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Feb 28, 2014
Heroine Shikkaku - a teenage romance story that dares to be different by being told from the point of view of a character archetype that we love to hate: the antagonist / love rival.

And what a story it is.

Fans of this genre may be all too familiar (and tired) of the tropes that pop up in shoujo manga. To begin, here it's the new character who just so happens to have known the love interest since childhood, who fights to gain his affections. This is the story we follow in Heroine Shikkaku, with our hilarious, over-the-top protagonist, Hatori. As you might expect, she is the read more
Dec 27, 2013
Pupa (Manga) add (All reviews)
What to say about Pupa? It's dark. Depressing. Brutal. Revolting, no doubt (as you can probably draw from the summary). It doesn't hold back in showing the suffering between our two protagonists, as they are thrown into a world of chaos, and left to fend for themselves.

Before we continue, let me clear up some misconceptions about this manga that you might have:

- Yes, the relationship between the main characters is unusual for siblings, but not to the point of fanservice-y, exaggerated sister/brother complexes. Their relationship is justified by their horrific past (which I won't elaborate on for this review's sake). I'd actually consider it read more
Dec 10, 2013
If you are into prince-and-pauper type romances, then this manga is for you. It's a story chock full of drama, stemming from the typical forbidden relationship between a lower-class individual and an heir-to-be of a rich family, coupled with some really sweet romance and a dash of comedy. Saa Koi ni Ochitamae is a good read if you're just getting into the Yaoi genre.

This manga is the standard fare for a "prince-and-pauper" story. What sets it apart from others is the characters. Unlike most BL protagonists, Noboru isn't annoyingly naive and clingy. He's not the type to immediately go head-over-heels for someone, nor will read more
Nov 21, 2013
A sweet, slow-paced story of two brothers and their unusual yet strangely entrancing relationship.

Haikei Niisan focuses on the story of overly-dependent Yutaka, whose fondest childhood memories were of him and his older brother, Minoru. Yutaka was always overly attached to his brother, who was something of a second parent to him. As the years pass, Yutaka's feelings for Minoru transcends that of your typical sibling relationship - and Minoru's constant absence from home leaves Yutaka forever yearning for him. How will Yutaka fare as his feelings become increasingly intimate, and what of Minoru's feelings for Yutaka? Can a love like this ever prevail?

The topic of read more