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Sep 15, 2017
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Before i start, let me "warm you up" a bit.


Koe de Oshigoto. Work using voice. The first time you see that title, what are you expecting? Some people who uses their voice for their job? Yes, you got them. The hardship of being a voice actor plus a bit of love story.

ReLIFE. It has Re which i assume is something similar to Re from Rewind or Replay, and it has Life. Most likely the story is about people who try to correct their life for some reason. So is the story really ends up like what the title suggests? Yes, it is. The MC are read more
Aug 31, 2016
How will you score a hentai where you can't fap to it? This is one of the hentai where it's so calming, you can't use it for fapping.

By the way, let's see what do we have here..

+ Calming setting, not NTR, blackmail, cheating or whatnot. Prolly not their daily cup of tea for some people.
+ Very detailed art.
+ Fluid animation. This and the previous pro makes this series like "Kabaneri : the Hentai." Good, yet looks so old.
+ Nice moan. Really, no exaggerated ah ah ah. Though afai watch, there's one of the maid who sounds weird lol

Aug 23, 2016
What's the difference between the original GBF and GBF Try? GBF (especially the ending) makes my heart cried a lot, while GBF Try (as a whole) makes me cringed a lot.

The reason why you want to watch this is most likely you want to see more of Mirai and Fumina's (or Gyanko too if you like her) tits, that's it.


I personally watched Try because i watch GBF and i watch this OVA because i watch Try, and i regret it. Try is already so wrong in the first place, and this OVA still keeps it. It's too.. shonen. Really. A lot of screaming, a lot read more
Jan 9, 2012
This is only 20-50 seconds of parodied scenes in Higurashi.. Some from first season, some from second season..

A bit spoiler for you..

Story : Some are fanservice,
some are just short scene with different conversation in the real series,
some are something like behind-the-scene scene,
some are scene-that-not-exist-in-TV scene,
and some are scene that maybe hard to understand, even you already watch all episodes of Higurashi..

It's funny if you already watch Higurashi, but maybe NOT funny if you hadn't watch the series before..

Art : Not too bad, but not too good either..

Sound : Nothing special.. Really..

Character : Some scene will expose the "hidden" feeling of some character.. (and read more
Jan 6, 2012
Story : This special is only filled with fanservice and some rather "stupid" comedy.. Watch episode 6 to see something you can't see in the TV version..

Art : Wow, especially the fan-service part.. But the opening song animation is rather simple animated..

Sound : Hmm.. Is there any other important BGM beside the opening??
The "Nyaa Nyaa... Nyaa Nyaa.." part in the opening is a bit ear-catching..

Character : Hmm.. Nothing different, maybe Daigorou is the only one that "different".. (That's because he doesn't enough screen-time..)

Enjoyment : You'll enjoy this if you watch the parent story..
Maybe you can understand the fanservice without watch the parent first, but read more
Jan 6, 2012
To begin this review, i just want to tell that this is my first review, so i think there will be some (or maybe a lot) mistakes..

I always read the manga after watch the anime, so maybe i will compare some details from the manga and anime..

Story : A slice-of-life manga with comedy and some ecchi element of a boy named Takumi, his not-related-by-blood sister Otome, a childhood tsundere Fumino, a cat-like girl Nozomi, and Loli ojou-sama Chise (with more character, of course..)

It's like any typical Harem-Ecchi manga, but with more "make sense" humor inside. If you already watch the anime, you will notice that read more