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Nov 23, 2012
So obviously this is a short manga, therefore the story line is definitely not great, but it works. Each chapter kinda seems separate from each other but again it's short. Other than that this manga is hilarious. I know, it's not a comedy, but it's just so absurd that it's funny. I mean the characters are all bishies who cosplay as hero rangers (like Power Rangers) and thwart evil plans, no matter how serious they try to be I just can't take them seriously. Maybe I have a weird sense of humor, but the events in this manga are just so outrageous that it read more
May 13, 2012
*I have only red the first 2 chapters because I can't find the others online*
Story: 10
I have to admit, I read way too much shoujo manga than I should. As much as I am a fan of it, I will readily admit that there's 5 basic plot lines to any shoujo. This manga does not fit any of them. It certainly isn't a very light hearted fluffy manga, and it certainly does not make me think of 16 other mangas while I read it. The plot line is very unique and it's definitely an interesting one. It starts out semi typical with the whole girl-who-was-bullied-moved-to-new-town-got-a-boyfriend read more