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Dec 23, 2009
11eyes (Anime) add (All reviews)
I was beyond shocked. When I began to watch 11eyes, I was hoping that at least it was better than Chaos Head. But, as it turns out, my hopes were dashed at the final episode. Maybe these types of animes deserve more than 12 episodes, neh?

Story: 10/10
The storyline. I was fascinated with it. The first episode dragged me into watching and obsessing over this series instantly. At least the story was great.

Art: 10/10
I'm just a sucker for animes that don't have bad animation. They animators did a fabulous job with this series.

Sound: 9/10
One song here and there that didn't exactly fit the situation at read more
Jul 15, 2009
Ahahaha~ I rated everything a ten. No. I'm not some mindless idiot who thought this series was the best thing since sliced bread. I'm a fellow reviewer who KNOWS this series is the best thing since sliced bread. Anyway, on with the review!

Story: 10/10
If you loved Natsume Yuujinchou's storyline, then you'll love Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou just the same. I honestly have a thing for 'characters who are shunned by others because of their special abilities' when it comes to anime. And I loved how they developed the story throughout the series. Makes it more enjoyable to watch.

Art: 10/10
The art . . . The art's amazing. read more
Jun 9, 2009
Another World, Tomoyo Chapter. Hm. On with the review.

Story: 8/10
The story was pretty good, although it gave me more of an incentive to not like Tomoyo x Tomoya. But, that aside, the story was good. Hilarious moments thanks to Tomoyo and of course, our fellow Sunohara.

Art: 10/10
I LOVED the art. It fitted every situation that happened during this special.

Sound: 10/10
Same as above. ;P Except replace 'art' with 'sound'.

Character: 10/10
Characters, as always, were enjoyable and you can't help but like every single character that appears in this special. But, not every character from CLANNAD appears in this.

Enjoyment: 5/10
Enjoyment . . . Eh, I did want read more
Jun 9, 2009
Ah. The infamous Chaos;Head. To be honest, I thought this series was going to be a great one, one that will make it to my faves list. Of course, I should have known from the first episode that it would suck. But anyway, on with the review.

Story: 3/10
Normally, I wouldn't give the story such a low score. After all, the story is the heart of the anime, isn't it? But, if it weren't for the fact that I am highly interested in murder/mystery/thriller plots, I would have given this story a 1 out of 10. The story itself was the most rushed story I had read more
Feb 19, 2009
Yuugiou 5D's is, honestly, the best Yuugiou series out of Generation Next and Duel Monsters. I know we all got irratated with Yuugiou thanks to GX, but after watching the first episode, 5D's, like DM, even though it may look sort've weird and outlandish, it manages to suck you into watching it.

Story: 10/10
At first, the storyline may seem a little weird. Well, due to the fact the story line actually varies, yes. It does seem weird. But you'll grow to like it and love it even.

Art: 8/10
Honestly, if the animation wasn't so weird at random intervals, I could have given this a 10/10 also. read more
Jan 23, 2009
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: The Second Spin-off of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. And this special proves so.

For example. we start out with the Atemu-like protagonist, Yusei Fudou, and the Kaiba personality/Raphael looking Jack Atlus. And they're dueling with their most valuble cards, Stardust Dragon and Red Demon's Dragon.

Honestly, I am a bit ticked off at the fact that the creators and writers would go a long way just to re-enact one of the past episodes. But the animation really does make up for that, believe me. Basically, watch the series before watching the special.

I enjoyed this special, actually. And the Booster effects and such. It's not exactly what read more