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Dec 31, 2014
For me this has been a long time coming, or at least it's felt that way. Like a lot of people, I only began to read the MGX manga after watching the anime; I needed more of the very sweet and honest relationship I'd become obsessed with in the day it took me to marathon the series.

I've never cried before while reading or watching anything until I read MGX. I have never been as emotionally invested as I have in a piece of media before.

I picked it up at a weird time. The second (and final) major arc had just ended, allowing me to steam ...
Aug 29, 2012
The OVA for Mysterious Girlfriend X is here, and includes an original story not seen in the manga. However, it still includes the characters, concepts, and relationship development you'd expect from an episode of MGX.

It slightly misses the high bar set by the full series though - Urabe and Tsubaki must overcome a wholly supernatural phenomenon that goes beyond the strange nature of her drool which feels slightly out of place. It is only temporary though, and serves not only slightly further their relationship, but to also have cameos recognisable by fans of the authors' previous works.

The relationship pay off didn't seem as important as ...
Aug 27, 2012
If you've got this far, you know the show's synopsis. Your standard anime transfer student doesn't quite fit in, as expected, but due to a series of events ranging from ordinary to a bit weird, the show's main character ends up falling for the weird transfer student. All this made possible due to the strange effect her drool has on him, creating a bond between the two that makes him physically ill if he goes without it.

While this may not sound all that interesting, and perhaps down right gross with the drool aspect, Mysterious Girlfriend X stands out as one of the most unique and ...
Apr 21, 2012
Medaka Box (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (2/12 eps)
Obviously it's not every year that Gainax pulls out a Gurren Lagann or a Panty and Stocking, but this latest offering is fairly dull and predictable.

The main problem with Medaka is that it's yet another Anime about high school, yet another Anime about some sort of school club, and the characters themselves are boring tropes of the genre. Everything about the show is so overplayed, and probably being done in any of the other 10 or so high school shows this season.

Credit where it's due though, the voice work, sound design, and artwork is pretty good...even if there's a bit of OTT character designs for ...
Apr 10, 2009
One of the worst Animes I have ever seen.

The premise is that young girls wearing flying boots modelled off of WWII era aircraft are the only things on this alternate version of Earth that can consistently defeat the attacks of an unknown invading force hell bent on razing the planet for unknown reasons.

Lets get the 'good stuff' out the way. The art isn't all that bad, generic character designs and such, but the boots modelled off of WWII aircraft do look good. Also the designs of the Neuroi enemies based on prototype aircraft were also pretty good.

The sound wasn't terrible. The OP and ED weren't ...

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