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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Nov 27, 6:14 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 4
Made in Abyss 2nd Season
Made in Abyss 2nd Season
Nov 26, 11:38 AM
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Oct 29, 6:40 AM
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Kyou no Asuka Show
Kyou no Asuka Show
Nov 26, 2:45 PM
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Nov 6, 5:16 PM
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Nov 5, 3:08 PM
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MogulKhanTouchUs Dec 9, 11:26 PM
Nice School Days review

Daniel_the_Sage Nov 26, 2:47 PM
I found myself expressing what I would have liked to with your review for FMA B. Honestly speaking I enjoyed it too, its a good anime, but a masterpiece it is not and neither is it the greatest anime out there.
kantmite Nov 24, 4:08 PM
On your UBW review:

"The legendary words of Shirou Emiya have spread far and wide around the world ever since the 2006 adaptation of Fate/Stay Night with his infamous 'people die when they are killed'"

No, only in English where everyone did not read the VN in 2004.

<and now our frustrating hero is back with more internal contradictions and bullshit ideals than ever.>

Shirou's one of the least contradictory characters in the Otaku mediums. He's one of the few with continuous character development.

Look at Welcome to the NHK where Satou is rewritten every episode. Look at Evangelion or Tatami Galaxy where the character progress is reset every episode. Or look at all 3 of these shows and see how the protagonists get random epiphanies at the end instead of real character development.

If you want to learn how to analyze stories better, read Dan Schneider and Alex Sheremet.

<"Through the course of Unlimited Blade Works one can watch Shirou go through the difficult process of realizing that his ideals are not only absurd but also simply borrowed from his father">

He knew his ideals were impossible from the prologue of the game. He can't break free from them because they are his only reason for living after he "died" in the Fuyuki fire.

<in a series of powerful scenes such as "saying the same thing to Archer for two episodes," "never talking to Saber," "flirting with full-on tsundere Rin" and 'fighting all-powerful heroic spirits with some swords he made, somehow.'>

The anime did a very poor job with the Archer vs Shirou fight. It's optional whether to hang with Saber that often or not in UBW. Rin is only full-on tsundere in the anime. I believe the director was trying to make her more moe or something. Actually, it's only in the Fate route where Shirou makes suicidal decisions. In UBW he is much more rational (if you can read his thoughts).

<there were just enough scenes involving bro Lancer and SAO villain Shinji>

Shinji is explained in Heaven's Feel. Also, the director for this anime made him considerably more over-the-top.

<as the lending of his ideas and philosophies to the story made the inevitable monologuing between characters actually quite compelling>

Urobuchi's ideas are far inferior. Only kids give a shit who the "better" king is or whether it's right to follow utilitarianism. It's far more compelling to see if a mentally disturbed protagonist can find happiness through changing himself rather than trying to change the world with a mcguffin.

<it was akin to Game of Thrones for me and I loved it>

Game of Thrones is complete garbage. Try reading a good fantasy book like Gormenghast.

<Unlimited Blade Work's most fatal shortcoming is without a doubt the lack of a strong supporting cast. In contrast to Zero where characters were like to discuss their philosophies and ambitions while facing off, in Blade Works they usually just talk about their power levels and abilities and how much they are going to win.>

The anime cut out nearly all the psychological aspects, and added a bunch of ridiculous scenes like the one with Caster's old master (while erasing the original scene about the bond between her and Kuzuki).

<Usually the only time in which the other masters and their spirits get development is through flashbacks that show us little about who they are now, just who they were, and often take place right before their deaths as if they are shoehorned in there just to make us care at the moment we're supposed to.>

You are supposed to know Illya from the Fate route. The Gilgamesh vs Berserker and Illya scene has a bunch of pointless anime original parts and changes as well.

<But do we get any of that? Ever? Not in Unlimited Blade Works at least: Saber is pretty much a side show and a fighting tool, throwing around her epic city-leveling noble phantasm when necessary and besides that just quietly telling Shirou that she'll protect him and eating his sandwiches in silence.>

It's dealt with in the Fate route. Also, the director made her take up the screen just for pointless moe bait.

<However, it's not a particularly long period of time before the entirely of Rin's character can be summed up in two lines:
- Knows useful things about magic
- Is a tsundere>

She's better in the VN. It's through her relationship with Shirou that she breaks out of the mindset of being a heartless mage. Though if you want to see Rin be a jerk, read Heaven's Feel.

"Combined, these shortcomings inflict irreparable damage both to these two characters and to the show as a whole, and now we're back to the beginning:"

Read the VN. The original Archer vs Shirou fight is extremely dense in character development.

<a beautiful soundtrack>

The soundtrack is garbage compared to the original.

< or wait for Heaven's Feel and hope that they get a different writer and director.>

The new director is considerably better, yes. Though pacing might still be awkward.

Note: It's best to read Fate in Japanese because the translation quality is quite poor. You'll often have trouble understanding what the characters are saying, or miss the original meaning of some scenes altogether (eg. the distinction between "koi" and "ai" in Heaven's Feel). It's not like Higurashi or Umineko where the prose was awful from the very beginning.
Ghuu Nov 16, 4:16 PM
Someone didn't understand Umineko...
NickRyuzaki Nov 11, 3:27 AM
Hey , so u scored 4 for fma but 10 for madoka huh , you really think it is a complex show don't you ? lol
BoyHime732 Nov 8, 12:25 AM
So... that 9 for Madoka and Nausicaa. Are you okay?
Prezbo Nov 5, 2:20 PM
True, some people love to overanalyse everything and can be very smug about it, which can be annoying. Maybe some people are uncomfortable with the idea of just liking something for simple, unpretentious reasons, so they seek out some "deep intellectual hidden meaning" to justify what they like. Though tbh I'm more bothered by the opposite case, i.e. people dismissing a work as objectively worthless/meaningless, even if many others may find a lot of personal meaning in it. Just the other day I wrote a long-winded rant about people who dismiss Clannad as worthless garbage due to whatever formal issues (forced drama, one-dimensional side characters) they see in Clannad, completely ignoring the fact that the series is still capable of making a profound impact on many viewers despite those formal issues (which I agree this series has). Like, come on, if someone says Clannad made them feel better about life or gave them hope or whatever, you'd have to be one hell of an asshole to be like "but deus ex machina ergo you're an idiot for liking this". I always welcome calm and intelligent criticism for anything, but the people here really love to make that extra jump and insult other people for something as trivial as differing tastes in anime... Uhm yeah, anyway, it's good to have levelheaded people like you around. I guess this was off-topic, sorry about that. :^)

About those recs then. Since you like Made in Abyss, there is of course the manga, which I think is excellent and continues the story from the anime a fair bit. Aannnd that's about all I can think of... well, there's also Aria, but I can't find a reason to recommend it specifically to you other than it's my favourite manga. I do have a tailor-made anime rec though: 3-gatsu no Lion, an absolute must since you're a fan of Shinbou/Shaft! And don't worry if you're not into Shogi, like Ping Pong The Animation, it uses its sport primarily to examine its characters (instead of a substitute for battle shounen-style action... not sure if this is a fair assessment of your average sports anime, I'm not too familiar with the genre, but that's the vibe I'm getting). Season two is currently airing as well and it's looking to be my AOTS.

Btw, I find a lot of my manga (and anime) through simo000 and LordofSushi, so I recommend you skip the middleman and follow them directly if you want more recs, those two guys have pretty awesome taste.

Things on my end are going pretty ok. My primary focus always alternates between different types of media; a couple of weeks ago it was movies, then anime/manga for a while, right now I'm spending a lot of time reading. And I'm constantly listening to heaps of music. Anyway. Good luck with your Made in Abyss video!
CloudShepherd Nov 4, 11:51 PM
I think the nerd put it best:

I've only seen bits and pieces of Rick & Morty, but if it's anything like this video I definitely need to watch it. Good lord that video is comedy gold, I don't know how anybody can't enjoy it. I discovered this video back when Undertale came out, on twitter the game's creator Toby Fox posted this somewhere in his media feed. You can tell certain aspects of the comedy is solely based on the characters just being dumb, kind of like some of the jokes in Undertale, though I'm sure most of it's just his personality.

I think I kind of know what you mean, but for the feeling your describing I interpreted as me just getting used to the jokes. I noticed once I started regularly watching The Office, I started laughing less and less. Sometimes it made me laugh my ass off, most of the time I was like why am I watching this shit? Once you know how the characters are going to act and you know the writers are trying to make you laugh, it kind of disillusions the act.

Also, congrats on having time to waste on me. I'm sure teaching English to spoiled american children isn't easy.
Dragin- Nov 4, 12:35 PM
I read your review on Mayoiga just now, and although it may a be a little late since then, I must say that you are a fantastic reviewer. +rep to you, aboslutely!
DeepBlueHorizons Oct 28, 3:12 PM
I just read your review on NGE and I just wanted to ask, do you think it would be more prevalent if it came out today? (I know 1995 isn't that long ago but in the anime world I guess it is). The reason I ask this is because you mention it takes stabs at the audience for their relation to anime but being that, in my opinion, today's anime is way worse and thoughtless than anime in the 90's, I just thought it would have had an even GREATER impact if it came out recently. Also, I see you are a high-school English teacher. I am in college now majoring in English and I would like to teach high-school as well so I thought that was cool.
Prezbo Oct 27, 2:40 AM
Yeah, I saw your first message! How dare you defile my blessed profile page with such pedestrian nonsense!

lol jk, I think you're being too hard on yourself man, don't worry about polishing your responses to me or anything, I think that time is best spent elsewhere. :P (Though I think I see where you're coming from, I'm highly critical of my own writing as well, which is why I rarely write reviews and such.)

Anyway. Koe no Katachi. You're probably right, I dunno what I was expecting, this is not a movie like Rebellion with tons of things to interpret and such, so even a super well-written review may have a hard time radically changing my opinion of it. But hey, I think it's great when someone can make a strong emotional connection with a piece of art without being oblivious to any issues it might have. Happens to me all the time (most recently with Blade Runner 2049, not sure if you're into movies, but that movie is a 10 to me even though I feel like the script could have massively benefited from a revision or two) and I would certainly love to see it happen as well when I eventually rewatch Koe no Katachi.

And yes, please let me know when your first YT review is done, Koe no Katachi or otherwise! I'm a pretty diligent follower of the YT anime community and I definitely think that you have what it takes in terms of content and writing skills to stir up some shit there. Of course, you also need good narration and editing skills and loads of persistence, but given that, I'm sure you can make your dream a reality!
Prezbo Oct 24, 9:23 AM
Ay yooo, ever considered writing a review for Koe no Katachi? I really, really, really want to love this movie more than I do (because I love Yamada and because I identify with the MC more than almost any other character). But I became increasingly frustrated with it because to me the writing felt muddled and unfocused, probably due to the source material being too long to be covered in a single movie.

Maybe you can help. Rewatching Madoka Rebellion yesterday and reading your blog post made me bump it to a 9. Before that I primarily enjoyed the movie because it has really great atmosphere and visually it's the most insane thing ever, but that last third was definitely lost on me until I read your interpretation (though I'm still not a fan of how much expository dialogue was used there).
ktulu007 Oct 16, 7:40 AM
I think the jokes are pretty straight forward. It's a series that relies heavily on the puerile bodily fluid humour. If that's your cup of tea, and you don't mind the tone problems, that series is for you. I take it that you, like myself, aren't someone who finds that sort of thing amusing.

I did thoroughly enjoy both of those series. I'll have to do a full review of the Utena anime at some point instead of just the film. In contrast, I'll have to do reviews of the Madoka films instead of just the series.

I can always borrow it from my room mate/ little sister. She has the entire thing & I'm sure she knows which of the eight book shelves has it. I'm sure seven volumes also gives a bit more time to flesh things out than a film. Especially a Ghibli film where they take time to build atmosphere with quiet nature scenes. Which is something I appreciate about their films but that doesn't exactly translate well to a manga.

Thank you. It's my philosophy, when it comes to reviewing, that just repeating the popular opinion does nothing. Everyone knows the popular opinion. I think a good reviewer has to be willing to just own an unpopular opinion. And it's always nice to meet someone who can respect that. You have a good day as well.
CloudShepherd Oct 14, 7:19 AM
Never watched Jojo, but I do plan on getting around to it sooner or later.

By your thesis I was referring to your Berserk rant. Haibane Renmei started off really fucking slow but usually when a show starts this way they are just building up and mainly trying to immerse you in the world. Around the halfway point the plot really starts to pick up and character development is through the roof. I love shows like this.

Anime has always seemed to make me laugh, even in Haibane Renmei I found myself laughing at Rakka's moe. Part of it is because I found her adorable the other is just simple visual humor. I don't know what it is, but the Japanese just get comedy. Any show that has comedy in it makes me laugh or smile at least once, usually. And that is something that can't be ignored.

Most of anything is just a matter of personal preference anyway. Everything is overrated, not funny, voice acting isn't good, I didn't like this, et cetera et cetera et cetera. I need to take a break from opinion threads. (MAL Reviews)
CloudShepherd Oct 13, 10:13 AM
> This implies that there are good anime comedies though, which there aren't.

Konosuba, School Rumble, Golden Boy, all the shows that aren't strictly comedy, etc, etc, etc.

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Oh and since you mentioned the discussion of the concept of sin or whatever in your thesis, Haibane Renmei does this exact thing in episode 9.