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Sep 20, 1:37 PM
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Zero no Tsukaima F
Zero no Tsukaima F
Sep 18, 1:21 PM
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Ballroom e Youkoso
Ballroom e Youkoso
Sep 7, 5:21 AM
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DNA²: Dokoka de Nakushita Aitsu no Aitsu
DNA²: Dokoka de Nakushita Aitsu no Aitsu
Aug 10, 7:15 AM
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Weekend Dragon
Weekend Dragon
May 23, 11:51 AM
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LoneWanderer94 Aug 29, 1:20 PM
Actually, I'm from Spain. And the mugs were nothing special, just a common mug with doki doki pic
LoneWanderer94 Aug 26, 12:41 PM
Hmmm I saw some doki doki stuff too, like mugs and posters.

And for the next time you can also ask youf bf to go as Saito xD You may even win a cosplay contest for that hahaha
LoneWanderer94 Aug 26, 1:55 AM
I went to the manga covention yesterday and I spemd the day there with @jujise96 @MarinaLazur and @MinaPK ^^
It was good but there was nothing interesting to buy, the only figures I saw was dragon ball and one pece stuff so.... anyway how was yours?
SacredBlazer Aug 21, 12:24 PM
so if tiffa is the big boob elf wansnt hina the black haired maid ? i actually hoped back when the maid was going on a vacation to her hometown and saito tagged along that something would happen.. but sadly it dindt xD

ayyeee one for more day then for this week huh well go get em tigre

i only ate breakfeast till now havent eatin anything else yet today yet im not actually hungry i just want some snack.
i really like Japanese culture i guess got some love for anime and ive always been a big fan of swords and knights. so i plan on going to Japan somewhere in 2019 will be the first time traveling for aswell outsoude of Nl

I think the only Japanese snack ive had is like a poki i bought like a 2 boxes of them, do you know them ? its liek those chocoloate stick snacks you see in anime all the time and as for conventions ive only been too 1 with one of my classmates when i was still going to school ^mbo^ it was alot of fun and i bought a attack on titan necklace bc it was cool but i dont really have alot of friends that are into anime so never went to another convention :(

i played pokemon go when it got released for a bit but i never was really lucky when it comes to phones either they break or get stolen so i dont even own a phone that could pkmn go atm xD

well off to the i go :p

Ps also a random note i remember telling my self if i ever get a daughter her name will be Chloe/Dawn/May so its safe to say i really like your name :)
SacredBlazer Aug 21, 11:38 AM
oh right but they where all like 12/13 eps long right kinda forgot, thought the first one was a 24 eps one and then 2 smaller seasons afterwards but then again its been too long its in my top 10 first animes ever watched so yea :p for me same i think it was mines too allthough there where other in my first top 10 that had ecchi elements just not as heavily as this one did xD

thank you and ill be enjoying my evening since i finally have a few days of off work after a long time :) plus im planning on buying all kinds of unhealthy snack in a bit kinda feel like rewarding myself

i like the first 2 seasons of food wars but stopped watch from there because i was more into the chc development and after i noticed that it really wasnt going anywhere it lost my interest still a good show though!

P.P.s. Yes I am ! Leuk je te leren kennen.

My name is Kevin-Vince but you can call me whatever

Yoroshiku Chloe-Senpai
SacredBlazer Aug 21, 10:57 AM
louise francoise leblanc valliere was it ? i remember watching those 3 season very clearly as it was 1 of the first harems ive ever seen and that would be like over 4 years ago. not to mention tills tis day im still like a shounen fan, the guy went from being totally useless to being the left and right hand of god was it.
anyways ive always like her name so had to drop by and say Hi! :) hope you have a nice evening
LoneWanderer94 Aug 19, 1:13 PM
That's cute, have fun ;) I also go to the covention I told you next saturday
LoneWanderer94 Aug 10, 1:42 AM
Ok thanks for the advice :D
LoneWanderer94 Aug 10, 1:34 AM
Hmm what do you think about this one? The face looks good, with serious expression, and it's also colorful. If you can confirm it's from a good manufacturer I think I'll go for it
LoneWanderer94 Aug 9, 7:51 AM
Well well that second one doesn't look bad at all. Maybe I'll get that or something similar. the firs one is cute too.
Anyway, I hope they release new figures soon, I want a winged Shana so bad and never seen one :(
LoneWanderer94 Aug 9, 7:37 AM
Hmmm not sure abut that one... the face doesn't seems cute. And I also like her most with the green uniform and the coat. so I'm between this two:
LoneWanderer94 Aug 9, 7:24 AM
It isn't about the price, I like the pose of the figure itself, but now that you mention... yeah is suspiciously cheap...
LoneWanderer94 Aug 9, 7:18 AM
Yeah I know i's next year and all but I don't know.... arggg she's sooo cute maybe I'll buy it after all xD
And yes, max factory Shana is one of the few good ones that I have seen for now. The other would be the dengeki buko version by sega
LoneWanderer94 Aug 9, 6:32 AM
Nice ;) I think I'll pass for now, since I'm looking for a cool Shana figure (have't found any that I really like yet) and and I'm also buying the complete to love-ru manga so I won't go crazy spending money for now
LoneWanderer94 Aug 8, 7:57 AM
ohh I thought it release was sooner hahaha