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Jun 19, 2019
Pathetic till the end;

Watching the first episode somewhat interested me to look into this Anime. But that's all about it. As i started watching the later episodes, i started to lose interest. I'm giving this anime 8, beacuse i want to see the 2nd Season.

Story (8/10) : story is fairly good even more considering that this is an Isekai Anime. Despite the good story and its potential, anime adaptation was very poor.

Character (8/10) : Talking about characters, i continued this anime just for "NAOFUMI" & "RAPHTALIA" as these were very decent character and MATURE.
NAOFUMI was perhaps the only MATURE character including read more
May 23, 2019
Reikenzan (2nd Season) :

One of the favorite Anime for me.
I underestimated the Anime at first (anyone will) when saw the rating; WHAT YOU THINK OF AS PRECIOUS MIGHT JUST BE A THING FOR OTHERS. It seem to me like another anime with same type of MC who wants to achieve something & he is the best in whatever he does. This is true in case of this Anime too, BUT.......

Why you should watch REIKENZAN (1+2 seasons) :
- Best PROTAGONIST (my favorite) (gave 10 because of MC)
- Comedy
- Learn how to get STRONG (literally the concepts are correct)
- Adventure read more
Sep 26, 2018
This is one such Anime i would recommend to anybody to watch. Like any other SPORTS genre Anime, you won't get bored with this series. At least, i didn't get bored with it.
The only Spoiler is SWIMMING in this review.

It is a decent series about a bunch of guys who loves SWIMMING. You will surely like this series, i hope.
I gave it 8, doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with this Anime. I give 9 & 10 rating only to those Anime who are on my favourite list.

Anyway, watch this series and i hope you'll love SWIMMING.