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Tarotist Jun 21, 7:02 PM
Nah, Rosalie best girl. I don't know why, but I just like her. And they have to keep the Fate/Nanoha pair canon, because Yukarin and Nana are the OTP! Speaking of OTP, this image is hilarious.

You do have a point with Kitamura. She's being cast into too many side roles. She needs a new major role (well there is Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai, which also has a battle scene very similar to Symphogear btw). She's a good voice actress, and her singing talent makes her a perfect fit for Symphogear, which is why I was expecting her to join in the series. I guess her popularity has been dwindling. She's not even considered as one of the top 20 singing seiyuus in Japan, even though I believe she's more than worthy to be among them.

But Yui Horie is so cute...but I do admit that her roles are a bit boring. I guess they didn't make Serena a major character since that would oversaturate Symphogear with high class singers. Salamandinay was a good character, but she just didn't have enough screen time. I wish Cross Ange had 50 episodes. And Kurisu was cool! Going from twin braids to a single braid is a completely legitimate reason to be angry at your friends!

When the interview mentioned "Grimdark like the 90s", I thought about it and realized that that is what Cross Ange definitely represents. Despite being a relatively new anime, it has that old-school feel of progression. Fukuda is right. We need more anime like Cross Ange. I wonder what he's working on now, since that man is full of surprises...

I definitely agree with you about Yoshii Dan and her character designs. Now that I think about it, I do not find any of the character designs in Symphogear "generic", especially when it comes to the hair. Hibiki's hair looks dumb, but it also makes her cute and fun. Tsubasa's eighth-note hair really suits her. CHRIS IS NOT A JELLYFISH! Kirika's hairstyle is also surprisingly distinct when you look at it. I love Shirabe's design. Twintails yes, but the shape and coloring makes it look very smooth and clean. She also has my favorite Symphogear design. And Maria LOL. Whose idea was to give her nekomimi hair? I can't really take it seriously, but that's what I love about her. It's also what made her my favorite character in the specials. Thomas Romain (Symphogear animator) also mentioned that it was Dan who worked on some of the designs in Earth Defense Force. I'll definitely be looking out for her in the future.

YOU DIDN'T WATCH THE PREVIEWS IN CROSS ANGE!!!??? Those were like the icing on the cake that made Cross Ange so enjoyable to watch! It's where the characters break the fourth wall and begin to complain on what happens in the series. Here are a few examples:

Episode 1: What do you think of this episode? I think it was terrible!
Episode 2: This episode was terrible too!
Episode 7: Who is the idiot that wrote this script?! I'm gonna kill him!
Episode 10: We're almost halfway into the series and I still only appear in the previews! When am I going to be in the show?!
Episode 14 (?): "Wait! We have to do the previews!" "I'm done" "Huh?" "They're running out of ideas. I'm outta here."

And if you watched the preview to episode 22, you'll get the explanation why certain characters come back to the series. Also, did you ever wonder why the anime is called "Cross Ange"? Well if you watched the previews, you would have gotten the answer! Watch all of them!

Well the thing about Cross Ange having a game is that: 1. It's Sunrise, and 2. Sunrise and Namco Bandai are pretty close with each other since Bandai handles all the Gundam Merchandise, including the games. And that isn't the only game Cross Ange appears in. She's also one of the franchises featured in Super Robot Wars V. I guess Symphogear's popularity needs to grow more to get it made into a proper game. The issue might be the music though, since different music companies own the rights to some of the songs...particularly King Records...

Well you sure are progressing pretty fast with Turn A. It looks like you watched the Dianna-centric episode where she becomes a helper and does the laundry. Best Queen right there. Also "Sunrise at Midnight" is one of my favorite episode titles simply because of what it implies in said episode.

I didn't look into Nana's background as much until I watched her episode in Symphogear GX. Learning about how she achieved superstar status as well as what happened to her father was very touching. Now I understand why she works so hard and why she is highly respected in Japan. The Symphogear interview about Nana and Tsubasa also mentioned that Nana gets the hardest songs. I can tell based on listening to Beyond the Blade, which I think is the most difficult song for her in the series based on how it is sung.

The animation quality was amazing in G, which is why I gave it a point higher than GX. However, I heard that the drop in quality for GX's second half was due to a last-minute decision from the higher ups to change and add some scenes. I think the beach scene was one of those scenes that were added. Before Episode 7 was aired, Nana posted something on her twitter stating something about disliking the sudden change in the series. I believe this is the sole reason why everything was rushed during the second half. It might have been something else, but the higher ups said to do it differently. Sad. I wanted to see a well-choreographed sword fight between Tsubasa and Phara as well as the battle between Leiur and Chris with her Gun Kata skills. I guess this is why Kaneko stated that they're going to start slow this time in AXZ so that they can save their budget and focus more on the fights. If they learn from their mistakes and give us the story presentation of season 1, the animation quality of season 2, and the music and action variety of season 3, then AXZ may just achieve the rare case where the fourth season surpasses the previous three.

Huh...I can watch the live just fine on my LG K10 Smartphone...I have not seen the 2013 live, but it has a lot of talking segments, so I wouldn't be able to understand it very much. But I never said that the entire 2016 live isn't worth it, because it is worth it. I watched it twice after all, and come back to it every now and then. There are some songs in the live that aren't featured in the anime but are present in the character song singles. While these songs don't appear in the anime, they're actually really good. I'll give you the rundown of the live without spoiling the major parts. I'll put it in a spoiler tag in case you don't want to know and be surprised for yourself:

Chiekawa Jun 21, 12:38 PM
I did some for sure when i was younger but i never really cared about it much and my mom doesnt remember so yeah xD

That actually went pretty fast to hit 300k not bad !

Yeah for sure but i wont start the game without getting the Chris 5 star xD The rates are mostly bad for the good stuff xD But im expecting a rate up at start for the 3 main girls so might be okay. If the rerolling is a big hassle in this game though then i might think about it lol

Oh then i finished one you didnt xD Sen 2 was pretty enjoyable imo even though i dont like rean at all. I didnt knew that its getting a pc version does Sen 1 have one? If it does thats pretty interesting since you can play in undub i wouldnt mind that xD
Yeah ive read a few bits about her on the wiki since i really love her design. Thanks for the video but im not going to watch it since im still planning to play the games someday. I only finished Sora 1 and both sens so far and i bought sora 2 evolution but i never got to play it cause the story really interests me but playing while watching a youtube video for the story is kind of annoying lol

Yeah i love her like that too everyone is pretty awesome in the OVA tbh Nope not yet but i think im going to watch them right away now
Tarotist Jun 19, 2:14 PM
Oh, so that's where you've been...Yay, you watched teh Cross Ange!

The reason why I love the anime so much is because it was willing to do what very few anime have succeeded in doing, and that is going all out, especially with Ange. What she said in the last episode just sold the anime to me:

"What about the other world?"
"I don't give a fuck."

You threw me away, and now you want me to help you? Get the hell outta here! Most anime protagonists would have done the opposite, but not Ange. XD

Yukarin, Kitamura, and also Yui Horie. Those are some high class voice actresses they got. I was hoping for Kitamura to join the Symphogear cast. She would easily fit in. Speaking of Kitamura, after Ange, Salia would be my favorite character. I watched Cross Ange three times, 2 times subbed, the third time dubbed. And in Episode 7 (the episode that centered on Salia), the performance of the English VA was excellent:


You can really feel Salia lose her composure just to get Ange to listen to her. Not only was the voice acting good here, but the message that this scene was giving out is also special. I do not remember the last anime where a commander was furious over a soldier's refusal to follow orders and the commander was successful to getting them to listen. Definitely one of the highlights of the series in terms of character growth and development.

And if you watched Nanoha, then you know how Yukarin feels:

And if you have the Blu-Ray (which I have), there's a special director's interview about the series. You can read about it here. It's actually very interesting. Also, in the Blu-Ray/Dubbed version, remember the intimate scene in episode 22? The TV series had some "deleted scenes" which are added to that scene in the Blu-Ray, hehehe...

And you did watch all the previews at the end of each episode for Cross Ange, right? Hehe, self-awareness at its finest!

Glad to see you enjoying Turn A. It's going to get a little slow though. Atmosphere and setting eh? Don't forget the music composed by Yoko Kanno! When you reach a certain part in the series, you'll see just how great of a character Dianna really is in that she isn't just an ordinary Queen.


But yes, I have read of Nekekur, and his thoughts and insights of the series are hilarious. Speaking of analyzing episodes, there was one episode that I was curious of his thoughts to see if he caught it, and I don't think he did.

It was Episode 4 of Symphogear G, specifically the fight between Maria and Tsubasa. Remember the part where Genjuro told Tsubasa to get Maria off the ship? Tsubasa then puts her sword away and goes for the Wight Slayer. Maria deflects Tsubasa's attack easily and lunges at Tsubasa when Tsubasa falls to the ground. Tsubasa then gets her sword and attempts to counterattack but gets hit.

I watch a lot of Fighting game videos and martial arts films, and whoever directed the animation of the Maria vs. Tsubasa fight is someone who knows how to do fight scenes very well. If you noticed during the fight, Maria was on Defense while Tsubasa was going full offense. No matter what Tsubasa did, she could not approach Maria. However, not once did Maria try to approach Tsubasa. She just stood her ground and defended against Tsubasa's attacks. So when Tsubasa put her sword away and went for the Wight Slayer, I asked myself "Why would you go for the Wight Slayer? That's more of a mob-clearing attack. Maria can see it coming and defend against it easily." During the attack, Tsubasa says "I win," and Maria responds "You can't be serious!" Tsubasa backs off and stops the Wight Slayer, showing her leg injury when she lands. That's when Maria goes "I got you now!" and lunges at Tsubasa. It is here where Tsubasa unsheathes her sword and attacks Maria where she takes the harder hit but was still able to damage Maria, and this is where I go "Oh, that's what she was going for." Tsubasa saying "I win," was a taunt, and Maria saying "You can't be serious!" means that she fell for the taunt. Because of this, Maria drops her guard and goes on the offense this time, and it is that moment where Tsubasa sees the opening and goes for a "Quick Draw" or in Japanese terms, "Iaido". Battle Shounen usually describe all the movements that the fighters do, but seeing how it was done in Symphogear made the fight look so fluid and natural. Maria vs. Tsubasa is definitely one of my favorite fights in anime. Also, like Nekekur said, Ressou Gungnir is an awesome song, and it was actually the first song from Symphogear that I got on my play list.

Why download the live? Just watch it online! Just skip to the parts that I told you about earlier. I haven't seen the 2013 live though. It has more extras like games and talking segments and stuff, but I don't think it's really worth compared to the full concert of the 2016 live.

Thanks for the Friend Request and the long discussions! TOP DAD FTW!
Chiekawa Jun 19, 11:45 AM
Well that sounds plenty cute already so im sure you can be a cute girl too xD Ah thats like pretty cool sadly i dont know my blood type at all should find it out someday. Lmao that actually sounds really funny you make a cute real life syaro i guess xD

I already did that ! yeah im pretty happy they give out chris its kinda useless cause i gonna reroll for her 5 star anyway lol Really how much did they reached yet? From what ive seen the anime gotten even more popular with the newer seasons thats pretty cool ! Also it would be nice if we could get a release date except for just 2017 xD I didnt knew there will be a new ova im looking forward to it i guess its in chibi style too? Yeah thats not a problem after a hour or so its really easy to navigate japanese menus :3 Also talking about kiseki i saw renne in your favs so i guess you played most of them?

Yup i think so too man Miku is like in super yuri mode in the OVAs lmao and chris is so awesome when she bought a shrine for her parents kinda sad though :( Would have loved the normal art style but oh well.

Chiekawa Jun 17, 4:42 PM
I guess she is i can self insert into her too a little bit probably not as much as you maybe xD Well thats pretty cute will you get drunk on coffee too then? xD

Oh wow really well that really sucks for that huge prize well i pass on that and wait for the hobby stock one instead. Also i lookd at the price for the Hibiki and wow thats one expensive figure now i know why you need to save up for the Chris one xD Just noticed the stand that one looks so boring and kinda dumb lol to be fair the hobby stock hibiki stand looks super bland too though xD Yeah saw a unboxing of her yesterday and the bunny one is lovely <3

I just heard about it recently and watched all the trailers not to big on mobile games but i try it out for sure ! Yeah i cant read japanese at all but im playing japanese games for years lmao mainly the rpgs like tales of and a few kisekis. Oh funny enough i actually started them today before i saw your edited messages lmao I was kind put off cause it was this weird chibi style but i tried it today and the first ep was actually pretty enjoyable !
VaisuKaguya Jun 17, 1:36 PM
Short hair master race. But yes, less clothes is not a bad thing.

Also that thong(?)
Chiekawa Jun 16, 11:13 PM
Yeah same there are so many awesome best girls out there xD But yeah only a few really got to me Syaro is still my number 1 but i do love Chris alot and i broke my dont add her to favs before you finished all of the anime seasons rule for her xD (cause i want to see everything before i decide) But thats a nice story im happy for you that you found a chara that you can relate to so much and Chris is like ultimate waifu tier xD I sadly had to use a proxy for the b-day set but oh well i should get it soon super excited for it. Ohhh yes i was looking at the figures for symphogear and was like wait what only Hibikis looks like really good im glad chris gets one from the same figure maker but it seems to take ages though :( Now you kinda make me want to buy the hibike figure lol. Oh wow the Belfine price is way to much xD She doesnt look that bad pretty decent actually but damn thats way to much. Haha why not i bought like alot of syaro things i dont even need so i know how you feel lol. Oh btw i seen on your MFC you got the Chris bunny figure im planning to get it next month you like that one? Haha well i kinda hope it does and we get alot of merchandise from it especially with season 4 around the corner ! Did you take a look at the upcoming mobile game btw?

Ah i think i saw it on mal too. You mean girls und panzer? last time i checked it said there will be like 4 movies or something like that cant quite remember the first movie was great loved it alot ! Yeah thats true cant think of anything but the k-on movie too I loved it alot though xD Yeah sry never heard about tamayura xD

Yup we have it every year some big dvd and blu ray publisher in germany does it and they travel around the citys to promote some stuff and show some movies and well got lucky that they showed kizu 1-3 it was really awesome !
Chiekawa Jun 16, 11:25 AM
Totally agree with that. I just finished watching all of symphogears like last week though but totally in love with Chris bought her nendo and her bday set already rip my money xD

Uh same it was ages ago when i watched but im sure season 1 was just as good as season 2 ! But i will always remember how i was like oh who is that blonde girl? *falls in love a few minutes later* xD Ah i heard about a movie but there isnt any real release date yet right?

Oh no i watched it around january in my country they had like a anime movie festivial in theaters
Chiekawa Jun 15, 3:37 PM
Chris and Syaro in your favs you have amazing taste !
Tarotist Jun 7, 11:04 PM
But...but they're fashionable! I think Hibiki's outfit is what she wore at the end of GX. Tsubasa always seems to have the weirdest outfits, but I think that's because the animators are trying to tease Nana hehehe. Chris looks way too fashionable and rather exotic (especially the leg straps...), but I'll take it as a statement to spice things up. My only issue with Maria's outfit is the color. It blends with her hair too much. Also, I think she has pretty big feet if you look at her Symphogear design. Honestly, I think Kirika has the best looking outfit. It gives a rocker vibe. As for Shirabe, well, I personally preferred her previous attire. But of course this takes place in summer, so the dress switch is reasonable.

Too many games to play, not enough time!

Yes, the funny comment is a Nana joke, and you'll understand why once you get to that part...if you decide to watch it...

I do watch all genres, so I can deal with SoLs and CGDCT anime. I mean I'm watching Lucky Star right now. Not the best anime, but it has its moments. Girls und Panzer was fun because tanks and that I used to play Real Time Strategy games back in the day. And Yama no Susume I loved because I used to live in Japan, and the places they went to were very nostalgic for me. I would take recommendations, but I have a full plate of anime to watch, and I need to finish a certain anime before the year is over. It's just my schedule thing since I always write my Top Watched Anime of the Year at the end of the year.

Do you want to watch the live? It's online...
I know you want to attend the live. I do too. But at the very least you can watch it online. There are actually 2 parts of the live that I want you to see.

At the top of the page you will see buttons that separate the live into parts that are labeled: "P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, and P7".
The parts I want you to watch are:

P5. Skip to the 12:40 mark. This is the absolute best performance in the live.
P6. Skip to the 6:50 mark. Watch the TV screen and listen very closely to the audience.
Tarotist Jun 7, 1:09 PM
Ehh, they'll get their fill of Kanade in XD Unlimited...

The outfits are weird? I actually think they look pretty good. And at least the creators give them a change a clothing each season...unlike other anime where characters wear the same thing all the way...But these are just sketches. We'll see how they work in motion. We'll most likely be seeing them in their gears most of the time anyway. Might as well savor the sight!

Interview with Kaneko? Well they translated it in the blog, so good thing the guy who runs the site stays on top of things. They'll be starting slow this time, and honestly, I'm not surprised. I actually wanted them to start slow to save up on the budget since this will most likely be a 2-cour series with season 5. And people were asking for more SoL scenes anyway, so this will be nice. No concert scene? Wow, they are really changing the formula. This might get some backlash from the fans, but I personally welcome the change. Since GX got pretty repetitive, I think the formula change will make things fresh for Symphogear again. GX ended at a point that can start with a brand new slate at the beginning of AXZ, so I think this was the perfect time to choose to change the formula. I also understood Kaneko's words that Symphogear isn't primarily meant to sell character CDs. For the anime to succeed, it needs to be able to stand out on its own. Symphogear is the Singing while Fighting anime, so it needs to focus on that more than anything else. What I'm guessing is that they're breaking tradition to set up the story, and then they'll bring it all back in season 5 to blow us away. ^_^

The villains sound interesting. I know about alchemy, and I know that creating gold is forbidden in alchemy, but creating gold via alchemy is something that I rarely ever see in a story, so I'd like to see how the story unfolds. AXZ looks to be focusing more on the lore side since the character development was done in GX. I think this is a turn for the best. And lol at Kaneko's comment about being able to tell the difference between who wrote what. I'm glad to see that it isn't just the writer alone who works on the script. I hope the writing does not disappoint. But if Kaneko got ill during the development of the series, then he must be working pretty damn hard.

I want to register for the game...but it's all in Japanese!

Wow, I didn't know the Legend of Heroes series was that old...I got a lot of catching up to do. The good news is most of them had an English release. I'm gonna go find them!

Turn A Gundam is more story-focused, so don't expect a lot of flashy action. And feel free to post your thoughts about Cross Ange in the discussion forums on MAL. I really enjoy reading the comments and reactions that some people make about the series. For example: After I finished Symphogear GX, I went to the reddit forums to check the discussion threads on Cross Ange. In one of the threads, one person made a funny comment about Symphogear. Had I not watched Symphogear beforehand, I wouldn't have understood the reference. Based Nana Mizuki makes every anime better!

Oh btw, have you seen Symphogear Live 2016? Not the one on Youtube, but the entire concert?
Tarotist Jun 6, 12:59 PM
Actually, the autoscorers returning can be a likely possibility. They are basically robots after all, so Elfnein could recreate them if she wanted to. And since Dr. Ver gave them that data card, the autoscorers can be powered by linker instead of memories. That's what I think will happen if the autoscorers come back.

I'm going to be honest. I do not want Kanade to come back. It's not because I hate her. I actually really like her. But the reason why I don't want Kanade to return is the same reason why Lina and Naga in the Slayers series were never seen together in the TV series (save for season 4): Power Balance. I'm afraid that if Kanade returns, she and Tsubasa will steal all of the spotlight, and the other gear girls will be reduced to supporting roles. If Kanade does return somehow, I hope the creators are aware enough to give her time in the spotlight as equal as everyone else.

I think it was just an interview article I read on Genjuro's Angels. One of the articles stated the references that Symphogear had with Wild ARMS, one of them being the "Heki Hecchara" phrase. I saw the video and yep, the dialogue and design sound all too familiar with Hibiki. Maybe Kaneko should work on making video game adaptations...

I haven't played many games either. Haven't played Dark Souls, Shadow of The Colossus, Metal Gear series, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga, Devil May Cry, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I had a hard lifestyle...Yep, I love the Vita games. All the anime and visual novels you can ask for. I still need to play Trails of Cold Steel though. I have it, but never had the time to play it...

I've seen G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Turn A Gundam, Gundam SEED/Destiny, Gundam 00, Gundam: G no Reconguista, and Iron-Blooded Orphans, and in my opinion, Turn A is the best of all of them. The animation and art style may be dated, but the reason why it gets a lot of praise by its fans is because it has one of the best and most well-written female characters in anime. If you were to ask me who my favorite female character was, she would probably be the first one I mention. Turn A also has one of the best endings in the Gundam franchise. You can use this chart for reference. It's a big image, so be sure to zoom in.

Cross Ange is the driving force that got me to watch Symphogear in the first place. These two anime actually have a couple of things in common, one of them being that based Nana Mizuki plays a major role. Long story short, the reason why Cross Ange is so divided is because it will be an anime that you will either really really hate for what it does or really really like for what it does. I don't want to explain it though because that will take all the fun out of it. Also, those who have seen Gundam SEED/Destiny will most likely appreciate Cross Ange more than those who have not seen SEED/Destiny because of all the references and tropes (and copy/paste animations) that the two series have in common. Not that that's a bad thing since the creator of SEED/Destiny was also heavily involved in Cross Ange as well. If you enjoy Symphogear, then I think that you will enjoy Cross Ange just as much.

So, the news just dropped. What do you think?
Tarotist Jun 5, 1:44 PM
The autoscorers have way too much potential to only appear as minor roles in one season. They're going to bring them back one way or another. And their dancing styles are very diverse, so it would be an excellent opportunity for a new unique anime. Rather than the usual J-Pop dancing, we have Garie who does Ballet/Figure Skating, Phara who does Flamenco and perhaps other ballroom dances, Leiur who does Jazz and street dance (and also bears a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson), and Micha who...is basically the wild card. It can definitely work, but the animation is going to be very difficult.

I've only played Bayonetta, but I'm familiar with their other games. They like being flashy and over the top. It's good to know that there is at least one game developer who likes to have fun.

I didn't know who Kaneko was until I read the news article about him. Seeing that he's one of the main lead staff of the anime, I can definitely see the JRPG tropes in the anime. The attack names, getting new party members, the boss battle progression, the "secret boss", hell even the music sounds like JRPG battle themes if you remove the vocals. I also have to give a lot of credit to the person who designed Hibiki's fighting style. She is the only gear girl with no special moves and weapons other than what her gear allows her to do and has to rely on pure fighting skill to beat her enemies. She's also the protagonist and is a martial artist, unlike most female protagonists who use swords or weapons. I think that makes her one of the most unique protagonists in an anime. If they wanted to, they can easily make a JRPG with Symphogear (then again, I think that's what XD is going to be...). I've never played the Wild ARMS series, but I've heard a lot of praise for them, so hopefully I get the chance to play them one day. I wonder, when they're done with Symphogear, what will they do next?

Since I live a busy life, I haven't been able to play as much games as I used to. I mostly play portable games on the 3DS and Vita. I would game on a PC if I had a good one. I favor JRPGs. I've played the entire Persona mainline except for 5. I played some of the Tales series except the ones on the next gen consoles. I used to be a hardcore player of Monster Hunter, but I quit on 4 Ultimate because I got the OP Heavy Bowgun set and the game just stopped being fun. Freedom Wars on the Vita is great and would have been an awesome game on the Switch if it wasn't Sony exclusive. But since I don't game as much anymore, I just play Smash on the 3DS every now and then...

Everyone chooses the most common mainstream anime for their favorites. I chose my favorites to show that I am a person who can watch any anime:

Tarotist Jun 4, 9:57 PM
I agree. 5 seasons should be all that it needs, unless they're crazy and go further. I personally would like a spinoff series featuring the autoscorers. Call it Senki Zesshou Discogear. The autoscorers will be the main characters this time, and they will be dance instructors in the music academy and have dance battles all around the city. The gear girls can be supporting characters and provide music to the dances hehehe.

Man, many anime are eligible to be done by Platinum Games. I mean didn't the creator of Kill la Kill say that he would like Platinum Games to create a game of the anime? I would love to have Symphogear as a game, but I just hope it doesn't become another Dynasty Warriors style hack and slash. It could be a spectacle fighter like what Platinum does. I personally would prefer a fighting game though. Something like Marvel vs. Capcom or Blazblue. The gimmick though would be the music. The speed in which meter accumulates is directly proportional to the intensity of the song. In other words, the more intense the song gets, the faster the meter gets filled. So the characters would be unleashing their strongest attacks during the highest points of the song. So when you hear "G-Beat!", that's the time to unleash hell!

Yeah...sales...If it doesn't sell well, I guess they won't bother with the rest. And knowing how Season 1 ended up. And it's also Funimation, the licensors who decided to throw all their money in the trash when they decided to localize the disaster that is Endride...
Tarotist Jun 4, 9:10 PM
You forgot this one:

They could do a remake of Season 1, but I think they're focusing on the future seasons right now. And remaking season 1 would take a lot of time since they have to redraw everything. The creator said that he wanted to create a prequel movie that involves Kanade and Tsubasa's missions before the start of Symphogear, but it's just a thought of his and is not a priority at the moment.

I guess the mobile game is a gateway to the series for those who have never heard of it. The good news is the game will contain the story of all three seasons, so it's meant like an introduction. I guess they don't have the time (or funds for that matter) to create a console/pc game. It definitely has the potential to be a game, given that the creator is/was a game designer. I wouldn't mind another Super Heroine Chronicle though:

Sorry, I meant "licensed". If the seasons were licensed here, then I would buy them easily. Licensed anime don't need to be dubbed (Bakemonogatari being an example).