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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
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Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
Feb 6, 2015 8:10 PM
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Animelik Apr 25, 1:22 AM
I just like your OST ratings and I like IIIya too of course :)
Animelik Apr 24, 2:03 AM
Hey, thanks for accepting. Nice profile picture ;)
nDroae Apr 21, 3:17 PM
Absolutely :) I wish German singer Paperblossom would release a full cover of it.

That reminds me, I recently watched Ghost in the Shell: Innocence for the first time and liked what Kenji Kawai did with the music - more than the original film, I think.

I like Megumi too. At first I couldn't figure out what her deal was because it didn't seem like she was actually attracted to the MC, so I was wondering why she was going along with everything so passively :P

Oh, I didn't know Sawano was doing Re:Creators. Well, there are a lot of anime he's done that I only have the soundtracks to, some I don't plan to ever watch (or at least not in the next five years), like Seven Deadly Sins and Aldnoah Zero :)
nDroae Apr 20, 7:43 PM
Hi! Great :) Yeah, for me it's usually only a few tracks too, though that goes for almost all scores. Though I think in my case, based on Kabaneri, it's mostly the basic raw emotional hooks I like, whereas you prefer the more compositionally interesting stuff.

Yeah, the music in SnK 2 is great! I also liked the music in SukaSuka, which I think will likely be my favorite show of the season. My other top shows are Sakura Quest and Alice & Zoroku.

I'm watching Hinako Note since it's CGDCT, it seems average so far. I watched Saekano recently and took half the season to get into it, but ended up liking it, so I'm watching the second season. Never saw DanMachi, but I'm watching Sword Oratoria.

Love Tyrant, Eromanga Sensei and Boruto are a lot more fun than I expected. I never watched Naruto and I've been hearing people make fun of Boruto for years, so I started watching it as a joke, but for whatever reasons I really enjoy watching it and I look forward to it every week, what? :D I'm not even a fan of shounen action! Akashic Records became pretty good, although I thought the first episode was terrible. I dropped Sakurada Reset, might pick it up when it's done but probably not, it doesn't seem like I'd get much out of it.

I thought about checking out Re:Creators but haven't yet. I've been waiting for the Weebcast review of it, since I've picked up too much random stuff as it is. :D
fakharulislam Mar 27, 4:36 AM
Date A Live reminiscene is out of world
and chronicles of the going home club 30Num soundtrack is another masterpiece of Go Sakabe
fakharulislam Mar 27, 4:31 AM
Brave heart orchestra composed by Go Sakabe is a rousing song
and Go Sakabe famous msuic where Distortion start
fakharulislam Mar 25, 6:12 AM
Digimon Tri music by GO SAKABE is surprisingly incredible fully Dramatic
fakharulislam Mar 24, 5:31 AM
The strongest feature of the production may actually be its music. The eponymous opener is a rousing song which is a good number taken independently. In between the musical score by first-timer Go Sakabe as he shows a good ear for choosing appropriate pieces for the tone, whether it be haunting vocals, dramatic string pieces, or even epic inserts.
“ The origin of the rock boy, blessed with sophistication of the classic, with the aim of composer who does not care about the genre and style, in the activities to aggressive”
Praetorion Jan 7, 10:00 PM
If you consider college serious then yes, yes it is. ;w;
I'm just hoping it'll all get better at some point.

Anyway, thanks good to hear.
BTW, what shows are you watching this season - care to share?

Praetorion Jan 6, 9:33 PM
Hey, thanks too for accepting~

;-; Not doing well at the moment - how 'bout you? Care to share?

violity Jan 1, 12:03 AM

nDroae Dec 30, 2016 7:52 PM
I just listened to Ground Zero. Very good :D

Enjoy the Attack on Titan score :) Yeah, I used to generally dislike j-rock songs in anime, but that show turned me around on them. Having a native English speaker on some of the vocals helped.
violity Dec 28, 2016 11:22 PM
Merry Late Christmas to you too and happy new year in advance! I'm just staying at home with family, they say you are going to be healthy all year-round if you stayed at home when the new year comes. :) How about you?
nDroae Dec 28, 2016 10:01 PM
Ah! But I've never listened to Extension because I haven't fixed the tags yet XD [Lastfm scrobbling perfectionism]

So I guess what I want is this "extreme / impressive / happy music" then... I've never watched DAL II, so I've never heard this :O

Have you listened to any more Sawano? I'm hearing his Ao no Exorcist for the first time as I watch it, and keep noticing good stuff.
nDroae Dec 28, 2016 8:46 PM
Oh wait... what I have is parts 1 & 2 of "Date a Music," but I'm not sure what that is :P