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Eden: It's an Endless World!
Nov 26, 3:37 AM
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EmilioX 6 hours ago
Yeah it's stupid and really random. They banned Pokémon, but Mario Kart mobile was fine, while they have the same lootbox like mechanics. I don't really get it, just inform parents a lot better, so they'll think twice before just giving their kids their creditcard numbers or something. I mean lootboxes are fine, just don't spend money on them, if you don't want to get random stuff. I mean then they should ban casino's as well, but that would mean the government would lose money, so that doesn't count as "illegal gambling". It's all stupid, It would really suck if I have to get to a lot of trouble to play games with lootboxes, I like to play, where I never spend anything on a lootbox. Fifa and Overwatch both have them, so I hope they are not gonna ban those. Banning things is like I said just dumb, let people just do what they like, as long as it isn't a crime.
That indeed is a very interesting children show ^^'
Yesteday I accendently stumbled across this gem , also a children show.

Haha I get that it is pretty funny to exaggerate a bit and scare the tourist a bit. I fully understand what you mean, when you grow up there you learn different rules to live in harmony with the wildlife. Here we don't really learn much about them, since they are all not very dangerous. The most scary venomous animal here is probably a normal wasp for most people. Haha petting a Kangeroo doesn't seem very smart to me either, I mean they are not called wild animals for no reason. It is fun to see people having a boxing match with Kangeroos sometimes in online funny compilations. ^^

I see I saw it once in a nature documentary, someone checked his shoes and there was a big spider inside.
Yeah I asked the question because I learned a bit about the box jellyfish, they are supposed to be the most venomous animal on the planet. They are so tiny, it's so strange that something so tiny has so much venom and they are hard to spot.
Haha yeah I've seen your countries football, it's really manly. :o
I would probably be really nervous encountering a black widow, I think funnel-web ones are even more scary. But don't those spiders also try to build a web inside the house or your room?

Yeah some of my family members watch Bondi beach, I never saw it though. We also have dangerous waters here, with underwater currents that can drag you to your demise. No, pretty close though, I'm from the Netherlands, a small country next to Germany. ^^
(haha no problem I was the one asking it, and it was very informative)
EmilioX Dec 8, 4:51 AM
I see here 18+ is only giving to erotic movies and games, everything else is 16 or less. Our country was always very easygoing in banning things, but the recently started with the ban of some games that have lootbox-mechanics, cause they are seen a gambling. The banned Pokémon masters here, which is really weird, a Pokémon game being banned. XD
I must say I've heard about Australia banning games.
No problem, a visual novel can also been seen as a game of course. ^^

Thanks that really gave me some insight into Australia. I guess if you are used to it and grow up with all those animals living around you, they don't really scare you anymore. Here the most venomous animal we have is just a regular viper and large bank spider, both are very very rarely lethal and are most often comparable to the sting of a normal wasp. I think the media also has a role into the fair for the animals of Australia. I mean here you only read about some of the lethal bites from animals, not about the many more people that survived the bite. It also paints a picture that those animals are aggressive, while most only bite from being scared or corned and even then not always inject venom. I love watching those nature documentaries about the wildlife in Australia.

Since you like answering questions about Australia I have a few ^^
Do you check your shoes before wearing them?
Does the coastal guard wear like long socks or something for jellyfish?
Have you ever seen a black widow spider/redback spider?

It's very cool that you've saved someone from drowning!
Here almost everyone also learns to swim, cause a part of our country is next to the sea.
EmilioX Dec 7, 6:35 AM
Haha I can see why XD
No I'm not really for banning stuff, expect stuff that is illegal to watch. It was indeed weird and left and I didn't really know what to feel after seeing it. I see, game as in a video game or more virtual novel?

Sorry, with DVD-box I meant the full series ^^'
It's nice to see that market getting a big bigger, I think here some online markets are also seeing that Anime starts to sell in Europe as well. So I hope they will follow along with that trend.

Since you live in Australia I had to ask, have you encountered many venomous animals? They have always fascinated me, even though I really don't like big spiders. XD (I hope you don't mind me asking btw)
EmilioX Dec 5, 5:09 AM
Well I guess if you are not easy to disturb I might seem not controversial or anything. I does have some shocking moments and was able to disturb me once, which is something I didn't expect. The anime that disturbed me most was Chika Gentou Gekiga: Shoujo Tsubaki, that one wasn't really good and really weird. Well I might have to make an exception and watch a H-rated anime then ^^
I guess if you really want to disturb people to the fullest you might not get away with just a R+ rating.

Very cool, I also want to get the DVD-box of it someday. Nice you got one, If I want one I have to order it from Amazone probably. It's a shame my country isn't really having much of a anime market. I wish you a lot of watching pleasure. ;)

Yeah the ending was very bittersweet, I also definitely shed a tear. If you think about it, it's indeed weird how a trip to Antarctica could make for such a good anime. I guess it was the enthusiasm of the main characters and the fact that I think almost everyone was cheering on them, to make their journey a succes. Then only to hit us with that sad scene.
I was a good anime, not sure about the manga, but I can only imagine it's as good as well.
EmilioX Nov 30, 11:30 AM
Well I think if you want to dive into the world of the more controversial anime especially those about controversial relationships you need an open-mind to enjoy them. Otherwise you will probably only think this is wrong the whole anime. I get why people can get upset from the dog scene, I also don't like animals getting tortured, but why Higuriashi? I've seen both, but they where both a bit gruesome, but nothing to bad?
Well according to MAL it is, I don't really watch H-title, cause controversial anime already have pretty bad stories most of the time and with H - titles I will probably be even worse. Well maybe If I've seen all the controversial anime's.

That is a shame, Afterstory is soo good. If you ever plan on watching it, I would advise watching the first season again before.

I've seen that one as well, it's a lot of fun. Never though an anime would made me want to travel to Antarctica. :)
Death note is good, have you seen the anime?
EmilioX Nov 27, 11:01 AM
Well mostly ones about Controversial relationships, Oreimo, Yosuga no Sora, Kodomo no Jikan, Koi Kaze and a few others that are not really worth mentioning. :)
I haven't really found another type of controversially, that I find controversial.

I love Clannad, it's so good. ^^

What anime/manga are you currently working on? :)
-LADD_RUSSO- Nov 26, 3:44 AM
Nice :) I might give it a try this week.. I also started watching one piece a few months ago.. I am only on episode 86 I think.. I do want to start watching more quite soon again or even react to it on youtube... I have a channel but only 2 videos at the moment since I don't really know which anime to really watch/react to these days. I am thinking to finish all the old anime like inuyasha, fairy tail, slayers first since I am a really big fan of old anime and old animation/artstyle, and maybe have 1 on-going/ short anime in-between.
-LADD_RUSSO- Nov 26, 2:58 AM
So far I enjoy it a lot ! It's an anime I always wanted to watch from start to finish since I have a lot of memories from when I used to watch it on TV.. but never got to actually watch the anime from the beginning to end :) It's a very captivating story, that's for sure. What is a place further than the universe about?
-LADD_RUSSO- Nov 26, 2:13 AM
Not too bad :) Just watching some morning Inuyasha :d What about you?
EmilioX Nov 25, 12:06 PM
No problem ;)
I'm doing very well, thanks for adding me!

Good question, I don't really have a specific genre or anything I'm into. I like to mix thing up a bit. Watch a psychological horror and follow up with comedy for example. I do like a controversial anime once in a while. How about you?
EmilioX Nov 24, 3:58 PM
Hello thanks for adding me,

How are you doing? :)
SacoTaco Nov 24, 8:31 AM
So tempted to go on a rant cuz I'm a Steins;Gate nerd, but I'll just say yes. It's good.
SacoTaco Nov 23, 11:03 PM
Watch some Steins;Gate if you haven't already! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞