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Dec 11, 2017
Not a single review? Well, I'll be the first.

TL:DR for no one who wants to read the full thing. Story 8, Character 10, Enjoyment 10. Not much art to really judge but seems standard but not relevant. Overall 9. Maybe a 10 after a re-read. Sorry if it seems all-over the place. I'm kinda terrible at reviews.


Story, 8:
In the beginning, there's not much of a story. Violet usually just goes around helping different people as she is an Auto-Memories Doll. To keep it simple, they are personalized secretaries for those who cannot write for themselves. They are tasked with going anywhere read more
Jan 19, 2014
"OH MY GOD MAHOU SENSEI NEGIMA 2, WOOOOOT!" was my reaction but It's not entirely true, this tale is new and takes a different approach from Akamatsu-sensei's previous stories. One obvious thing, it's not a harem. Sorry to break your hearts for fellow harem-lovers...but it's still good, it has something, potential.

Now when something has potential it's either bad or ok and has a chance to become great but this series will be great, least from what I see. So let's begin the review before I trail off into another rant.

Story: 7 - This tale takes place in the Negima universe. That being said, you read more
Sep 8, 2013
Here's my review of Yu-Gi-Oh, hopefully you have a sense of humor. If not OH well... here's my review anyway!
So let's just recap what Yu-Gi-Oh is, this entire series is a show based on a kid with personality disorder and seems to like talking to himself. Will apparently save the word playing a children's card game!

Story - Good story I guess, save the world by skipping class to go play card games, Yugi gets into Duel Monsters, when his grandfather gets robbed by a rich kid with daddy issues, yes the rival Seto Kaiba! Throughout the whole show Yu-Gi battles other read more