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Anime Stats
Days: 60.9
Mean Score: 5.31
  • Total Entries320
  • Rewatched69
  • Episodes3,306
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Jul 14, 9:54 PM
Completed 22/22 · Scored 5
Houseki no Kuni (TV)
Houseki no Kuni (TV)
May 26, 7:21 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
May 1, 9:02 AM
Completed 26/26 · Scored 4
Manga Stats
Days: 18.9
Mean Score: 5.68
  • Total Entries72
  • Reread0
  • Chapters3,398
  • Volumes343
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling
Jun 17, 8:33 PM
Dropped 34/? · Scored 2
Grand Blue
Grand Blue
May 25, 2:17 PM
Dropped 54/? · Scored 2
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
May 25, 8:23 AM
Completed 50/50 · Scored 8


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Omnicane Jul 18, 10:23 AM
hey bro pizza's here 🍕🍕🍕
RebelPanda Jul 5, 12:14 PM
Thank you. I understand your pain. For the last year, I've been arguing with Shield Hero fans trying to defend enslaving women and relationships with minors. It makes me feel insane. How can people unironically praise this anime?

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :) I hope you read my reviews of the next seasons.

I appreciate it. I'm very proud of my favorites list. Kaleido Star is beautiful. If you like Princess Tutu or Aria, it will be up your alley.
Sebogro Jun 25, 10:10 AM
For the first time I read a true fullmetall review, thanks
tenshimoonbunny Jun 23, 11:59 PM
I saw your comment about how boring Princess Kaguya was, and was curious if you had ever seen From This Corner of the World? It's also critically acclaimed and highly rated and has won awards etc but if you think Princess Kaguya was boring... oh man. You ain't seen nothin... it's actually the first anime movie I couldn't finish.

The Wind Rises was pretty close, though. Another highly rated snoozefest. Contrary to popular belief, Studio Ghibli does NOT always get it right.

Like your rating system, sounds the same as mine, just with more metaphorical cheese.
Weebookey May 26, 8:26 AM
Changed your mind on NGE review?
Ravanas May 25, 1:36 PM
come lick me a capeletti of 4 cheeses here
Ravanas May 23, 3:57 PM
what kind of problem do you have?
-Alians- May 13, 5:28 PM
The whole Monogatari Series, except for Bakemono and Second Season, are mixed bags to me. They all feel to defunct in comparison to one another and make the characters unrecognizable. I do think the franchise is good though.
-Alians- May 13, 3:19 PM
Your 1/10 mainly but in general. Unlike most of your consistent scores, that one feels oddly agile.
-Alians- May 13, 2:14 PM
Does your Nisemonogatari hold true today or?
Zevven May 13, 11:05 AM
Nice FMAB review.I agree, FMAB is not a masterpiece, nonetheless it is a solid anime.
Good story;characters;simple, but important truths.
It's just the same as Cowboy Bebop to me.All around good anime.These are really pleasant to watch, usually even more enjoyable than inconsistent 8 or 9 with some great ideas behind.
younghombree May 7, 8:31 PM
zapierol sie ty imbecylu kurwa rozjebany tasteless scierwojadzie spermofilu jan pawel 2 to mniejszy skurwysyn od ciebie i pozdrowienia z podziemia byku
ThatOneDev May 5, 1:59 PM
Yeah, Kare Kano is basically the Evangelion of shoujo romance. Having just finished it, it (might) be my new favourite show. I’ll have to check out Gatchaman Crowds... definitely looks interesting!
EndGears May 1, 8:39 PM
Ever plan on watching the OG FMA?
ThatOneDev May 1, 7:05 AM
Your points are all really accurate. For a while, I always would go for the top-rated shows simply because they were top rated. I would often be angry with myself when I didn't enjoy the show as much as others did, or when the things I did enjoy were frequently ridiculed in the forums. I think once I abandoned my mindset of 'you must agree with as many people as possible', I started to find more shows that I enjoyed that weren't anywhere close to the 'top-rated' shows on MAL or IMDb.

When I first read your statement that 'there are plenty of great shows that slip through the cracks', my reaction was basically "probably, but I'm not going to find any of them". Not even a few days later, I decided to watch Kare Kano because I had heard it was directed by Hideaki Anno, and was completely blown away. I never would have discovered it through the ratings alone: hell, it's a 7.6! So you're absolutely right that there are lots of great shows that go unnoticed, and I think finding one of them has helped restore my faith in anime.