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ABlueBird Yesterday, 8:44 PM
I'll talk tomorrow, night
ABlueBird Yesterday, 8:44 PM
You said i had 37, now i have 120 on my watching list D::::::
Iconic Jul 17, 5:20 AM
I'm not surprised by that. I watched the one based on the side characters, Kimi no Iru Machi, and I was irritated by stupidity in that one as well.

One of the problems I had was that my CPU temps were spiking to 90C for some reason when my usual temps are usually around 30C. Left it to the computer techs for a few weeks only for them to tell me that those temps were normal and that I was being stupid for being concerned. I managed to fix it by playing with the BIOS, but I finally had change my cooler last month. Turns out that AIO liquid coolers only last about 2 or 3 years before the pump breaks or the liquid dries up inside, but those "computer experts" didn't know any of that. My advice when you finally build your computer is to get a full tower case and put the biggest air cooler you can get inside it, along with a couple more fans on top. Mid tower cases are usually not wide enough for the premium air coolers, so you'll be stuck with expensive liquid coolers that will only last a few years, if you game and over clock a lot. I've mainly just been going back into my library and playing Fallout 4, Dying Light, and Dishonored. My 980ti can't handle the latest games very well without turning down the settings to the point they look like shit. Besides, I'm not that into games, so I can wait for games to get cheaper over time.

I'm glad you're doing well. Didn't expect you to actually adopt a cat. What made you want to actually adopt a cat in the first place? Building electronics? Does this mean you have experience building computers and troubleshooting Windows? Didn't you tell me you've been with her for 2 years now? I think her ring finger is feeling a little lonely right about now xD

You might as well finish Mahou Shojo Site since you've already seen half of it. I didn't like Orange that much, but I think you might like Orange since it's a real tearjerker that many people really liked. I think you'll like Shiki too.
MAYOII Jul 13, 11:04 PM
oh thats not a problem to me i do believe that you reserve the right to reply back whenever you feel like since it's not something formulaic nor mandatory

ayy congrats cheeze!!!
and indeed its always helpful to save up some money, just in case something might happen

hmm, not sure if this sounds kinda personal to you but what are you going to do with those money?
any thoughts in particular, like perhaps purchasing a small apartment or buying yourself a new car?

well, how is your social life then if you want to talk about it?
have you been hangin gout with friends recently? or made any new friends irl/on the internet?
Iconic Jun 28, 2:28 AM
I'm guessing that you aren't liking Mahou Shoujo Site, if you're leaving it on hiatus for that long. LOL
Iconic Jun 28, 2:14 AM
You're not the only one that was gone for 6 months, so don't worry about it too much. I've been meaning to watch Suzuka for years, but I just never got around to it. Anyways, glad that things have settled down enough for you to actually watch anime again. As for why I was gone for 6 months... I'll just copy/paste what I wrote for someone else:

Basically, my internet was cut off yet again and I had to wait for them to fix it... again. *sigh* When I finally had my internet back, my computer started having all sorts of problems. It got to the point where I had to take it to the computer repair shop, where it stayed for a few weeks. What's worse was that right after they gave it back to me, other problems started popping up, so I had to take it back to them to finally get it in working order. Problem is that they didn't take what was going on with my computer seriously, so it took a while before I sort of got fed up and decided to take it back. Turns out that I knew better than them since I managed to figure out what was going on with my computer and get it working when they couldn't even figure out what was going on.

Anyways, I didn't get my computer working again until well into April. By that point, I was just so stressed and behind on everything that I just wanted to take a break from everything and do something else like playing some games. It wasn't until recently that I started finally trying to catch up with all the anime that I've been missing ll this time.

So how you've been?
MAYOII Jun 22, 2:03 PM
understandable you told me about your situation already
but im glad youre back now chissy!! and yikes ive been through a lot of changes im impressed you can still recognize me lol
so how are you now? i hope things are getting better for you now
i was on a hiatus too so i can somehow relate to you haha

and btw, are you enjoying mahou shoujo site at all?
ive seen it a month ago or so
the edginess actually got me into it
Syllveon Feb 6, 9:30 PM
Hello just passing by..

Who is that man on your profile?
Iconic Jan 9, 12:39 AM
Hey., how you've been? Happy New Year! I'm finally back after so long!

You're probably wondering why I've been gone for so long. The reason is because my internet was down and it simply too forever to get it fixed. At first I thought that something was wrong wit my modem, so I wanted to simply have them send me a new one, but they insisted that a technician come over and check out the connection itself. Problem is they could only come during day time on business days during the holiday season, so I had to wait for an opening where we both would be available. Fine, so I wait a little while without internet. Annoying, but I have a ton of anime stored in my computer that I still have to watch anyway. Problem is that every time the day of the appointment arrived, I'd wait all day for them all day, but they would never come. I'd call, ask, complain, but they would always promise me that someone would eventually come that day, only for no one to ever arrive. Reschedule, rinse, repeat several times. I later found out the reason was because I was considered "Low Priority" and I would be skipped over everyone else.

It wasn't until this weekend that I finally had my internet restored - and it wasn't simply because they decided to finally give me my internet back. They blew me off yet again and weren't even planning on coming after they themselves made the damned appointment in the first place. I had to call and essentially beg them to finally make me high priority and have someone come and give me my damn internet back. Waited some more and the technician called to tell me that he was working on my internet ALONG SIDE someone else's case. He wasn't even there to service my internet in the first place! I just happened to be within the same network as someone else - and that's the reason why he was even fixing my internet. It turns out that there was nothing wrong with my modem or my internet connection on my end at all. The reason why I had no internet was because some asshole had actually opened the internet network box outside and cut the damned wires. You'd think that someone literally cutting off people's connection would be high priority, but that is apparently not the case. What's worse is that my network box wasn't the only one that had the wires cut. The technician told me that several other internet boxes had their wires cut in my area alone, and that they had been going around fixing those damned boxes ever since. But people going around opening their internet network boxes and cutting the damned wires is considered "low priority". *sigh*
MAYOII Nov 10, 2018 1:15 PM
there are tons of successful people out there who haven't even attended college
rip on that
i do think parents should be supportive to their kid on education and career as always
and im sad to hear that from you
but don't worry you are still young there is time and opportunity
do you have any higher ambition by any chance? like producing your own music?

MAYOII Nov 8, 2018 11:39 AM
not being judgmental here but its kind of harsh on you
if i were you id had a serious conversation with my parents because it directly affects my career as well as my life lin the future (my parents support me to go to college and they will always encourage me)
and im sorry to hear that
audio industry? if you are interested and skilled enough to work in the field i think you should pursue it!
good luck on that!!! and i hope you can find a suitable job asap
MAYOII Nov 7, 2018 12:21 PM
I thought you are a post graduate student
if you don't mind me asking what kind of job are you looking for?
is it related to music? or gaming?
MAYOII Nov 5, 2018 12:17 PM
haven't heard of it but it sounds like a cool sport!
and yeah I do!
im fond of folk music in general whether it be classical or modern
whenever someone speaks of mememe, I always thought of that music video by teddyloid lel
I assume you are busy with your study right?
sometimes schoolwork can be overwhelming to me as well

Iconic Nov 5, 2018 1:50 AM
At this point, you might as well just wait fir the PS5 to come out in a couple of years. People have already been talking about that console being in development for a couple of years now. I think the reason why developers pay so little attention to their single player campaigns is because they think that most casual gamers only really care about multiplayer. Why spend all that money and time trying to develop a really good and long campaign when having a good multiplayer makes and breaks games? Even better: make your multiplayer pay to win and make even more money. Sad thing is that I think they're pretty much right about that. Most of the really popular games that you hear about are games where everyone is busy shooting each other on multiplayer. I heard that the Battlefield 1 campaign is good, but short because it focuses on 3 different characters on 3 different fronts. Battlefield 1 peaked my interest because it actually payed attention to WW1 - a war that's pretty much ignored by everyone because most of the guns are not automatic. Too bad I hear the next Battlefield 5 will throw out all that historical accuracy for social justice nonsense like women killing Nazis with metal arms and stuff like that. I feel that Nintendo will become just like Sega in the future and license their gimmicks and games to Sony and Microsoft. They seem that eager to throw their console business under the bus instead to giving a console that most gamers actually want to play with and developers actually want to make games for. I know that German belongs to the same language branch and English and Dutch, but I thought that Yiddish belonged to a separate branch originating in the Caucasus and Ukraine. Why would you want to learn Yiddish? The only reason why most people would want to learn Yiddish is because they're Jewish and want to talk to other Jews that speak Yiddish. I think that learning one of the Romance languages would be relatively easy for English speakers since a huge chunk of English is composed of French and Italian. What's worse is that the dollar loses value every year, but no one does anything about it other than more spending and raising taxes. Everyone knows that all this debt is completely unsustainable, but no one does anything about it because everyone gets really angry whenever anyone talks about cutting spending to something to balance the budget. Anyone with a brain knows that the government will just cut off retirement and benefits when declare bankruptcy in the end. It's been happening in a few cities and soon states will become insolvent as well. What's funny is that everyone wants to go to America even though America is so backwards it's embarrassing. Putting your phone on speaker doesn't really do much since the phone is in your pocket most of the time. Women can at least put their phones in their purse, but since most guys put their phones in their front pockets, their balls are getting microwaved several hours each day. 5G simply makes those microwaves even stronger. You're welcome. I knew you'd get more use out of it that I would. I don't even know how to download a torrent file. lol

Oh, believe me: I SUCK at strategy games, but it really doesn't matter when you're playing solo. What's most important is beating the level and that you're having fun while at it. I guess I suck because I just a turtler that likes researching everything to have that perfect army. Most people would just spam weak units and rush you as soon as they can, but I hate that. Tower defense isn't bad, but I hate having to just survive until the timer runs out all the time. That's why I also like city builder games. You can take your time to build your perfect city and some some city builders let you send an army to conquer new territory so you could build another city. I've played Command & Conquer Red Alert and Command & Conquer Generals, though I never heard of Supreme Commander. I'll check it out. Thanks. :)

The problem with waiting until Cyber Monday is that nearly all of the Nvidia 1080ti GPU's are sold out and the ones still left are going up in price. Since the 10 series are last gen GPU's, that means that it will never be made and sold again. You'll be forced into buying the way buying overpriced 20 series with tech that can't even be used yet. I think that AMD will be releasing their next generation CPU's in January or February and their GPU's in April. Nvidia will probably release their next generation of GPU's next August that will most likely be more reasonably priced. People are getting excited over news is that AMD is finally trying to compete with Nvidia on top tier gaming cards. That's because Nvidia has been copying Intel and Apple with abusing their monopoly to overprice their stuff. I say wait it out unless you're really set on building your new PC soon, though you could snag some good deals on cases and memory on Cyber Monday.

Those comedies that I recommended to you before should be a nice change of pace from horror. The smell is fun until you realize that it's stuck on your clothes and have to change to get rid of it. Next season is mostly sequels, but I'm pretty sure they'll come out for the finale when they finally see that goblin army with their newly enriched shields to protect them from cis-gender racists trying to stop them from enriching an entire town. XD

It always bothers me seeing videos of people walking around with those masks on everywhere they go. Not only are they not cheap, but they also hide a huge part of people's faces. There could be a cute girl under those masks and people would never know it. So basically everything in NYC is falling apart because it's so old and almost everyone is an asshole. That doesn't seem like a very nice place to even visit let alone live in. Wonder why everyone is such an asshole. At least NYC isn't as bad as this city.
Iconic Nov 1, 2018 6:06 AM
I guess people at Sony expect people to pay tons of money for top tier internet service, since that's the only way people won't lag and buffer while streaming. I haven't touched shooter games in a while, but I've always felt that companies payed more attention to multiplayer than their campaigns. You'd see all these amazing looking games and I'd always hear how they'd have this really simple and short story with only a handful of levels. What's worse is how companies these days love stripping games of half their content and releasing broken games. I hate greedy companies releasing incomplete games and forcing you to spend money just to basic elements that should've been part of the main game in the first place. Nintendo simply doesn't have anything else to release other than another Mario games since no third part developer wants anything to do with them anymore after Nintendo basically abandoned them long ago. Nintendo is basically stuck in a corner with releasing party games, since no real gamer would even bother playing a Nintendo as their main console in the first place. Nintendo should go back to their roots and release a real console that can actually compete with Xbox and Playstation, but I highly doubt they will. Nintendo seems to really love coming up with all these gimmicks that most gamers don't really care about. Wow, you actually love learning new languages? I want to learn Japanese because I really want to be able to watch anime without subs, but I wouldn't have never cared if it wasn't for anime. Isn't German super hard? I wouldn't even know how to pronounce all those insanely long words, but at least it isn't as bad as Thai. I don't think that Microsoft would give up on their monopoly of Xbox exclusives just to let people save money on expansions. I seriously don't know why the US lags behind on pretty much everything in the world other than anything related to war and defense. Japan has one of the richest culture in the world and some of the most advanced tech, with Europe really close behind. America is a third world country in comparison to those two. I'd be a little concerned with the radiation coming from 5G. There have been studies showing that cellphone radiation really does harm the body, and 5G has some of the strongest radiation yet. I guess I'll try out Bing sometime since I'm getting sick of Google. I found this a couple of weeks ago. Maybe this could help you out since I know you pirate a lot.

Personally, I prefer long and rich single player campaigns, strategy games, and city builders. I've always sucked at competitive games, so I just stay away from those to save myself from getting owned by some vulgar 11 year old. I'm having a hard time finding games to play since most of the interesting ones are multiplayer, or released by companies that are notorious for their abusive policies, spyware, and endless DLC. I've even seen people complaining about how companies even change their terms years after people bought the game, and disable it if people don't agree to the new conditions.

Be sure to pay very close attention to how much air flow the case is getting. Some cases say their really quiet, but get insanely hot, so the fans spin really loudly and everything has to throttle down to cool off. Waiting until next year will mean being able to buy better GPU's and CPU's, but I've heard that now is actually a good time to get some cheaper last generation cards. You should also pay attention to AMD for CPU's. Intel is unquestionably the best for CPU's, but AMD's CPU's are actually not that far behind. They're usually around 10%-20% slower than Intel, but 2-3 times cheaper. You should also consider what kind of CPU you're getting. Ryzen 5 and Intel i5 chips are the most cost efficient, but gamers that love good graphics and people who do editing should get the most expensive Ryzen 7 or Intel i7 chips instead. If your friend has built 2 computers, then he should know about everything I've been talking about.

Things get even more ridiculous in Mahou Shoujo Site, but I did warn you the reasoning was really stupid. I'm glad that Aya was able to yell out how stupid Sarina's reasoning was in that fight. The only problem I have with chilli is the smell. It's strong and doesn't go away fast enough. Still good though. And people are still going at it with comparing Goblin Slayer with whatever real life issues, but it seems to be dying down. Still funny seeing all those stupid responses though.

Japanese people take those masks to an extreme though. They wear those masks every single day simply because they're so damn shy about everything. Those masks only limit how far those germs spread, but doesn't do a thing about stopping germs from entering your body. Those masks wouldn't be necessary if people would just stay home instead of going out when they're really sick. Never been to NYC, but I've heard that it's really dirty and the trains are a mess. Is that true?