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Oct 30, 2009
No males in any culture act like these. Sitting around talking about their love lives, constantly in the company of girls otherwise. This story had to be written by a woman or a gay man. In the middle of the story I thought the main character was going to realize he was gay. that would have explained a lot. I usually like the slice of life animes because they are incredibly insightful. This one is an exception. It did not have the truth and warmth that I enjoy so much.
Aug 24, 2009
I'm a physician of 30 years. The meaning behind my work is undeniable. However the main character in this "Slice of Tripe" inspires nothing in me. She is definitely a typical arrogant grandiose Bipolar mood disorder victim who is driven by a very goal directed mania. In this sense it is an accurate portrayal of someone suffering from this disorder. But I can find nothing inspiring in her story. I just end up feeling sorry for her. In the end, no matter how noble you find your job, not having sustaining relationships and family will leave you completely bereft of meaning. I'd chuck my read more
Apr 30, 2009
I love anime because it doesn't bow to political correctness. If a bunch of old western women feel insulted by it, I know it's gonna be great! I can't watch western TV anymore because I feel insulted by it's inane predictability.
Come on, the voice of Kugimiya Rie performing the "breast milk jitsu". That's in my classics library.