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Days: 92.2
Mean Score: 4.74
  • Total Entries394
  • Rewatched109
  • Episodes6,498
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Days: 33.6
Mean Score: 4.82
  • Total Entries195
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  • Chapters6,131
  • Volumes413
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Gintokikachi 2 hours ago
I sold my soul
Warriors_of_God 8 hours ago
I am curious how you were able to put a video on your about me section?
Gintokikachi Yesterday, 5:03 AM
Fuck it, I'mma do my project. PROCASTINATING.
Gintokikachi Yesterday, 4:59 AM
That is true, for me OP has a rough ride and not really everything is amazing like everyone says it is. I forgot Arlong, but Arlong was definitely the part that hooked me into OP. Though, after that, like I said, it's rough. Alabasta was meh, I didn't really like Skypiea much. Can't remember much of Drum Island tbh.

But, I guess it is you that likes the emotional parts more than the what makes shounen shounen. But the grit when they work hard, specially when they were still a weak group during Arlong was what made me hook into One Piece. But, I still like the badass scenes. Still like them :)
Gintokikachi Yesterday, 4:26 AM
Btw, since you read One Piece or at least before to say you dropped it, what was your favorite arcs in it? I loved the Enis Lobby and Marineford arc.
Gintokikachi Yesterday, 4:20 AM
Then that is precisely what I did.

So, what ya analyzing?
Gintokikachi Yesterday, 4:12 AM
I also don't believe who has watched a lot and has a low mean score has a good reasoning skills. I have a friend who has 3.9 mean score, also from the Philippines, he added me. His list is the Ashita no Joe, Monster, Aria you know the drill. And I really felt he was circle jerking with his words. Well, I mean if there is a positive circle jerking, you know, following the cool dudes. He easily lost to our conversation. And probably watched Mother's Basement about Kakegurui and Kaiji. (Which you know, Kakegurui is dogshit). I was like "What? Kaiji a 6 and Kakeuguri a 5?". He then later changed it after watching the video, Kaiji to a 7. Haven't checked his Kakegurui score.
Gintokikachi Yesterday, 4:05 AM
What? I gave it a 3. What you on about?
Gintokikachi Yesterday, 3:46 AM
You don't say. I've seen some people who only have 35 days and has good reasoning skills. Look at Nosma and Aslt. Less than 40 days, but they aight.
Gintokikachi Yesterday, 3:27 AM
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Eromanga a 7 hmmmmmmmmmmmm
mangareader123 Yesterday, 12:12 AM
Hi catchy, I am always thinking about watching more anime, but am a manga guy mostly. But of course I'll watch Ashita no Joe. Thanks for the comment and Good Luck to you too!
lanblade Oct 16, 10:56 PM
>lol, if I'm concerned about realism i should quit anime that are not about reality? Now thats bs. First, realism and believability within the boundaries of your own story isn't nonexistent even in the most fictional of universes.

I'm confused as to why you wrote this because nowhere in our conversation did I state the realism anime are anime set in reality.

>Second, I do actally judge based on different types of criteria, but they make sense and can be further explained beyond admiting that there're niches in anime.

Again, I'm confused as to why you wrote this because I didn't ask you what other criteria you have. I asked why you watched anime that aren't in niches you like.
lanblade Oct 16, 9:12 PM
The two anime are in different niches and most people don't judge anime with one set of criteria. In the same way that most people don't judge all books with one set of criteria or video games. Each anime tackles its own niche and has pros and cons for its content. Nana's niche was romance realism. Which it failed in the realism quadrant to me, so I rated it lower than Paradise Kiss which is in the same niche. Nana's failure in romance realism has nothing to do with Eromanga/NakaImo's niche of haremism with incestism or Elfen Lied/Pupa's niche of guro tragedy or Pokemon/Duel Masters's niche of monster-of-the-day battles or Paniponi Dash!/Haiyore! Nyaruko-san's niche of otaku parody or Backkom/Kokekkou-san's niche of toddler anime.

If you are concerned with realism and believably then why are you watching anime which are not in those niches? Obviously they're not going to sit well with you under such a criteria. Otherwise it's like saying you can't take anyone seriously who likes the Salvador Dali or Picaso museum because the artwork wasn't realistic or believable.
MasterWaffles Oct 16, 8:53 PM
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Yesterday, 12:19 AM
Dropped 21/27 · Scored 5

NakanoTakeko Oct 16, 6:47 PM
It has fallen a lot D: