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Mar 10, 2017
I have kind of stopped writing reviews as of late for a few reasons, but I went to see this film last night and it really made me want to say a few words about it.

The art was just spectacular and it was nothing less from the mega franchise of SAO. The way that the world would transform around them and become the fantasy-esq world is one of the coolest ways that they could make the real world exciting and enjoyable to look at. I would actually enjoy watching the different areas change into something dark and evil that was once just a normal read more
Sep 28, 2016
Sousei no Onmyouji (Twin Star Exorcists) (MID-SEASON REVIEW)

Art/Characters: So there are a few things that are unique to this show (or maybe it’s this genre) that make the art pretty cool. First and foremost, the character designs themselves are nice to look at and the colors surrounding them are great. There are a few weird design choices that were made, and some of them work to the benefit of the show while others are more of a distraction. An example of something good: Seigen’s dark circles under his eyes show that he really struggles to sleep at night. But Rokuro’s teeth are more like a read more
Sep 27, 2016
Orange (Anime) add (All reviews)

Art/Characters: I really love the art style of this show because of how natural it feels. There is no over the top hair or out of line characters, but it really feels like there are real people on the other side of this animation. That being said, I really enjoyed watching the emotion that came over the characters when it came to the really sensitive parts. The emotion here isn’t even over the top, and that is really fantastic to see a character show that kind of genuine emotion. The characters themselves are really great as well. Naho, the lead has a lot of dynamics, read more
Sep 27, 2016
Rewrite (Anime) add (All reviews)

Art/Characters: So the art style for this show is pretty traditional for a stereotypical harem, but there are a few differences. The main thing being that a lot of the characters really look alike when you just glance at them. I had legitimate struggles telling the difference between three characters because their face and their hair styles are so similar. As for the rest of the cast, there are two Moe girls and one sassy/tough girl, and this is all exemplified through their art style. The interesting thing about this art is how cartoonish is can get at times. Sometimes things will be serious and read more
Sep 26, 2016
Love Live! Sunshine!

Art/Characters: The interesting thing about this new season of Love Live! is how similar things are. While the art is almost identical, there is a more modern feel to it and the character designs at least feel somewhat original. Unfortunately, It is just a little too similar when it comes to the characters together. For a lot of the first few episodes, I had trouble keeping up with which character was which, and I wouldn’t say that it an uncommon issue. But aside from that things were fluid and fun to watch. The other thing that I loved to see is what the read more
Sep 26, 2016
Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara

Art/Characters: The art style is just like the previous season; that is to say it is impeccable. The sharp design and the detail of not only the people but of the food as well is really what makes this show stick out among the crowd. The way the food is presented and the flavors can be seen rather than just heard about drags me into this world of food and excitement. One of the best parts about this art is the amount of detail that the food has as a finished product. If layers are important to the composition of read more
Sep 24, 2016

Art/Characters: When first seeing this art, I was a little hesitant, but overall it looked pretty cute and the characters seemed to be interesting, so I gave it a go. I was not disappointed after watching just one or two episodes. The colors are really bright and cute and the animation is fluid and easy to follow. Overall I felt that this show was really easy on the eyes. One of the other things that I really appreciated about this art style is how crisp the characters look. The surroundings are the same way, and because of this, it didn’t look like the characters were read more
Sep 23, 2016

Art/Characters: The art style of this show is quite nice to look at, and some of the scenes are so beautiful and so all-encompassing that it really makes one feel special. The look of the water and the and the style of each of the characters really make the show come to life. Each character has their own unique look to them (save for the twins) and have a unique personality. The one downside to this would be the faces that the characters occasionally make. For example, Pikari, when she gets really excited she goes extremely simple and kind of ridiculous and has a completely read more
Sep 23, 2016
Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! (This Art Club Has A Problem!)
Art/Characters: Before anything else, I need to say how much I love the opening animation to this show. It shows the basic steps to drawing a character and making it come to life, and the characters are the main ones in the show. It’s a play on images! I think that is just so much fun and then it shows well how they all interact together and all of the confusion that the show promises is available to see in the opening animation. As for the art of the show as a whole read more
Sep 20, 2016
Taboo Tattoo

Art/Characters: The art style is really solid. There is a little bit of similarity between some of the characters, but they were so minute and so easily distinguishable that if I had just seen the previous character, I would be able to distinguish between the two of them. However I felt that if I had fallen behind that I would struggle to figure out the placement of some characters. The light and the colors that are a theme throughout the show are really nice to look at and even though things get crazy and the lines get blurred. The characters themselves are really interesting read more