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Jan 16, 2012
I thought that after watching the first Full Metal Alchemist series nothing could surpass it's greatness but then after watching Brotherhood there were very different thoughts buzzing about my mind!

I liked this anime because it follows the manga more closely than the first FMA series. The animation in this series far surpassed the previous series as well. The shading and deep colors added a rich feel to the environments.

While I personally am not a fan of dubbed anime, the dubbing on this was alright. I watched most of it in Japanese, and Paku Romi Sensei's performance as Edward was one of the most passionate that read more
Feb 9, 2010
If I wanted to write a review touting the few things that this series had going for it, I could have. But since this series insulted me with its "Oh crap we ended it too early!" storyline, I will cover the good and the bad parts.

I was greatly interested in the story and the characters in the first disc (episodes 1-5). That interest turned to disdain by the third disc, and towards the end it seemed to be getting worse. The series ends on a good note which is all i can say for the last portion.

The main failing of the series is the fact read more
Feb 9, 2010
Some people consider this anime to be just another sports anime. In actuality, Princess 9 is very likely the worst sports anime to ever have been made.

I had my reservations when looking at the cover, but figuring it was probably just made in the late 80's, I picked it up. My estimation was roughly a decade off. The great character designs attempt to hide this fact, but unfortunately my sympathy vanished when the story began to circle the drain.

The series begins promisingly enough, the first 8 or so episodes are decent, and in fact the last few are too. The fact that read more
Feb 9, 2010
Memories of an Irrelevant Movie

If you're a fan of the bleach series, this movie plays like an extended episode. For this reviewer, therein lies the problem.

While this movie is to the untrained eye mediocre, I find it to be tacked-on. At the end of this movie the story has progressed no more than where it started. In fact it may have regressed, leaving more questions than answers,questions that surely will never be brought up again in the series.

I am certain that no facet of this movie will even be mentioned by any primary, secondary, or even one of the huge numbers of 2D characters read more