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Oct 10, 2019
If I'm giving an objective review of this anime, it's a 3 as such I shall spoil the shit out of it without mercy.

It has exactly 2 good ideas and has a alright soundtrack. Those two ideas are.

1: The dragon people being samurai or at least eastern inspired. I just always enjoy this so this is a personal thing.

2: Hajime adopting Myu is unironically wholesome and is the best character interaction in the entire anime. I am a sucker for hardass/edgelords becoming doting dads, so of course this is my favorite legitimate aspect of the show.

Now you may have noticed that I scored this read more
Mar 30, 2017
I'm not gonna lie, the only reason why I watched this anime was because of a recommendation list that said it was about a princess gitting gud. Which I am a sucker for good female leads (Moribito being one of my favorite anime.) What I got was a decent little show about a princess in fact gitting gud. Spoilers below though Ill be very vague on them for those wanting to watch this series
(Overall I give this an anime a 6/10 for the TL/DR)

The story is about the female lead Yona turning 16 and having a nice party that suddenly stops being nice when her read more
Mar 28, 2017
Hand Shakers was an "Attempt" at an action SOL story with some deeper meaning behind it. Fortunately it failed at that and became a fun train wreck to watch, except when it actively tries to give you motion sickness with its camera movement, poor action, and poor art. Fair warning, I don't expect you to watch this so I will be spoiling some things about this show.

It has a soundtrack though, albeit I don't remember it but it didn't make my ears bleed.

The characters were all a singular personality trait with a gimmick, whether it be "Doting sister who reads tarot cards" or "Generic idol read more
Dec 17, 2016
From start to finish Bloodivores was a god awful train wreck that tried to do literally everything and the kitchen sink at the same time. It tried to be a mystery/action/romance/Sc-fi/horror(?) and failed at all of them. If anything it should have classified itself as a comedy because all it got out of me was a good chuckle at the sheer stupidity of the story and some of its scenes. One of my favorite scenes involved a character being stabbed and suddenly they act as if they were not stabbed in every other scene afterward.

Honestly the only thing saving this anime from a 1 is read more