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Jan 9, 2020
I was intrigued by the cover of the manga, and felt like this would be some cute couple doing cute things. Well, it is, but they added a hint of uniqueness. This is my first manga ever read, and I can say that I don't regret it. If I were to recommend this to my friends, I'd probably recommend it to the girls. Not gonna lie, I am a boy and there were countless times I somehow felt a romantic excitement towards a few scenes. The cuteness overload really killed the shit out of me.

The story centers Suiren Shibazeki as she walks by, boys turn read more
Jan 1, 2020
Have you ever played an MMO game, or experienced roleplaying online with people you don't know-? Have you got a feeling that urges you to know what their IRL feels like-? Or are you simply curious to know them better-? I actually felt that feeling. I won't extend my review further.

We have our main character, Morioka Moriko, or simply Morimori-chan. She was a successful 30-year-old career woman who quit her job after deciding to become an elite NEET. She then decides to play Fruits de Mer, a popular MMO game and creates a male character named Hayashi. She seemed to be struggling in fighting a read more
Dec 30, 2019
Tsurezure Children is unique. I wouldn't extend my review further, because of the time length of the series. But I absolutely enjoyed it.

Have you ever felt this thing when your watching an anime, your waiting for the episode to air just so that you can see your favorite character in action? Or to see them in screen-? That's what I felt after watching Tsurezure Children. I'd like to point out that Takano Chizuru and Sugawara Takuro is my favorite couple out of this series. I could very relate to her, I'm too shy to accept my feelings towards my crush, that I deny it. Of read more
Dec 30, 2019
I saw it, it was simple, yet effective. I won't lie, in the first episode, I went crybaby mode. If you haven't seen the series and you're just scrolling through the review section to know people's opinion, I highly recommend you to watch this show. I won't further extend my review because there's nothing really to talk about, instead, I'll give you three words to describe it. "Inspiring, Cute, Euphoria"

Let's further talk about the elements. The story takes off after the sudden death of their parents, two young brothers named Ryūichi Kashima and his younger brother Kotarō are left alone and having no place to read more
Dec 28, 2019
Have you ever felt a feeling of "Damn, I really want another season." and you start to lurk down the internet, hoping a new season would pop up. This was the feeling I experienced. Take note that my vocabulary is not the best.

First, let's start at the story, it's your typical shojo where the main girl and boy fall in love, but somewhat it differs from many anime that is shojo. I don't know how to express what I'm feeling but this is quite unique, by the way, at first I thought the story had some connections with a delinquent falling in love with his read more