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Dec 16, 2011

The WHOLE DAMN PLOT is copied. Anyone who has seen Claymore can EASILY see this. The ppl behind this copied everything down, even at some points, to character personalities!

So im not going to go in a lot of detail since its easy to see the flaming obvious plagiarism.

Let me break it down.

Main plot that was copied:
Nova = Youma
Pandora mode = Yoki release mode
Main heroin got her power the same way
An organization doing experiments to create warriors
only females can become warriors thru implants

Copied characters/personalities:
No. 2, elizabeth mably of Year 3 = No. 2, read more
Jul 7, 2011
Its basically a slice of life, comedy anime. Very chill.

General Plot/Story:
There is no overall plot or goal. No plot arcs. Just shows how 3 sisters live together in their apartment, go to school and have fun with their friends. Strictly episodic. In fact, each episode is kinda segmented too; dealing with a specific story. Story-wise its similar to Azumanga Diaoh. The only difference is that in Minami-ke, the minamis interact as a family whereas in AD its all about friends. Never felt the story dragged.

The slice-of-life part is done very well. Like very, very well. You know how many animes have the typical 'school read more
May 5, 2010
This manga follows the life of a man after he loses his house and his job, ending up having to live in a run-down house. In fact he feels so sad that he even contemplates on commiting suicide. However, in the new run-down house he is in now, he meets Kana. A girl ghost which changes his outlook on life.

The story is told in first person, mostly from the man's perspective, sometimes from Kana's perspective and sometimes from the perspectives of other character in the story.The story is very simple, sweet and beautiful. Nothing too complicated, no harem, no stupid love triangles, no gender benders, read more
Jan 2, 2010
Onidere (Manga) add (All reviews)
_____THE PLOT_____
Ive read other romance, comedy, school type mangas and they end up being clichéd. They use the SAME old formula, having the sports day, christmas party, bake-sale, festival and field trip mini-arcs. Well, onidere is a bit different. It doesn't focus on those solely. Also, onidere has no classroom scenes. So its different. It basically centred on scenes outside the classroom e.g on the rooftop.

Most of the manga consists of mini-arcs which show:
How Saya and Tadashi deal with a certain situation
How 2 other specific characters interact with each other
The weird adventures of Saya, Tadashi and gang

The romance isn't the major part of the read more
Jun 20, 2009
The story is pretty simple and one can easily guess wat will happen in the end but this anime's strong point is the way it takes you from the beginning to the end. There a lot of interesting character and all of them are very well developed so you will never feel that something is out of place at any point. Main characters are very lively and each have their own dreams, destinities, likes, dislikes.

The comedy is only reason why i thought of giving this anime a try after I saw the first episode. Seriously, people, the comedy is soooooo damn funny!! Each character has read more