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Dec 15, 2018
I enjoyed this story, it is by far a lot closer to being a regular book, which means its written better than most light novels.

I didnt like that the main character didnt really seem to progress much during the story. She remained pretty much the exact same throughout and I think that is a big missed opportunity. The side characters do progress some.

You can track the affect the MC had on others in the story but the villains werent really fleshed out, well none of the characters were too much.

This mostly consists of running from basttle to battle with time skips, and there wasnt any read more
Dec 14, 2018
I have read 4 volumes of the light novel and all of the current chapters of the web novel. That being said so far the LN is much better at telling the story than the WN. The translations, explanations, names, everything is better.

id give the LN a 4 so far and the wn a 3 1/2.
Moving past that there are some problems that I have overall with the series but are bigger problems in the wn. That is the fact that the author repeats and rephrases the same info in different ways back to back over multiple paragraphs or pages for no reason. You will read more
Dec 8, 2018
I have a lot to say about this series, the author, the plot, the writing and the characters. This could have been a long detailed review but I do not feel like this series is worth it. I was going to drop it after volume one, then volume 3 but I decided to see just how crappy this rabbit hole gets.

I have a few problem points with this series

The main character has had every chance to easily resolve the issues between him and queen in every volume but doesnt do it, he is fixated on one outcome will easily ignoring the alternatives.

as another reviewer states read more
Sep 12, 2017
Im not here to write a long winded review like so many before, honestly nothing about this show is worth that effort. Lets just saw, here I am again after watching another seasonal favorite that is once again, generically mediocre.

I honestly feel like I should just stop trying to figure out what people see in these type of brainless shows and accept that most of them are just bad.

One of the worse parts about this show is that it did start off interesting. I ignored somethings but found myself entertained with the whole plot surrounding Subaru and the Bowel Hunter and the insignia. read more
Sep 7, 2017
After many years of watching anime I should already know how it goes with each years most hyped up Animes. Time and time again I watch them and are more or less disappointed with how they turned out.

Erased is definitely one of those anime"s. You can enjoy it, as long as you look pass the faults in the story and characters.

Mild Spoilers are ahead.

The story starts out with an unremarkable pizza boy main character who is doing nothing with his life. Shortly after we are introduced to his power, Revival, The power to turn back time.

The MC cant control read more