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Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara
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Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
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Yumekui Merry
Yumekui Merry
Jun 11, 11:22 AM
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First Love
May 25, 5:28 AM
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The_Shinjinator Nov 13, 10:59 AM
well i got called to play online with friends and took like 5 and a half hours so it took till evening :S
The_Shinjinator Nov 13, 10:55 AM
yeah i respect people`s preferences and Louise and its not even THAT bad for me anymore anyways since i do have Shana in my favourites you know XD... really?... i find you lucky you even had something like that... i know like one girl only through online who likes anime to the point i think she SERIOUSLY likes it (like not just fleetingly) who i even happen to have a bit of a crush on and she`s from Finland too like me... not that i have a chance in hell even further proven recently since she admitted being a bisexual and im starting to yuri ship her X3...

well not like i have much interest getting a girl right now anyway... i got real friends again last school year but i got kicked out for not explained reason so they`re on the other side of the country... i talk to them sometimes from Whatsapp but that`s online stuff again... so girls have to be careful but guys always gotta do something to get noticed by girls? XS... not like either way sounds easy...

i couldn`t handle being alone and like literally got depressed and had a panic attack early last year (though at the same time i also had problems with my jaws which in turn hurt my ears and parents thought i had impaired hearing but we didn`t know it was just my jaws yet)... but i think i can handle it again really the online friends do help... and i don`t want to look for a girl anymore just laze off like my normal friends and focus on my gaming, anime, manga and Light Novel hobbies... i won`t put up a fight if some girl desides to snags me but i doubt ill just run into anyone CX... i was working on it too last school year but getting friends or a girlfriend takes so much time and feels like you`ll still just lose them... well on the girl case i doubt ill just find anyone interested in me... well just don`t over do it with the drinking :)... figures, and i still gotta wish happy name`s day to my ex on wednesday...

i took the first step after a week or something and asked if it was okay to kiss her but then she told about the rule later... that`s a bit long but it couldn`t be helped i guess?
umm what does "nartied" mean is it just "married" im clueless?... that`s nice :D... i wanna watch Shokugeki sometime myself too

well i doubt there`s any right way to be married so long as the feelings are mutual... hate to say it but i have no clue what would be the right amount of time since its still gonna be different for everyone XO

i really can`t... my ex on the other hand wouldn`t leave me alone with her constant shit talking...

The_Shinjinator Nov 12, 2:23 PM
sorry i haven`t replied yet it was father`s day here too... im writing already but now i had to go to sleep so probably tomorrow :C
The_Shinjinator Nov 10, 10:42 PM
i had SOME time we spent together with her before dating aside from being in the same class but even most of those times were with others present so we weren`t alone :3...

yeah well communication tends to be kinda shit in relationships like my parents arguing about something even though they were thinking the same thing from the beginning but just somehow didn`t understand XD... as for me i didn`t talk much but neither did she although it was still early... but with all that extreme strictness with that religion what was i supposed to talk about?... they can`t even have a washing machine because someone might catch a glimpse of underwear

indeed i took around exactly half a year to get over her and my feelings to die off but
she still crosses my mind every now and then

well if you say so C:... im naive too but im not blind i could instantly tell if she was having one of those days or if she was happy about something for once... yes that`s what the priest tells you and if one is willing to get married they should at least know that yet so many divorce... but yeah should always go for therapy

no need to worry i did have therapy at one point but im not sure i wanna use my time for anything right now X3... its just that my only friends now are online friends... yeah that and me not liking tsund-*cough* you heard nothing :D... i don`t drink at all but back after getting dumped i considered it for the first time... and yeah i thought the heart stab was just a thing people we`re saying it feels like but it really happened to me didn`t think feelings could really hurt you like that ):... dominant!? *runs*

yup i think kissing is necessary and if for some reason one`s partner doesn`t like it just make it a tiny touch of lips i doubt he/she will mind that way.... and yes it was kinda hard for me to advance when it was restricted to say the least

well i only really care about the things i can get with it so basically so long as i have some XS... like it cheer`s me up to buy manga or games... yeah mom squeezed every penny she could after divorce hope you`ll be fine :C

The_Shinjinator Nov 4, 11:52 AM
oh but one thing i forgot to say... about him not even giving you a hug... that`s just evil >.<
The_Shinjinator Nov 4, 11:48 AM
don`t worry i just felt like i had to write around just as much to actually answer everything somewhat XD... yeah its funny how you only really realize these things once its over :3... i didn`t wanna say anything bad about her and was always saying good things but after the break up she just became a real bitch and started shitting on me like she was possessed... i don`t even know how i managed to keep my head and not blow up on her... i tried to cry but because of her behavior it just didn`t come out...

but oh well nice that you got to spend time there C:
The_Shinjinator Nov 2, 12:51 PM
hope i actually helped you with writing that and that it didn`t just become a venting contest XD... was starting to feel bad towards the evening since my continuous disease problems just don`t leave me alone :3
The_Shinjinator Nov 2, 12:41 PM
oh then you waited 5 years for marriage?... that`s around the time i was planning to but i feel like i might wanna cut down just a bit on that since im starting to feel old XD... but yeah my ex just gave up flat right away which makes me feel she didn`t love me much...

i can relate a bit on that getting attached... i already grow crazy attached to my friends hence why i still kept messaging you even though you grew a bit mad at me for i guess because i was being a bit blunt about what i liked and didn`t like without considering your feelings X3... so you can just imagine how bad it was when i fell in love... like i had 2 crushes 1 in elementary 1 in middle school but those were like nothing... i just grew obsessed with her but of course i was still being normal about it all and gave her space whenever she asked... but anywho that`s thanks to my yandere nature i guess :3...

but indeed... i can understand he probably has his own reasons but he could at least TRY to be nicer about it... then again maybe he has to be mean about it if he wants a divorce so you`d want one too i don`t even know... different story if he secretly has felings for someone else which could be the reason too why he doesn`t have feelings for you anymore but im just really only speculating about that one... i`d be a fighter too if women gave one single shit about i feel in relationship... though ive only had one so that`s stretching it XS...

i can barely stand my ground to anyone im even slightly attached to because im just too nice apart from my complete lack of social skills not understanding how the other party will feel like at times (kinda like i was being too blunt to you back then)... then again im a masochist so even with my ex i just let her boss me around... that and she was religious... like Laestadian... downright insane rules and whatnot and i still didn`t mind CX... glad you get help :D... wish i did right now...

eh yay sex... not saying i never want to but ive had so many problems regarding that <.<... like because my ex was Laestadian we couldn`t even kiss before marriage... i mean sex is one thing but that`s just crazy... you gotta have some kind of closeness in a relationship at least... well regardless i still didn`t mind it... hugging and holding hands and just being in the same room and hearing some sweet words from her just completely made my day C:... considering i was fine with that i doubt i have much need for it aside from dreaming of a big family... honestly just gonna leave that matter on the girl`s hands cause i don`t really care when it happens...

well there`s also the fact that at least for now it would just cause me pain since ive had a problem regarding that which i had a surgery for recently... hah you gets to keep lots of stuffs :)... well my ex still keeps asking me for money the nerve of it all
The_Shinjinator Nov 2, 8:10 AM
welp... step sis was married for 7 years too... the guy was deceiving her with some other girl and always bragging to his friends about how he managed to deceive her... the guy was from Turkey... step sis even had a child with him :\... then there`s dad who was married with mom for about 12 years and she did nothing but get drunk and go out to town to party and have sex with other guys...

*cough* yet these days step sis and dad both seem so happy with their new partners it just makes me envious... so you`ll get through this and you`ll be alright XD... gonna take that long ass time though... probably going to feel like hammered shit but it`d be more worrying if you didn`t :3... still it really sucks when these things end up one sided... eh no problem X3... i wouldn`t know... i never really buy any stuff besides the absolute necessities and games :S (guess some mangas now too)
The_Shinjinator Oct 30, 6:25 AM
honestly i was immediately thinking it was something about a divorce... i hope everything will be okay :C... can`t even imagine how that must feel... slightly because i only dated her like 3 weeks and a day and then a day before that she said maybe we should break up so i told her to calm down and think it over at least for a week... but then she just dumped me sending a message the next night but that ain`t much in comparison and it was at the start of the year so im long over it... well... cheer up! have a Louise pic XS
anyway feel free to talk or vent here cause im not busy sitting in my apartment all day :) (like all the time besides a little work placement)
The_Shinjinator Oct 29, 11:09 AM
don`t worry i won`t pry :3... but yeah thanks it looks really awesome CX
The_Shinjinator Oct 28, 1:32 AM
i just snatched Yumekui Merry from your list huehue X3
Jokuc Oct 27, 5:30 AM
awww <3 I see, how nice of you ^^
The_Shinjinator Oct 27, 5:15 AM
just wondering how you are doing? XD
Jokuc Oct 26, 5:20 PM
o.o I felt like I held my breath while reading your about me page... also, 4 rats?! :o that's impressive.. my friend used to have two (: