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Sep 17, 2011
Yes one more sword and sorcery manhwa,why is this genre so popular in Korea?They have much more titles of this kind than Japan or other country.Is this necessarily a bad thing?No.Cause this is one of my favorite genres I’m very happy with this kind of manhwa/manga,and even more if this one is made by manhwa máster Im Dal Young author of Unbalance x2,Kurokami,Freezing and other popular works.Also it’s very common for a work of this kind have a title starting with “Legend”,it’s almost a clichê of that genre.The manga seens like a genderflip version of Bastard!! And Rebirth(the Lee Kang Woo manhwa,unrelated to the Im read more
Feb 21, 2011
Saint Seiya Episode G

Pratically everyone of you must heard of Saint Seiya,most people form Latin América and some european countries like France must been heard of it.It also surprising popular at net battle forums(like the ones that you argue who would win in a fight).But mosto n United States are not familiar with it,and so I will explain it to people from all the places the original series that inspired that spinoff is from the 1986 Shonen Jump the was adapted at a anime at same year!The original manga can be dived on 3 main arcs,the Sancutary wich they start at a tournament for the read more
Sep 12, 2009
My first review hope you like it:
Out Code teel about a world that are human being with powers know as Excceds,and like all the manga and anime of this type(Darker than Black,Code:Breaker,etc...)but it's not as serious as DTB or as non-sense comedy part of CB,it's most a mix of the two to create something New,and as good as the others.If you are familiar with the other two or any similar series or comics you will like this manga.It's also a superpowers type of anime so people have powers like eletricity control,pirokinesis,teleportation,magnetism and illusions and I hope more.The Synopsis(with some spoilers)is that Kirisaki Kirio is acussed read more