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Jun 23, 2015
You've never been more antsy in your life. You're in your car driving back to your place with a 10/10 redhead sitting shotgun. You must have rescued an orphan in your last life because you're a fucking loser and this smokeshow is going home with you. Your pants tighten, your forehead begins to perpspirate, and your hands clench on the steering wheel as you try not to fuck this up. You don't even try to start a conversation, because you're scared you'll spit a meme or something and she'll get out of the car. You look over and her face is contorted in concentration. My read more
Jul 6, 2013
Akira Toriyama, widely known for the mature tone and complex plots that his productions always have, really stepped it up this time to make a masterpiece. From beginning to end, Sword Art Online always sticks to its brilliant premise: The art of sword fighting in the online universe. Even when they transitioned to elf heim online for the second half, the creators never tried to make the show something that it isn’t. Sword art online is a success story of a promising premise developed correctly. If you liked the trailer/first episode of Sword art online, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed by the read more