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Sep 7, 2019
Yami no Koe is extremely underrated. I have been trying to find other Junji Ito manga that are as good as Uzumaki and I just wasn't having any luck. Tomie and Gyo are solid manga series but I wanted better. Upon reading Yami no Koe I was surprised at how good each and every story was. In fact in my opinion the individual stories in Yami no Koe are better than the ones that Uzumaki has. The only thing that puts Uzumaki on top is that Junji Ito was able to weave all the stories together under one setting. The atmosphere and eeriness is amplified read more
Aug 10, 2019
Ashita no Joe is a very special series to me. I came into this series with high expectations and I was very disappointed early on. I thought to myself why does anyone like this? The art is garbage and this old drunk man has been begging this kid to box for god knows how long. As the story went on I slowly started to enjoy myself and found the story to be solid. I would rate it an eight out of ten by the time Joe was in that prison. Then the story just got better and better. By the end I could say that read more
Jun 9, 2019
Love Is War is the most original romance story I've ever seen. That's not saying much I don't watch/read many things from the romance genre. Romance makes me want to barf but surprisingly enough I feel like a happy little girl reading this. I'm enjoying this series immensely. I think what makes Love Is War special is that it subverts a lot of cliches in the genre. So many other romance series have fan service or casts of characters with Nami sized boobs but Love Is War doesn't do that. Love Is War has a little self respect. Love Is War doesn't need boobs it read more