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Kaguya-hime no Monogatari
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Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale
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One Punch-Man
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Kyou no Asuka Show
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volleydorks 3 hours ago
Hey, I loved your FMA:B review. It was really well-written. As a huge fan of FMA, I can agree with some of the points you made and I'm not offended at all by your review. I don't agree with your point that it gets too much praise (honestly, when you compare it to all of the garbage anime with the same recycled tropes that come out time and time again, it's not too much of a stretch to call it a 'masterpiece'. It's not the BEST, but it's one of the best) but I can see why you made that point. It's true that some fans can get very 'rabid' when it comes to anything remotely negative about FMA, after all. Also, the "I'll get your body back" point you made was so TRUE. It was a bit annoying having that repeated so often throughout the entire series.

But anyways, your review was very well-rounded and I enjoyed reading it!
Jennex Yesterday, 6:28 AM
I'm glad you were already considering some of them^^ Haha, well, Kuroko no Basket is overall pretty loved, but also has some semi-fair but harsh critics tearing it down, so I guess I was indirectly warning you about that.

I admit that Shiki, Penguindrum and Nana don't have much in common, but those were the ones that stood out the most in your list so I felt like mentioning them. Now I already read your Shiki blog, and I remember the same epic-feels through the last episodes, but I think I felt tricked for watching those characters ask such questions so late into the game. It could be though that my expectations were already too high for the sort of story they wanted to tell, so I might rewatch it someday.

And about Nana... I personally love Nana especially for those kind of moments, Hachiko's the kind of girl that's so unbelievably rare in anime shows to watch even though I think she's much more relevant in reality than say the tsunderes and yanderes, but I understand the feelings of being so pissed off at certain events it'll ruin the experience (something I struggled with during Haruhi) so I guess all I can say about that is don't force it if you don't feel like it or it might only get worse.

Also, something I was wondering on the sidelines, have you not watched Koyomimonogatari? Or have just not added it to your list?

In any case, thank you for listening and responding^^ I look forward to hearing your thoughts about those shows.
Jennex Mar 15, 4:45 PM
Hey there! I've come across your profile semi-regularly (bravo FMA:B review) and I noticed that you updated your blog recently. I respect how open you are about yourself and your thoughts and interpretations are an interesting read. It looks like our tastes are pretty similar in some regards. When I read that lately you prefer easy entertainment over KAMI-level thanks to your job a few series popped up in my mind so yeah, here I am.

First of all for action/shounen I think Mob Psycho 100 does a pretty good job even as it's fairly straightforward in its content. It's pretty much One Punch Man but then, in my opinion, more engaging. Secondly - and I'm surprised you don't even have this one in your list - Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou is a romcom with two solid leads (even if the art is cough cough at times). Easy to watch for it's energetic atmosphere but definitely one of the very very few good shoujo romcoms out there. Thirdly if you feel like action/gore/seinen Claymore is good in conveying tone and has a pretty interesting premise that develops over time. It's somewhat similar to Berserk, but personally Claymore managed to draw me in better.

Now I'm well-aware that my next two suggestions are rather risky but I'll betray myself if I don't mention them so here it goes. Zankyou no Terror has a great soundtrack and the art style works really well for what it wants to convey. There are complaints about some developments mid-story but I think that as long as you watch it with a what-I-see-is-what-I-get kind of mindset and don't expect any grandiose answers those things won't be a problem and it's worth an honest try.

Lastly, Kuroko no Basket. Did she just- yeah she just- Kuroko no Bask-?! YEAH I SAID IT. I mean, I could probably write essays about it just because I love it so much even as I know that it's not that 'goodcomplexdeep' etc but that's beyond the point. If you ever feel like watching shounen and sports in one then Kuroko no Basket is your next best bet (next to Haikyuu and Slam Dunk). The only reason I even mention it is because you're not looking for any 2deep4me tier right now and KnB is great at living in the moment. At the very least the story progression is consistent. And it's 100% objectively, scientifically and artistically better than Nanatsu no Taizai and Shokugemi so there is that as well ha haha hahaha hahahaha #justiceforKnB

Kidding, kidding. ish. :')

In any case, that's pretty much all I have to offer if easy watches are welcome every now and then. Of course those suggestions are colored by personal taste and all but you might feel like giving some of them a shot. I hope you'll find a way to make things less energy-draining at your job and if you ever feel like discussing why Shiki and Mawaru Penguindrum worked for you and Nana didn't, I'm never one to decline such an interesting conversation hehe.

NickDen Mar 7, 5:36 PM
Thoroughly agree with your FMA: Brotherhood review. I thought it was overall pretty good but it's mind-boggling to me how the vast majority of the anime community deems it the best thing ever. I personally found myself bored for a large portion of the second act due to pacing issues and don't even get me started on the tonal inconsistency. Anyways, love your writing style but that should be a given considering you're an English teacher and I look forward to reading more of your reviews.
FuzzyFoxxx Feb 28, 1:30 AM
read Tokyo ghoul and Tokyo ghoul:re
aboose Feb 20, 11:00 AM
Yeah, it's doing a good job of showing me why high school english teachers are as full of BS as we all thought.
AnimeZ0id Feb 19, 6:40 PM
Exactly, however I think in some scenarios there can be a universal "bad" and "good." I can't think of anything specifically (unless you include the universal hate towards the Emoji movie), but in most cases, yes, our perspectives shape the quality of something. It really just depends on what head-space we're in, what age we are, the amount of art we've watched, etc.

No problem! I try to take others opinions into consideration. It's rare these days to even find a constructive review since when most people "dislike" something, they just throw it completely under the bus without any substance to back up their points.
AnimeZ0id Feb 7, 7:00 PM
Despite my opinion and overall view on FMA;B, I agree with your review. Perhaps my own biases are my downfall for my score and impression of the anime, but your review is accurate for the most part. I guess it just comes down to how we view each plot device and character. Still, it's interesting to hear another more complex opinion on FMA;B than "wow this is great 10/10" kind of review.
aboose Jan 24, 9:53 AM
Your review of NGE was worthless.
CoquiEnthusiast Jan 11, 5:50 PM
Hello there! I just wanted to stop by and mention that I've been reading most of your blogs and stuff for solid minutes and I have to say that I really enjoy your style of writing and how you express yourself. Too many times I see people try to focus on being "objective" at all times when in reality i find that to be way less interesting than someone who embraces subjectivity and explains how they feel on a personal level with the things they love. You have really interesting tastes and i applaud you for taking the time to write about all the random tidbits that cross your mind. You somehow have inspired me to start writing my own blogs because too many times I've had very specific thoughs that I've been dying to get out there, only to immediately feel frustruation that i don't have some time of an outlet or internet presence that I can use to communicate them. Now that I've read your stuff I can see posting blogs here is am option and somehow someone will read them. Also, I find it cool that you're an English teacher and so dedicated to chinese cartoons. Guess that's not too out there, but I don't usually see teachers on mal for sone reason. Anyways, cheers from a rando that read most of your shit :)
LipstickOnMyDick Dec 30, 2017 10:00 PM
Gee 5 stars for nge?? Iam absolutely without words. Does good anime even exist?
MogulKhanTouchUs Dec 9, 2017 11:26 PM
Nice School Days review

Daniel_the_Sage Nov 26, 2017 2:47 PM
I found myself expressing what I would have liked to with your review for FMA B. Honestly speaking I enjoyed it too, its a good anime, but a masterpiece it is not and neither is it the greatest anime out there.
kantmite Nov 24, 2017 4:08 PM
On your UBW review:

"The legendary words of Shirou Emiya have spread far and wide around the world ever since the 2006 adaptation of Fate/Stay Night with his infamous 'people die when they are killed'"

No, only in English where everyone did not read the VN in 2004.

<and now our frustrating hero is back with more internal contradictions and bullshit ideals than ever.>

Shirou's one of the least contradictory characters in the Otaku mediums. He's one of the few with continuous character development.

Look at Welcome to the NHK where Satou is rewritten every episode. Look at Evangelion or Tatami Galaxy where the character progress is reset every episode. Or look at all 3 of these shows and see how the protagonists get random epiphanies at the end instead of real character development.

If you want to learn how to analyze stories better, read Dan Schneider and Alex Sheremet.

<"Through the course of Unlimited Blade Works one can watch Shirou go through the difficult process of realizing that his ideals are not only absurd but also simply borrowed from his father">

He knew his ideals were impossible from the prologue of the game. He can't break free from them because they are his only reason for living after he "died" in the Fuyuki fire.

<in a series of powerful scenes such as "saying the same thing to Archer for two episodes," "never talking to Saber," "flirting with full-on tsundere Rin" and 'fighting all-powerful heroic spirits with some swords he made, somehow.'>

The anime did a very poor job with the Archer vs Shirou fight. It's optional whether to hang with Saber that often or not in UBW. Rin is only full-on tsundere in the anime. I believe the director was trying to make her more moe or something. Actually, it's only in the Fate route where Shirou makes suicidal decisions. In UBW he is much more rational (if you can read his thoughts).

<there were just enough scenes involving bro Lancer and SAO villain Shinji>

Shinji is explained in Heaven's Feel. Also, the director for this anime made him considerably more over-the-top.

<as the lending of his ideas and philosophies to the story made the inevitable monologuing between characters actually quite compelling>

Urobuchi's ideas are far inferior. Only kids give a shit who the "better" king is or whether it's right to follow utilitarianism. It's far more compelling to see if a mentally disturbed protagonist can find happiness through changing himself rather than trying to change the world with a mcguffin.

<it was akin to Game of Thrones for me and I loved it>

Game of Thrones is complete garbage. Try reading a good fantasy book like Gormenghast.

<Unlimited Blade Work's most fatal shortcoming is without a doubt the lack of a strong supporting cast. In contrast to Zero where characters were like to discuss their philosophies and ambitions while facing off, in Blade Works they usually just talk about their power levels and abilities and how much they are going to win.>

The anime cut out nearly all the psychological aspects, and added a bunch of ridiculous scenes like the one with Caster's old master (while erasing the original scene about the bond between her and Kuzuki).

<Usually the only time in which the other masters and their spirits get development is through flashbacks that show us little about who they are now, just who they were, and often take place right before their deaths as if they are shoehorned in there just to make us care at the moment we're supposed to.>

You are supposed to know Illya from the Fate route. The Gilgamesh vs Berserker and Illya scene has a bunch of pointless anime original parts and changes as well.

<But do we get any of that? Ever? Not in Unlimited Blade Works at least: Saber is pretty much a side show and a fighting tool, throwing around her epic city-leveling noble phantasm when necessary and besides that just quietly telling Shirou that she'll protect him and eating his sandwiches in silence.>

It's dealt with in the Fate route. Also, the director made her take up the screen just for pointless moe bait.

<However, it's not a particularly long period of time before the entirely of Rin's character can be summed up in two lines:
- Knows useful things about magic
- Is a tsundere>

She's better in the VN. It's through her relationship with Shirou that she breaks out of the mindset of being a heartless mage. Though if you want to see Rin be a jerk, read Heaven's Feel.

"Combined, these shortcomings inflict irreparable damage both to these two characters and to the show as a whole, and now we're back to the beginning:"

Read the VN. The original Archer vs Shirou fight is extremely dense in character development.

<a beautiful soundtrack>

The soundtrack is garbage compared to the original.

< or wait for Heaven's Feel and hope that they get a different writer and director.>

The new director is considerably better, yes. Though pacing might still be awkward.

Note: It's best to read Fate in Japanese because the translation quality is quite poor. You'll often have trouble understanding what the characters are saying, or miss the original meaning of some scenes altogether (eg. the distinction between "koi" and "ai" in Heaven's Feel). It's not like Higurashi or Umineko where the prose was awful from the very beginning.
Ghuu Nov 16, 2017 4:16 PM
Someone didn't understand Umineko...