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Jun 21, 2017
Alright I feel like I'm writing this review at a random time but I've watched this anime 2 or 3 times and it is my favorite anime and honestly I liked it so much I just have to write a review on it.

Story: 9/10
This anime is quite surprising. Many people will think that its just a fan-service bit but I feel like its much more. The story is about a guy who has to make decisions or he feels pain and suffering. Right away I was intrigued and this feeling did not let me down. Its a story about the main character basically given quests read more
Nov 12, 2015
As it says in the description, these specials are just different beginning and ending pictures. But better yet, they give the entire soundtrack of the opening song, "Tears Infection" by KAORI.

Now personally, this song is my favorite anime song. So for that reason and the fact they revealed the entire song in this soundtrack;
I'm giving Sound a 10/10!

All thats left is Art and enjoyment. The art is the same as in the series and isn't different. There are new pictures and they are all fine. 8/10

Enjoyment: 10/10
As I said before this song is amazing (my opinion) and I have it on my playlist.

Without further read more
Nov 11, 2015
As my grandpa always says: "An ecchi isn't quite complete until there's a swimsuit episode."

Story: 2/10
This is your typical run-of-the-mill swimsuit episode! The 4 main females in a swimsuit contest. So the story this contributes to the original series= none! Personally I loved the series and I actually thought the original series had good story despite the obvious fan-service that was going on. So if you want that swimsuit episode as bad as my grandpa, this OVA is for you.

Art: 10/10
Art is great... if you know what I mean.

Sound: 10/10
A perfect 10 here. The corresponding musics are good. The intro and outro music are the read more
Nov 11, 2015
Exactly what I wanted.

First a short spoiler free summary:
Angel Beats was a great anime in my opinion and was both funny and emotional at times. What we do understand is that the "front line" has been doing these missions against Angel for a long time. Although since the series is so short we don't see many of these missions that they would pursue. These specials show us more missions that the front line attempts to do to get Angel to call for God.

Story: 10/10
I'm glad that these specials were exactly what they are. They are good for some laughs, and I am glad they did read more
Nov 6, 2015
*Spoiler Free*

Now this is my first review but counting the amount of reviews for this show I figured I had to pitch in. First what I want to say, is that if you are looking for a good story with strong character development, you are looking in the wrong place. This show is for the light hearted and/ or for people who want to relax when they watch this anime.

Story: 3/10
As I said above the story is weak. As you see in the show's description, it's an ecchi which includes young girls. The cover picture that you see for this show is basically as much read more