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Apr 18, 2014
This show is one of the highest rated anime on MAL and rightfully so. This show screams perfection in all ways. The art, music, characters, and most of all story make this one of my favourite anime's of all time.

I love story lines that keep we guessing what will happen next. I especially love when these guesses are wrong, this is something that this show pulls off almost every episode. The story takes a little time to get into or even understand the basics. Don't be surprised when you watch the first episode and nothing makes any sense at all, this is intentional. This beginning read more
Apr 18, 2014
The second season of this show really out shines the first. Yuru Yuri just might be the cutest anime you will ever watch. The art of the show is cute, the characters are cute, the stories are cute, but most important of all the personalities of the characters are cute.

Each episode is light-hearted, fun feel and pretty self contained. Sometimes references to material from earlier episodes are made, but these are almost always accompanied by flashbacks. Although the stories of each of these episodes might not be extremely interesting, the characters of the show make everything super enjoyable and entertaining. Some of the read more