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Dec 6, 2014
Vulnerabilities are like glass threads. Communicating, the desire to understand one another- there's always a risk of breaking. The world is filled with people in the process of breaking. If you want to go through life without getting hurt, the only option is isolation. If its one or the other, in order not to break and not be broken, is choosing isolation equal to death? If so, is death something to be so afraid of in the first place?

Maybe there's someone out there who doesn't fear death, in that vein, isolation. We don't really hear from them, so they seemingly don't exist. Surely they exist. read more
Jun 6, 2010
Koi Suru Boukun~! It's like, so different from other yaoi manga!! Gosh, I'm sooo tired of that stereotypical crap, let's get some backbone into my ukes!

Oh how shortsighted the thought is. Well then, let's go.

Plot: Rape is love.

Contradicting homophobe has a gay best friend and a gay little brother. Said best friend is in love with him but "doesn't attempt anything because it might ruin their friendsh--" wait no, Morinaga has no qualms about raping the man he's been lusting after exclusively for the past so or so years when he gets an opportunity to do so. This was never about friendship and all that read more
Nov 12, 2009
Kill Me Kiss Me is your average cross-dress manhwa with a boyish female lead trying to get closer to a boy she likes. Along the way, she finds that acting as her cousin is rougher than really was and finds strength in herself to keep going.

Oh wait, no its not.

Right after the first volume the mangaka decides to throw away the 'side-story' and go into a romance between our original lead and another girl, love struck with our original heroine's identical cousin. The original plot might as well have been thrown away--or better: it should have been a one-shot.

The second arc is completely of irrelevant read more
Aug 29, 2009
Oh goodness where to begin with this...

When I first learned about this anime, I was hopeful. During the episodes, I still waited for something--anything at all to make it a good series. The only good thing about it is Shirogane. He was the only one in the entire series that had potential to be the shining gem. However he just became annoying along with the rest of the shallow and unpolished characters. I have to admit though, for making such uninteresting characters, they sure did know how to make them all equally annoying.

The novelty of BL in this show would be the only reason it read more