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Back Street Girls: Gokudolls
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Chandela Apr 29, 8:55 PM
Thanks Cloud, I appreciate the little back and forth we partake in, lmao
I'm taking drinks at this literal moment, HA! Feels good to be twenty-three and alive/well.

Hope things have been good on your end.
S1N0N Apr 7, 6:48 AM
I forgot I hadn't replied to this, my apologises I got busy.
No doubt crazy shit happens at cons, there's always gonna be the creepy guy or the people that aren't careful with their "weapons" although I haven't heard too much of it happening over here, maybe i'm just out of the loop but in general Victoria is pretty strict with a lot of things that affect cosplayers (I know mostly because I have to deal with this usually as my somewhat occupation is working as crew on film sets) such as use of fake weapons or what you can dress up as and where. So it gets to the point where most cosplayers here don't bother with props or always use the same locations as each other for photos coz they know they won't get in trouble, idk if its like that in NSW.

I hope the US comic con does come (I am mildly into all that comic stuff mostly just batman though) but like you I'm only interested in anime cons at the moment but I go to anything just for the chance to dress up. I do enjoy that now each state kind of has their own big anime con, but part of me wishes there were more throughout the year, but then again it used to be like that and nothing was getting enough money to operate so I'll take what I can get.

Ah yeah I get that. By nature I'm pretty shy and hate attention too, but idk wtf happened with me that I do cosplay, which is a very attention seeking thing. I never really liked myself all that much so I guess I just liked being someone else, you know. But then again in situations where everyone cosplays, its hard to really stand out unless you're incredible. Cosplaying when no one else is, thats a different story, I probably wouldn't do it.
S1N0N Mar 4, 10:26 PM
I've never even thought of that omg but the possibility for that to happen is definitely there, i've been approached by so many creeps in my time but you just got to take it with a grain of salt. That sucks for genuine photographers though.

This comicon is like the American version rather than the OzComicCon they have here yeah? I've never been to it so idk if it's any good. I agree if there was one con that was more spectacular than the rest that was only held in one state, it would definitely attract attention towards it regardless where it is, kind of like what they're done with KCON (the kpop convention if you've heard of it). Now all the cons have been trying to cater to a demand that they don't have, like how OzComicCon has now pulled out of Perth and Adelaide this year. They need to condense it all a bit.

Ha, I'm surprised you remembered that i'm tanned (unless u just checked my profile) I've gotten a bit pale lately but yeah I find it safer for me to go with darker haired characters just so skin tone is not as noticable. Funny you mention Rin in the wedding dress, last year at Madfest there was a love live group that all wore tuxedos while their Rin wore a wedding dress and it was funny because I've never seen that done before, especially since I feel like most people would want to wear something cuter than a tuxedo but these girls just totally went for it. I think you should go for even simple cosplay, I mean we all start somewhere until we gain confidence. I've attended a few cons not in cosplay and i didn't enjoy it as much (at this point I had lost interest) but after that I got right back into it. There's nothing like the way people look at you when they recognise your character to point out to their friends.
S1N0N Feb 28, 4:53 AM
a 2 year renovation is a big job. I heard about a whole drama with the photography, what's actually going on with that, I've only heard a few rumours here and there about them kicking people out who have professional cameras or something. Photography has always been a very essential part of conventions especially for those who cosplay so thats a pretty big blow, if it doesn't get addressed it might hinder the amount of people that want to travel interstate.

It's hard to say whether or not the Con game is getting more competitive or not, I mean I'm all for competition if it means we get better and better cons from it, but Supanova has run to the ground a couple of cons we used to have like Manifest and Armageddon. I'd like someone to rival it, because they're getting slack.

Haha well the reason I like to be those two in particular are for multiple reasons, including one you've addressed here. Nozomi and Nico are opposite ends of the spectrum which I use to my benefit. Some costume sets look better when they're presented in a cute fashion which suits Nico, while others look better sexy as Nozomi. I like to have a choice between the two, for example, the SIF Cheerleader outfit for Nozomi I wasn't a fan of because it reveals too much chest which makes me uncomfortable, and since Nico is flat, she is more covered up so in that case I would prefer Nico. While in sets such as one of the devil ones, Nozomi ends up covering more. It just depends on whether I want to look cute or sexy that I choose the character. And I've been told I suit pigtails and dark hair so thats why I chose them over characters like Hanayo. I love Maki she has probably the cutest outfits but I feel like she has a very particular look that I wouldn't be able to pull off.
S1N0N Feb 25, 9:47 PM
I didn't realise they changed the location of it but that's good it's back where people want it. People tend to like knowing what to expect with these type of things. Do you get very many cosplayers at cons in Sydney? In Melbourne I'd say easily way more than half the attendees are in cosplay, but not just cosplay but very well done cosplay, it's gotten quite competitive in a friendly way over here which makes the events more worthwhile.
My main issue with Supanova is that it tries to branch out too much to include too many different fandoms/media types and while that's good, it means that it's getting scarce on the amount of things it has per media such as anime or video games or a particular tv show. So much so now that we have fandom specific cons now where people who like things such as Walking Dead or Game of Thrones can have their own con specific to them.
Animaga is pretty new, I didn't go last year because I was busy but it had pretty good views from friends that did go. But we're not sure when or if it will run because it was previously in September, but now Madfest has booked its dates to the Animaga weekend when it was previously in November. So we'll see what happens.
Lol yeah I haven't gotten around to LL Sunshine yet so it will probably be Muse, but haven't decided on a character or set yet, but in general the costumes that Muse wears are way better than the aqours ones. I'm usually either Nozomi or Nico, only because they're the two I suit best when my favourite character is actually Hanayo.
S1N0N Feb 24, 8:48 PM
Yeah that's the best way to do it, I try to keep mine pretty free of info and personal pictures as much as I can help.
I'm lucky that I don't have to travel too far to get to cons over here, but I'd love to go to some of the interstate ones because I really do enjoy the cosplay aspect of it most and other than cons I don't get much of an opportunity at all to do stuff like that. Yeah exactly with the unhealthy eating, food places at cons are pretty scarce and that's such a pain so most of the time I just don't eat at all. Madfest was ok because we were allowed re-entry so we just went somewhere outside and entered back in when we were ready. Yeah I don't have that many anime irl friends and the ones I do have don't have heaps of money for cons so usually at most I can convince one person to tag along.
As for my cosplay plans, for supanova I'm doing Arkham city Harley Quinn and Princess Mononoke, and for the opening day I'm still deciding between a few different anime characters still. Madfest I will most likely do Love Live and I am yet to see if I can fit in Oz Comic Con into my timetable and I'm still waiting for Animaga announcements.
S1N0N Feb 23, 11:04 PM
Oh at least it isn't too much of a bother to add people back then if it's only a small list, I think my FB has less than 200 or something so while it would be irritating, it wouldn't be too much of a tragedy for me. I think it's more about personal details being found out than the actual accounts themselves.
Yeah I get the travel time thing, I used to live pretty far out and it was so mentally exhausting to get anywhere, but cons are generally always worth the travel if you do your best to get the most out of it, such as make a point to attend a few screenings, meets and activities. I've only just recently been learning to sew and that's been helpful for my cosplay, but I'm still pretty shit at it so i'm still going to ebay for half my stuff.
Ahhh I still haven't seen Ordinal Scale, I didn't get to see it after all at cinemas, it must have just come out recently I should get onto that.
S1N0N Feb 23, 4:42 AM
Oh wow that's pretty scary with the hacking and all that, one of my friends got hacked on FB recently and I was worried for a week that it might have happened to me too so it's still pretty fresh for me. I hope you can fix it though, that's pretty rough. I have some relatives that live in Central Coast, never been, but I hear it's a good place. I've honestly always wanted to go to SMASH I've been considering making the trip but it's so hard with uni timetables and things like that so maybe one day. I went to Madfest in Melbourne recently and that was a whole lot of fun. It's in a great place too so everyone loves to take advantage of that for their cosplay photography since it's right near the water. I've got my cosplay line up about 80% sorted for all the cons this year ahaha.
S1N0N Feb 22, 8:15 PM
Ahh hey! It has been a while, I don't really get to spend heaps on time on MAL like I used to (plus for a few months my account was super glitchy)but yeah I've been really good, how about you?
Vaxus Jan 11, 11:16 AM
lol ty ty
Taker6898 Jan 2, 12:25 PM
Taker6898 Dec 25, 2017 8:14 AM




Taker6898 Dec 20, 2017 2:32 PM
finally someone i can be open with ๐Ÿ’ฆ
Chandela Dec 12, 2017 10:06 PM
Aye pal,
Just wishing you another happy birthday!
Hope you enjoy yourself, today of all days.
Taker6898 Dec 12, 2017 4:59 PM