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Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?
Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?
Aug 21, 6:49 PM
On-Hold -/12 · Scored -
Mugen no Juunin: Immortal
Mugen no Juunin: Immortal
Jun 12, 7:33 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season
Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season
May 18, 5:54 AM
On-Hold -/12 · Scored -
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Feb 27, 1:03 AM
On-Hold - · Scored -
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Feb 27, 1:02 AM
On-Hold - · Scored -
Genshiken: Return of the Otaku
Genshiken: Return of the Otaku
Feb 12, 7:43 AM
On-Hold -/7 · Scored -


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Mirai Jun 13, 2:42 AM
Uh no not really
RyokoAyekaLover Nov 27, 2018 10:10 AM
know late,i been ignoring my comment section for awhile,sorry. don't think boycotting is a mandatory thing,if you want to that is fine as well but it would be a shame to miss out on the playstation exclusive stuff like Persona for example that never even gets a PC release. censorship certainly isn't good but for the stuff censored can wait to see if they release on PC a year later or if you have other consoles if multi-plat can buy on the other instead as well.
Stonedtanuki Apr 1, 2017 5:48 PM
Hmm, well personally I guess it's because of how simplistic it is to just pass-off something as being misogyny and with everyone taking themselves too seriously. This goes in hand with how I think this new "social," age is so fucking stupid since it gives the impression of opinions being more than the sum of it's part. I won't lie that anime and games for the most part cater to men because that just happen to be by and large the majority audience, but it's when folks think they can push around their feelings to warrant censorship that things get crazy. It's just lame people annoyed that they have nothing else more interesting about themselves than their sexuality, gender, or politics. Funny thing is, if something bothers me, I leave it alone, I don't go crying to the internet and try to get some sort of movement going because my sensitive soul was tainted, ya know? Good example: If I call someone a faggot it is assuredly NOT because of their sexuality or whatever, but mainly because I need a stronger word than asshole. Person cuts me off in line or while driving my first thought is faggot; political correctness is another way to mess with the mind by saying certain words are off limits when its the very system that gives the word it's power; sounds a little too Orwellian for my tastes. I like how this whole idea of equality and stuff is based on the selfish notion that I have to GIVE respect to someone based on nothing other than the fact that they are breathing; when I was growing up respect was earned based on merit, not a fucking privilege.

O_O I cut it there since I'm bout to get some dinner, but yeah you prolly get the idea of how I feel.

Dunno what happened to people in recent years, but they're WAY too soft nowadays.

Stonedtanuki Apr 1, 2017 4:42 PM
Same for the most part, except the Nintendo stuff. Was a Sega kid, instead. I have a Wii U in box under my bed and a 2DS, but haven't messed with them in a while. Wonderful 101 was pretty good and I ended up playing WindWaker on the Wii U because it came with it.

Other than movies or documentaries I only really watch anime, myself. Haven't seen network TV in a LONG time, so I don't mess with it; I also think it has a bit to do with me being sort of detached from modern trends: cellphones, social networking, and all that sort of stuff. I can of course go on a rant about how I view modern society, but yeah, haha.

I watched/re-watched Gozu the other night. Good flick by Takashi Miike, reminds me of a Lynch film but with Yakuza elements if you're interested. I'm trying to think of anything else I enjoyed recently, but my movie choices can be kinda 'out there,' and a lot of them are reasonably old, but I'm the same way with music for the most part.
Stonedtanuki Apr 1, 2017 12:06 PM
Haha. My deductions came from reading how you enjoy Final Fantasy, so I guessed as far as that goes you may have a Snes, but I knew you had Playstations because... well, I just associate FF with that system. I'm BlazedTanuki on PSN which was as close as I could get to my usual handle for stuff.

I'm a bit glib when it comes to FF, I only ever played FF10, but I did enjoy it; I found the ending touching.

Most of the season's shows have finally finished so I'm getting into the shows I was planning to check out; right now on Kuzu no Honkai and Gabriel Dropout; both are quite enjoyable so far. Anything got your eye from the Winter?

Been slacking on manga for the longest, but I'm saving up for the last two fakku books that were announced because I am more than happy to throw money at physical copies of smut :3

Still trying to convince myself that Street Fighter 5 isn't as bad as I think it is.
Stonedtanuki Apr 1, 2017 11:08 AM
Gotcha, I only ever played P3 before, but it was one of those games that I dropped like 90+hours on in the end. Always wanted to try P4, but never bought a PSP and my PS2 was long since gone. It's got those elements of visual novels, like character relationships and turn based RPG, from what I remember, plus the soundtracks are pretty slick.

I've been in a slump of games since I beat Dark Souls 3; like Project Diva and old fighting games are the only things I can even bother with; I didn't even finish Pokemon Sun, which is a shame, really, because it will be the first of the series I never beat.
Stonedtanuki Mar 30, 2017 9:19 AM
Hey dude,
Might you be picking 'Persona 5' next week? I've been chomping at the bit for this release.
Yorozuya-no-Yume Dec 29, 2016 7:51 AM
Oh wow that's really cool :3
Yorozuya-no-Yume Dec 27, 2016 12:06 PM
Happy Birthday and all the best c:
Liddo-kun Sep 23, 2016 7:22 AM
Hmm, thanks for the friend request. :)
Yorozuya-no-Yume Dec 27, 2015 9:21 AM
Happy Birthday and all the best (:
Yorozuya-no-Yume Dec 27, 2014 3:32 AM
Happy Birthday and all the best ^^
Also Merry Christmas~
Yorozuya-no-Yume Aug 1, 2014 10:38 AM

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Yorozuya-no-Yume Jan 18, 2014 3:53 PM
Oh it's alright. Well Seiyuu isn't one person. Seiyuu's are voice actors in Japan :P
Yorozuya-no-Yume Dec 27, 2013 6:39 PM
Happy Birthday and I wish you all the best :)