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Aug 22, 2008
in one sentence:
OMG! wasting my Rp 15.000,- exchanged with this super-duper-fugly manga is wortheless . DON"T YOU EVER EVER READ THIS MANGA!!!!

The Review

Ok . for this FUGLY book , i will not write with parting .

First , she wanted to create a good but wicked character . Yes , she's wicked , but it is UNNATURAL and she ended up making a character more like a not-too-smart heroine but a you-want-to-slap Reina.

Second , can you make a tidier and prettier work ? Making an artwork like this will not give you any penny .

Third , only one character can developed much , than any read more
Aug 20, 2008
in one sentence:
what the hell?! Is this just a fanservice parade with "dramatic" touch?(and a super-unsatisfying ending)

The Review

Before watching it:
First of all , i thought it was another kids anime , since the theme is about airtrackking and character picturized just like kiddo's anime ,IMO Crush Gear . But ,after i watched it , it's just a fanservice shonen packaged in "dramatical" quotes .

Story : First of all , it's creative at all . Even though It's just a mixture and repetition of all the shonen anime with theme such as love , friendship , fun things , "girls" , courage-ness , craziness and read more
Aug 17, 2008
in-one-sentence :
lovely sci-fi manga with imaginative touch .

The Review

Story :
very simple one without any tense and holocaust ,a super safe G-Rated manga and it's a quality one . But , it's sci-fi and imaginative theme , such as creating toys named angelic layer is something unique and attractive for children , a fresh air after surrealistic toys with stupid imaginative and less-creativity such as Beyblade and Yu-Gi-Oh! .

Dialogues :
Very Cardcaptor Sakura . No special things , just simple , just very CLAMP but yet enjoyable.

Character :
less-character improvement and no abnormality , just very normal character who you can find in real life .

Enjoyment read more
Aug 15, 2008
in one sentence : surely an insonmia healer , watching this movie made me sleepy since 10 minutes.

story :
blurred . purposeless . wierd . minim intrigues .

art :
breathtaking . it's flawless and very eye-candy . futuristic yet fantastic .with semi-matrix style wrapping the good looking characters .

directing,cinematography :
slow motion made my brain slower and slower , it made me fell asleep just in minutes while the movie is hours . the director copied Andy and Larry Wachowsky's directing style a.k.a. a la the Matrix wrapped in Final Fantasy's background.

A movie filled with eccentric character with beautiful appearance ,as usual . But , only read more
Aug 2, 2008
in one sentence :
one of the most humanism , witty , smart and enjoyable anime i have ever watched .

The Review

Story :
A continuation with boring opening , you must watch . Because of it's ideological things you should know before watching the continuation . After episode 5++ you will see lots of addictive excitement , how the politics go , how the celestial being's stories , civilian's love story , tragedies and insanities .
But , there's some reason why Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is something valuable , creative and unique :
1. The Middle East theme included in story
2. Having an Anno Domini timeline
3. read more
Aug 2, 2008
]one short comment :
Oh please....
Stop copying star wars mixed with dorama(or telenovela , precisely) story . Be wicked , be creative , be cruel , be smart and cool .

The review

Story :
weak but enjoyable , maybe Gundam Seed Destiny is one of the biggest guilty pleasure ,with that "light" story and simple characterization , GSD is enjoyable and childishly fun.

Picture :
Wow!Very the island + starwars . (Well , i'm a total moviegoers) A futuristic view with shocking colours and uniforms . The character design matched the setting perfectly and it's simply "clean"

Score :
Too spacey ... the electronica sound is a bit' disturbing and read more