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Sep 26, 2020
This anime is a strange one, it is about a guy getting immense power from looking at panties, yet I can confidently say this is the best written anime I have ever watched and the best anime I have ever watched in general, I'm suprised at the score cos an anime of this quality should be in the top 10 best, the story starts of decently at best but episode 4 is when it really kicks off, it is a action packed emotional and unique story, animation is great and fight scenes are near perfectly coreographed and art is really detailed, vo's play there characters read more
Aug 22, 2020
Story: decent concept, done absolutely horribly, it started off pretty interesting but literally an episode after I was
Contemplating that maybe people are being way to hard on the series, it drops in quality quite quickly, so many things don't make sense at all in the story and it is filled with time skips and pacing is way too fast, 2/10

Art and animation: not gonna lie, it is absolutely banging, fight scenes are really good, art is really good, 9/10

Sound: sound fits this anime really well and it is extremely well done in general, op and ending are both some of the best I have ever read more
Aug 8, 2020
Story: 10, the concept isn't really unique but boy, is it executed damn near, if not perfectly, the story doesn't make much sense starting off, but starts to make more sense after a little while, there are lots of twists and turns, dark moments, it will make you cry, laugh, and smile, you will be shocked and distraught, it deals with sensitive topics such as racism and poverty, overall the story had me on my toes the entire time I watched the anime and overall the story is near perfect and probably where this series shines at the most

Animation and art: 7, the art and read more
Jul 10, 2020
Magi is an amazing concept, the anime is based on politics and I can't think of many anime that follow a similar concept to magi, but how it was executed? That's a whole other story

Story: 6/10, like I said magi is an amazing and unique concept but unfortunately it turns out to be your run of the mill shounen anime at some points and the story gets quite repetitive, I can't go into detail so I don't spoil it for anyone

Animation: 7/10, fight scenes are really well done and fast paced, the animation is pretty good overall and I love it

Sound: 8/10, I watched it read more
Jun 4, 2020
The team that made baki 2018 really learn from there mistakes from the convicts arc and showed it in this season of baki, the art, animation and sound is 100x better than it was in the first season with no cgi at all and an amazing op, Ed and and ost with even more songs than before, this season was amazing with the amount of improvment from the last season, but let me actually tell you what I think of each arc

Raitai tournament arc: 8.5/10
This arc is easily one of my favourite arcs in all of baki, i won't deny the fact that some of read more
May 20, 2020
Spoiler alert:It really is good don't get me wrong, but what I dont like is the ending, it would have made sense if mc died when he was frowning, sure it isn't a happy ending but it is the most realistic one and only not a happy ending for the mc, he did what he needed to do, he saved his mum, stopped yuuki from getting wrongly imprisoned and saved the the people that were gonna get murdered, what I think the ending should have been is that satoru dies when he drowns in the river and the teacher could either end up getting arrested read more
May 4, 2020
Normally I wouldn't write a review before finishing a series but this series has me so pumped I had to review for the first 3 arcs, this is also my first review so I beg be kind:
Prison arc: 7/10, basically baki goes to prison to whack up Oliva after failing to do so in new grappler baki, there he has the goal of defeating Oliva while being rivaled by his cellmate (if I remember correctly it was his cell mate) Jun guevaru, what I did like about this arc was the return of one of the old characters and how they finally stopped lengthening out read more