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Feb 2, 2017
The first episode came with a whirlwind of world-building which was a little fast a lot at once. The gist of it from what I could grasp was that there was a very important island in which the Bantorra Library stood, holding all the books of people who had passed away. Apparently every person who dies has the essence of their life somehow manifest into a stone tablet, which is a “book” that can be read by people who simply touch it with their bare skin. These books must be protected because they’re sacred, and the ones that are about certain important people might have read more
Jan 14, 2017
It’s been a while since I’ve read a shoujo manga that made me squeal so much. I was recommended “Love So Life” by a friend of mine many years ago and while the cover looked cute, I was annoyed by its being incomplete at that time. I’m a fast reader, so it’s even worse when the manga is still updating. Nevertheless, I kept it on my list to read and when it was done, I read it quite quickly, only stopping when I had to focus on finals. The friend that had recommended it to me said that she loved fluffy shoujo series that were read more
Dec 13, 2016
I have to admit that when I sat down for the first episode, I was quite perplexed by the mix of historical and mecha. Granted, though one of the listed genres is not “historical,” I came to think of it that way because of the world Hitomi was transported to. It’s a place where there are little towns, castles, knights… I mean, they don’t even have guns yet! But they also have air ships, cannons, and powerful robots. For about a third of the series I was kind of thrown off by it; historical mecha is cool but definitely a bit strange.

The other thing that read more
Dec 3, 2016
I find the synopsis for this manga to be a little bit misleading. While it’s true that a lot of revolves around Tenma Tsukamoto, an airhead who has a huge crush on her oblivious classmate Oji Karasuma, it’s a long manga, and more of it is about the affairs of other pupils. More of Tenma’s efforts to get Karasuma’s attention lie in the latter third of the manga. Another good bit is about the school delinquent Harima Kenji trying to get his feelings across to Tenma, who is even more unaware of his strange actions than Oji seems to be of Tenma’s not-so-subtle advances. Then read more
Nov 5, 2016
I’m sure you’ve seen this type of situation before. If you’ve watched Ugly Betty or know of any other modern Cinderella adaptation, you know the popular tale in which a not so good-looking girl is made up into one that will drop the jaws of everyone who scorned her before. In other words, physical self improvement is the first step toward emotional and mental maturation into a better person. Or if you’re a pessimistic person, you could say that looks are everything.

This is definitely not a new concept to shoujo, especially since most shoujo have female protagonists. Here comes a long a handsome boy who read more
Oct 23, 2016
Within the first few pages of this oneshot I was a bit confused seeing a boy and a girl interacting, thinking that it didn’t start from the beginning of the manga. The main character was supposed to be a crow that turned into a human later, but it was a unique drawing concept—in a lot of the scenes, the main character and even some other crows were drawn as miniature humans with crows’ wings. I suppose it made it easier to distinguish the black crows from each other, but for Shiro it made no difference. They were not human-like all the time; in a few read more
Oct 1, 2016
I’m sure a lot of readers could relate to Nagisa at the beginning of the story. She’s matured enough to see that she needs to start living in this world and thinking of her future despite what her classmates are doing around her. In other words, she’s the typical pre-teen who’s starting to get a grasp of reality. Then, in drops this freaky transfer student who’s captivated everyone because she’s the daughter of a famous singer and has a pretty face. That’s not as relatable, but it’s quite typical to manga of the school genre: a new kid comes and changes the protagonist’s life.

Despite that read more
Sep 8, 2016
I came in with expectations before watching this because I had finished reading the two-volume manga a week before. Both the anime and manga are based on the light novel, but it seems the anime took things a little further and didn’t include what was in the second volume of the manga.

Anyway, I know this anime was probably quite popular back in the day with young girls. There’s a beautiful young lady who’s misunderstood and finds comfort in a mysterious and devilishly handsome man who is in need of her fairy services. She can see fairies! He sparkles so much when he saves her life! read more
Sep 4, 2016
I can only imagine there being so much hilariousness occurring in an office for public services. Yes, Yamagami’s breast size is definitely noticed, but it’s not the driving point of the series, to my relief. The characters made every work day exciting by just being themselves. I found myself having to hold back my laughter while I was watching in my room late at night. Who knew adults could have so much fun at work?

Despite my skepticism at first, I liked how the anime started out. The viewer rides on the coattails of the three newbies who arrive for their first day working as civil read more
Sep 3, 2016
I picked up this manga seeing how lovely the cover art was. Plus, I could see a beautiful ship approaching with the two main characters on it, Lydia and Edgar. The title was also alluring: The Earl and the Fairy. I adore historical manga as I do historical fiction, so I was sold on the description of a Victorian romance set in 19th century England involving fairies and other mystical creatures. This manga proved to be a delightful mix of mystery, love, and fantasy.

The author sets up the story quite nicely, describing the Victorian era by clothing, setting, and speech. Right away readers can see read more