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Oct 23, 2012
+ The art is awesome, especially the sky and landscapes are gorgeous!
+ Realistic drama brings at least a tear in your eye
+ Characters are good and loveable, especially parents deserve a special mention
+ Music is great
+ This show lightens dark autumn days, I used to watch it in the mornings before hurrying to the school in the dark
+ relieves Hanasaku Iroha -yearning
- The characters would have even more personality
- This anime resembles HanaIro so much, that I can't help but wonder if this was just calculated that they could sell HanaIro again. Well, that doesn't matter me 'cause HanaIro is awesome. I'm just wondering would read more
Oct 21, 2012
+ This show made me understand the true meaning of moe
+ The art is absolutely adorable
+ Every character is so funny
+ This really made me lauch
+ Despite of cute outlook, the humour is sometimes kind of crrepy, in a good way though ;)
+ Fun inside jokes
- The 2nd season contains lots of jokes from the 1st season, so if you haven't watched that first you may not fully understand the jokes.
- Season 3 hasn't been announced jet.

And there isn't actual yuri that much, so if you aren't that into lesbians I can still recommend this. But if you're a homophobic don't spend you time watching read more
Oct 4, 2012
+ Imoutos!
+ Absolutely cute and pink art, makes me feel like a cream puff if you know what I mean...
+ Miyabi is cute! x3
+ Funny and cute episodes, like when they're at the ball or amusement park
+ It surprises the viewer couple of times
+/- Old (good?) character types, a good girl, tsundere, a rich girl, a genki and clumsy girl and a cosplay girl
- It doesn't take "can't sister and brother be lovers?" -theme to any deeper reflection.
- Too many pointless fanservice and naugty jokes
- Homophopic moments and jokes
- The mystery is kind of boring
- Like usual, the main guy doesn't have any personality
- The read more
Oct 2, 2012
+ Good mix of reality and supernatural
+ I really FELT characters feelings
+ Art is beautiful, especially in nature and storybook scenes
+ Awesome OP and ED songs
+ Makes life feel even more beautiful, that's always a sign of a good serie :)
- It's very hard to say something negative, but sometimes I felt a LITTLE bored. I don't recommend this to people who need action-packed adventuring.