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Dec 26, 2015
To all the people who says this show is just too mysterious with it's plot and you can't understand it, therefore giving it a bad score, ohmygoodness, if you just paid a LITTLE more attention like maybe reading the story and actually TRY to understand it, then you'll get it.

Now first i'll say the cons, this show woulve got a 10 from me if some scenes were better, here's some parts: 1: If Nagare died first from losing power from the slates, how does the girl bring Fushimi back up the surface, she woulve lost read more
Nov 25, 2015
I was going to cry at the end.
Ok, this ova when you first see the synopsis on MAL, it gives you a WHAT? reaction. But that shouldn't keep you from watching it. I assume you already watched Date A Live and finished both seasons to watch and find this ova to watch. Enough dillydallying, into the episode.

Story 10/10
The story first starts with Kurumi, the worst Spirit, at one side of the sidewalk, and the other side of the sidewalk, is Shido. Kurumi asks Shido on a date surprisingly and I know what you are thinking, This girl tried to kill him. BUUUt, Shido under circumstances read more
Aug 3, 2015
This show I thought was really good in the first few episodes, and then boy was I wrong, this anime turned out excatly what I expected, everything the anime was gonna do, i already predicted it. They do it so expected that it wasn't even fine. The animation for like the last few episodes were poor, things were getting copy and pasted, the battle scenes were not exciting, and what's suppose to be a Boss is animated poorly. The characters, there are way too many, and of cource, that means that like half of the characters we barely get to know them, the anime basically read more