no Kuni, I actually did watch the first episode and thought it was impressive for what they handled with the CG that didn't feel eerily wooden and erratic as other productions, it also helped that it had a really wondrous and playful sense of direction in regards to storyboarding. I actually just waited for it to finish so I should probably go and do that now, huh? You should give the manga a shot though I'd wager it'd probably be a different experience in ways from what I've heard of the adaptation.

Also thanks for the friend request! Was going to ask if it was cool if I could send one since I would love to talk to more like minded people on here.