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Jul 30, 2020
After reading NOZOKI ANA manga, i think this is "one of my favorite" manga both in Ecchi & Romance genre.
NOZOKI ANA tells the events that happens in the life of TATSUHIKO KIDO after he is blackmailed by his neighbor EMIRU IKUNO.
This manga is full of "ECCHI" & Romance. It isn't short on ECCHI.
As for the story, its full of comedy. Its not just Ecchi, you'll experience plenty of emotions here.
My favorite character is EMIRU in this manga. She is an adorable, mischievous character. She is also the female lead in this story.

It has a Happy end, so don't worry & read more
Jun 21, 2020
TSUGU TSUGUMOMO mostly focuses on KAZUYA & KIRIHA encountering various new "Amasogi" born from "Malison". Malison is a type of fog that makes people's wish come true be it for good or bad as explained in the first episode.

New characters are introduced like "Tsukumogami(s) from Mayoiga".

Art & Animation are definitely good with catchy OP & ED songs.

Most importantly, this season is nothing short on ECCHI with many special & funny moments. KIRIHA is my favorite character in this series.

TSUGUMOMO (both season) is a special Anime to me. Its all the elements like ACTION, ANIMATION, CHARACTERS, COMEDY, ECCHI, SOUND which makes it read more
Jun 9, 2020
KAIBUTSU OUJO (Monster Princess) manga is about a guy named HIRO who after death is resurrected by a Monster Princess named LILIANE. HIRO's very main purpose as a servant is to safeguard "Hime", but because of being weak he is only capable to act as a shield to protect LILIANE. There are many other main characters in LILIANE's royal family like a werewolf, Vampire, Android Human, Hiro's sister SAWAWA. LILIANE will have to fight with her siblings for the throne. Its like a survival game.
Just like the anime, every chapter here shows different events/situations for survival in LILIANE's royal life when HIRO becomes read more
May 31, 2020
"Liar Game: Roots of A" -- is supposedly a prequel to the long "LIAR GAME" manga. I haven't read the original one (its sequel) & this review is going to be on this 6 chapters manga/short stories.

-- All these 6 chapters are short stories based on different psychological phenomena such as FORTUNE-TELLING, PSYCHOLOGY, DESTINY & FATE.
-- I found the stories really heartwarming & each story has a good end. Once you reach the end, you really ask for more.
-- The MCs in each stories are really likable characters and with nice personalities.

Overall, It was a good read for me & read more
May 28, 2020
DRAGON BALL SUPER is the sequel of my favorite anime series DRAGON BALL & DRAGON BALL Z.
GOKU, the protagonist of this story is going to get much much stronger and fight with stronger guys on universal level.
Many of you surely know this much, even without me telling. The journey was surely fun & i won't say anything about its pacing and stuff, since i like it either way. It's not slow paced, its just that fighting is described more in the anime, so it takes more episodes.

STORY (9) :-
The story is surely my favorite element of DRAGON BALL. Its just about read more
May 25, 2020
OVER DRIVE is an Anime based of SPORTS (Professional) CYCLING.
The protagonist SHINOZAKI is a weak & coward guy (but awesomly frank), who gets involved into CYCLING sport after being recommended by the girl he has a crush on. His only motivation of doing cycling for a girl later develops into much more, that he then likes the sport itself. Him going stronger and change himself to get liked by the girl he has crush on is what is shown in this Anime. It is an anime about A GUY UNDERGOING CHANGE.

STORY (9) :
Story is not exceptional/unique, but amazing. A guy decides something read more
May 25, 2020
SHIJOU SAIKYOU NO DESHI KENICHI is a fighting based ANIME. It is about a guy named KENICHI who starts learning martial arts to grow stronger after meeting a girl. The Anime shows his journey to become the strongest disciple & his very motivation is the girl MIU with whom he is living under the same roof. But this journey is not what he expects. He is trained by the masters of various martial arts who won't hold back on him & whom they treat as their precious disciple.

This is not a Romance Anime, but it is made clear in some episodes that KENICHI read more
May 23, 2020
HIGH SCHOOL DxD is one of my favourite Romance Anime & perhaps even tops the list. Here's the Review :
ISSEI, the main protagonist of this story is a Perverted Guy (Human) who is turned into a DEVIL after being killed. RIAS GREMORY is the devil girl who helps him by turning him into her devil servant. ISSEI as a devil now & works for RIAS as one of her family.

ART (10) :
Art is similar you get to see in old classy Anime & similar as in POKEMON & BEYBLADE & DRAGON read more
May 23, 2020
GOLDEN BOY shows the story of KINTARO, a 25 years old perverted guy & a TOKYO UNIVERSITY dropout & a guy with enormous possibilities. He travels from place to place to obtain new knowledge & skills and encounters different females during his journey. He seems to be a idiotic guy, but every female have their crush on him in the end.

# I like this Anime because :
-- The female art is adorable, beautiful,, cute & EROTIC. The expressions are something that makes one's heart DOKI-DOKI. I like the classy animations in the old Anime. read more
May 20, 2020
AKAGAMI NO SHIRAYUKI-HIME is best described as a Very Good anime & that is in a "NORMAL" Sense. This Anime is about a girl with unusual red hairs, who escapes her country to safeguard her independence & to study as a Herbalist. She then meets a guy (later found out to be a prince of a neighbour country) & become friends with him. This guy gives her a place in his country & from then developments happens........
read more